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A woman honors her sister's art as she gets older. A Writer's Cramp entry.
She's got a road map to Jupiter
filled with clichés and puns
that don't make sense but she can't control
what her sister sends her. The excuse
was always "that's how she's wired"
but it's long since frayed and she
can't seem to keep one day from the
next. Still, it'll hang on the wall
alongside elaborate drawings of
houses and farms, loose sketches of
cardinals and orioles, and
random stick figures...all populating
a universe that could only exist
in the void remaining in what used to be
the oldest daughter's clockwork mind.
Tomorrow she'll stumble over and in
a cloying voice wonder to no one
why anyone would consider that
"art", but next week she'll consider
the areas it may lead to. And someday
she'll expand upon her travels,
including all points in between,
and gift a souvenir. Mostly done
without leaving the kitchen table.

         24 lines; "The Universe According To The Oldest Sister from "Also Mutants.

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