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Cries come from the house next door. What will Leroy do?
The cries got louder as the days went by. It now had been two days since the crying had started. The crying wasn’t human; it was the sound of ten cats, all crying at once. These cries were coming from Bidi’s house right next door. Bidi is a crazy cat lady. She’s actually pretty nice but she defiantly looks like a crazy cat lady, with her long moomoo’s she wears all the time. No matter the weather. She lived next door since two months before I was born, about sixteen years ago. Her house is very messy on the outside, but the inside is very clean and taken care of. She loves her cats and has always taken amazing care of them. But the house is still really creepy from the outside.
My mother, being the dramatic animal lover she was, had not heard the cries yet. And I sure didn’t want to stick around to find out what she will do when she heard it. So I left, I decided to go to my friend Bugs’ house for a little bit. As I walked past I realized that I didn’t want my mother to hear those cries and decided to figure out what was wrong before she got home. As I walked to the front door I saw two of Bidi’s cats in the window, which was weird because she never allowed her cats to be in her curtains. The cries also got louder and sadder as I walked up.
I knocked on the door and all the cats stopped crying all at once. I heard something heavy moving through the living room, on the other side of the door. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the curtain move, and that cats were now gone.
“Bidi, you home?” I called out, hoping she would hear me, knowing she couldn’t hear me knock.
No answer, she usually yells back “I’m coming, Leroy boy, I’m coming.” She somehow always knew when it was me. But this time all I heard was silence. Till all at once, all of ten of her cats began to cry. They knew I was at the door, but this was no surprise. Her cats always run to me when I come over. I usually help Bidi during the summer, and brought a couple of cans of tuna fish with me every time.
From behind me I hear someone walk up, as I turn around something hits me on the side of my face. I look down and see the yellow of a Twinkie. I look to see Bugs’ big white grin with half a Twinkie sticking out of his mouth.
“Whatcha doin’ Leroy?”
“Bidi’s cats have been crying for the last two days and none of us wants to find out what my mother will do when she hears it.” I said as I rolled my eyes.
“She’ll probably call the cops again claiming she’s abusing them. Let’s go to the back door, she sometimes sits her table and reads her books.”
As we walked around the house I noticed that the cries where only coming from the living room in the front of the house. Which adds to the weirdness of the situation, because Bidi allowed her cats to go anywhere in her house.
“Ouch” Bugs yells behind me. He had tripped over one of Bidi’s flower pots from the year she tried to make the outside of her house look a little less scary.
“Are you ok?”
“Yeah. It’s getting dark out here I didn’t see it.”
“Ya, We’ll make this quick, then we can go play GTA in my room.”
As I walked to the back door I noticed that Bidi’s screen door had fallen off once again. She never let me put it back on its hinges she said it would stop her cats from getting out if something ever happened. I didn’t mention that they couldn’t get through her main back door let alone the screen door.
I picked up the screen door and propped it against the house. As I reached up to knock on the door I noticed the door was ajar.
“Leroy, who’s that?” Bugs sounds scared behind me.
I turn and see Bugs pointing. I look in the direction he’s pointing. There was a big dark shadow standing near Bidi’s old shed. The shadow began to run at us. I turned and ran into Bidi’s house. I locked the door behind Bugs, I waited to hear who ever to banging on the door, but no sounds came.
“It’s so dark in here.”
“Then turn on a light.” I pointed in the direction of the light switch.
“It’s not working.” I hear him switch the light on and off.
“The power must be out.” I used the flashlight on my phone. The door leading into the living room is closed. I open it and all of Bidi’s cats come running out. They all run to their bowls but they had no food. Bugs and I start filling all the bowls and the cats go crazy. They act like they haven’t ate in two days.
“Dude this place is a mess.” I follow Bugs into the living room. The furniture is all torn up and there was cat feces everywhere. My fear grew as a thought popped into my head. Bidi could have died and no one knew. She never would have just left her cats like this.
“Find Bidi!”
“Dude I highly doubt she’s here.”
“She never leaves without telling me, so I can take care of her animals.”
As I run up the stairs I hear something move up stairs.
“Bidi, is that you?” I stop at her bedroom door and slowly push it open. Bidi is laid across her bed, covered in blood.
“Oh My God. Leroy RRUUNN!!!!” I hear Bugs scream behind me as he runs down the stairs. I turn around and look into the face of George.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” I fall down the stairs and Bugs picks me up at the bottom. We run out the back door, along with ten cats on our heels.
Headlights pull into my driveway. Its my mom coming home from work.
“What” my mom turns around in surprise as we run up to her.
“George is in Bid’s house.”
“Bugs, be quiet, George died eight years ago. Do I need to call your mother to come get you?”
“No mom, really I saw him.” I told her everything that had happened.
“Okay, let’s go call the cops they will come check the house. I’m sure you guys just saw an old picture of George and go scared.”
The cops came and looked through the house and found nothing.
“The house was perfectly fine not a piece of carpet out of place. Have a nice night.”
“See, boys now go do your homework.” My mom said as she walked back into the house.
“But mom there was blood.”….
Bidi never showed up again. She just disappeared. I still see some of her cats around the neighborhood, but they never go near Bidi’s house. Many people have bought Bidi’s house but they never stay long or just disappear completely.
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