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Who said God created just Humans?

About Angels, demons and Imps.

People walk through life just following what people tell them. We learn that we have Angels that look after us. We have folklore that tells us all kinds of things about Angels, Demons, Imps and ourselves. Most people just believe without understanding where the ideas come from.

I was told from about 4 years old that I had an angel that looks out for me. Just like Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, and other stuff. As Christians we tend to believe in Angels over that other stuff. At the time I wasn't aware that there were 2 million Christians in Africa that believed the same thing while they were getting slaughtered. But, that's a story for a different time.

While researching the Bible, and other texts, I came across the idea that humans can never be Angels. We will never get wings. Sry to say. Angels were all made at the same time. Some became fallen, they call them Demons now mostly. But there are also Imps.

Imps are smaller, more tricksters. They spawn the idea of the Irish little people. Here are many cultures that have this idea. In some cultures, they are the little guy on your shoulder that whispers bad ideas. In others, they steal your keys, or play tricks on you. In older religions, they are more dark. About A foot tall, skulk about around your ceiling and wait for you to sleep.

The one thing that is clear from looking at all religions, there is a clear difference between the types of creatures. Angels were God's first idea of friends. Seems he was a bit of a tyrant and some rebelled.

Humans came quite a bit later. First there were Imps. They aren't Demons at all. A much smaller race. If I were to posit, I would say they were a mix of demon and the humor of God lol.

I can't really call Demons fallen angels either. Seems they were their own race. You might call Lucifer a Demon, but then you would have to classify him as other than Angel. Demons are nothing like fallen angels.

Mind you, I'm going from so many different texts, Hebrew, Greek, Hindu and other languages older than what you know as the Bible or the Koran.

It is my assertion that there were several races before humanity. The spirits live on and sometimes cause some grief. That veil between life and the spirit, I cannot explain. But I do believe we are just the latest of God's creations.

Free will was just an experiment in my view. Its his best.

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