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We know things...

My past predicions

In the past I have talked about the things I felt were pretty much going to happen. It was just my idea, my thoughts on how things were going, what I thought would happen if things continued in that direction. Some of my ideas were based on Isaac Asimov, other writers that just seemed to look forward. As a person that has seen the future myself, and maybe without the writing acumen, I have seen some things myself. One of the major things I saw was corporate America taking over. I didn't see all the little things that had to happen first. I see it now, because we are living it.

The whole idea of a corporation is to make profits first. Keep the wages as low as possible. Make the low level worker work super hard, keep them hoping for better wages. Take away all nets, make them feel dependent. Take away all hope. Health care, social security, medicare, medicaid, etc.

Its not a political idea really, but something I saw as a writer. Just like so many other writers before me, we see things that will happen. We write about it hoping someone will get the message. Hoping someone will see that we are trying to tell you about the future.

There are a hundred different writers that you know that have tried to tell you what the future holds. Please listen to at least one of them.

For at least 50 years scifi writers have predicted the future. I hope at least one out there see's it.

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