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by Whisky
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Erotica · #2128870
Chars: King, Meliodas [Seven Deadly Sins], Mahmut [Shoukoku no Altair or look profile pic]
Somewhere in an almost uninhabited region there was labyrinth made of stone, since the region was almost uninhabited, only a very few persons knew about its existence and nobody ever tried to enter this sinister place … until today.

Two young heroes tried their chance or to be more précised someone kidnapped their friends. The two heroes in question were King who wanted to save Meliodas and Mahmut who wanted to save his eagle. Both noticed their absence and a piece of paper that indicated them where they could find their friends.

Of course they were somewhere in the labyrinth and our heroes didn’t need more to go there and rescue them. Both were heading to that dungeon and both were barely a few meters away from the entrance when they met.

“Who are you?” both asked at the same time.

“I’m King, I'm searching for my captain… and you''? [King]

“My name is Mahmut and I’m here to retrieve my eagle. I have been told it was in that labyrinth”. [Mahmut]

“An eagle? Whatever, we should team up and search together”. [King]

“Sounds good to me but be careful … this place seems fishy”. [Mahmut]

Both then entered and discovered the labyrinth of stone … it looks really huge and inside the building there were several floors … this would take hours … perhaps even days to save them … and when they continued there was an intersection.

“Where are we supposed to go now?” [King]

“Perhaps the left path … everyone tells me it’s important to follow your heart.” [Mahmut]

“Let’s try this way. Let’s hope your heart gave you the best advice”. [King]

A few meters away there were doors everywhere on both the left and the right … and even on the ceiling!

“This way!” said Mahmut who trusted his heart.

“Wait for me!” [King]

The room they went in was quite huge and there was a chest in the middle of it.

“Cool a chest! Maybe it contains a useful item or a clue!” [King]

“Wait King don’t! I’m sure it’s a trap''! [Mahmut]

But King didn’t list and opened the chest revealing a weird bottle … and triggering a system that locked the only door of the room!

“Oh no! that’s what I feared''! [Mahmut]

Mahmut tried to open the door but it didn’t budge at all.

“King come and try to help me''! [Mahmut]

“Yes I arrive! This chest doesn’t contain something useful anyway''. [King]

Both tried once more but it was useless: that door remained closed.

“Damn! We’re trapped here''! [Mahmut]

“Sorry Mahmut! It’s my fault''! [King]

Since they were near the door our two heroes couldn’t hear the strange noise coming from the weird bottle “psssssshhhhhhhhh”. A strange gas leaked from the bottle and was starting to invade the whole room! But they’re too busy with the door to notice that … and suddenly despite the emergency of the situation Mahmut starting to feel giggly.

“We’ve got to get out of here he he''! [Mahmut]
* Why did I laugh? *

“Is everything okay Mahmut''? [King]

Mahmut then breathed more gas and looked at King’s face and felt even funnier than before!

“Ha ha ha ha ha''! [Mahmut]

“What’s so funny”? [King]

“Your pillow ha ha ha ha!” It’s like the funniest thing I ever saw ha ha ha ha''! [Mahmut]

The gas finally started to invade King’s lungs too and he also succumbed to the giggly feeling.

“He he he you’re right! But what’s funnier is your face! You look so funny when you’re laughing ha ha ha ha''! [King]

Both heroes started to understand something wasn’t right and noticed the gas that invaded the room. But the laughing gas already destroyed most of their inhibitions and at this point they didn’t care at all.

“Ha ha ha ha! I think it’s a laughing gas trap King ha ha ha ha''! [Mahmut]

“Ha ha ha! That explains everythihihihing! Oh god I’m so high! This place is so funny!” [King]

“Yeah I want to stay here forever ha ha ha ha''! [Mahmut]

While the two heroes were laughing, the noises they made attracted blue slimy creatures known as slimes: 4 of them came from small holes in the walls.

“Ha ha ha ha! What are they going to do to us Mahmut?” [King]

“I don’t know ho ho ho ho! It’s the first time I see those creatures''! [Mahmut]

Those were not normal slimes but foot fetish slimes who loved boys’ feet and thanks to the laughing gas trap they had two young heroes they could have fun with. They immediately removed King’s and Mahmut’s shoes and socks leaving the heroes bare feet … and revealing their beautiful soles to the hungry slimes! The slimes didn’t lose one second and licked the two boys’ feet immediately!

“Whahahahat the hehehehell? They’re licking our feet! Who’s the creep who made the dungeon ha ha ha ha ha''! [Mahmut]

“It feels weird but also ho ho ho ho very good at the time ha ha ha ha ha ha!” [King]

That sentence from King just motivated the slimes to lick even faster and with an even greater devotion! The slimes looked super happy to give King and Mahmut the foot worship session they deserved! They never tasted feet like that before!

“Oh wow! They’re pretty good at it hi hi hi hi! Look how much they love our feet Mahmut!” [King]

“Yeah I see that! But I must admit your feet are pretty sexy King he he he he''! [Mahmut]

Mahmut’s inhibitions were dead so he had no shame telling truth. The more it continued the more aroused our heroes were: they couldn’t tell if the gas affected the pleasure center of their brain or if Slimes were simply skilled foot lickers but it felts extremely good for them to be there foot licked by those creatures while they were high on laughing gas. Soon in addition to laughs, we could hear the two heroes were moaning!

“Aaaaaaaaah! That feels good ha ha ha ha ha! Those slimes know what they’re doing King''! [Mahmut]

“Yeaaaaaaaah! Damn I’m not sure I felt this good in my life! Those slimes have good taste, they know your feet are sexy and lickable … especially now they’re full of saliva: they’re even sexier! If I listened to my heart I would imitate them he he he he he!” [King]

“You really think so King ha ha ha ha''? [Mahmut]

“Yeah he he he he he”. [King]

Both were feeling a guilty and weird pleasure from the foot licking but at that moment … the gas bottle was empty and slimes decided to hide before the heroes came back to their senses. a trap revealed itself: a teleportation spell that allowed them to come back at the entrance and with Meliodas near them.

“What were you guys doing”? [Meliodas]

“And … why are your bare feet?” [Meliodas]
* I never thought I’d be this intimidated by mere feet *

“Should we show him the “thing” King”? [Mahmut]

“Yeah definitely, I’m sure he’ll like that too”. [King]

“There’s a room we would like to show you in that labyrinth” said the two heroes in the same time.

The two boys brought Meliodas in the room they were trapped before and there was another chest that contained an even bigger bottle of laughing gas. Both heroes activated the trap on purpose and had evil smiles on their faces … the captain was about to discover how sexy their boys’ feet were … one locked door later and the boys would get the foot worship session of their life
''What is thi-hi hi hi h'' [Meliodas]

''Oh just a little experiment heh he'' [King]

''He he he here they come he he'' [Mahmut]

And while Mahmut said so, several of the blue slimes from before entered the room. They instantly removed Meliodas shoes and started to lick away at his feet. Since King and Mahmut didn't bother to put their shoes back on, the slimes didn't waste time and licked their feet immidiately.

''Is this the ha ha stuff u did back then ha ha''? [Meliodas]

'' Yea he he he he'' [Mahmut]

''It's feeling he he gohohood ha ha''

The slimes, like before, heard encouraging words and gave them their best. Meliodas moaned just like King and Mahmut. Meliodas took notice of Kings and Mahmut's feet.

''Your ha ha- Your feet hahaaa- are really sexy'' [Meliodas]

''Go-hos back to- he he you Captain'' [King]

''You sound like a he he- a slime he he he'' [Mahmut]

Meliodas looked at the blond haired and blushing Mahmut. He couldn't stop but to look at his and Kings feet. After a few more licks he couldn't hold it and grabbed Mahmut's foot and gave it a looooong lick. And as he was lapping his tongue at Mahmut's sole, the slimes that previously occupied Mahmut's foot now split and either way wandered to King or his feet.

'' [Moan] It just got more intense rightitititi'' [King]

''You could-aaah say thaaat'' [Mahmut]

King looked to Mahmut's and his feet and noticed that Meliodas just joined the slimes. He was on time to see Meliodas placing his first lick on his sole. Kings bulge was raging as his captain joined the slimes worshipping their feet. And now that King's foot was also occupied by Meliodas, the smiles from Kings foot had to look for a new target.

''He is he he he freaking gohoood..[Moan]'' [King]

King started to rub his hidden bulge as Meliodas sucked on his toes. Good for the slimes he didn't hit it well enough and so they jumped onto King's lap.

''Wha-ha ha- is this now?'' [King]

Mahmut watched the slimes licking King's bulge through his pants. King was trapped in a constant feeling of exstasy. Plus, he was moaning out loud.

''King, I thihihink- they want you. Let me help'' [Mahmut]

King was shocked about what happened next. Did Mahmut really just cut down his pants? He was paralized for a few seconds. But then he felt a wet sensation in his croatch, that made him downright dizzy. It looks like the slimes were not only interested in feet. That was Mahmut's assumption as he saw them lick King's shaft up- and down.

''Oh my aaah aahh- so gooooood'' [King]

''As I thoughti ti hi hi'' [Mahmut]

''Looks like I really am a slime'' [Meliodas]

With those words he let go of the boy's foot and pulled down his pant's. Mahmut was shocked, but not freightened. He didn't resist as Meliodas crawled up his leg and swallowed his cock. Mahmut never had any sexual experience and was somewhat overwhelmed by the feel of Meliodas tongue swirling around his cock. King watched and became even harder. He then looked over to Meliodas feet and in a moment of weakness, he crawled over to his feet with his slimes still licking his feet and dick.

''[Moan] I don't believe I'm doing this'' [King]

Meliodas then felt the slimes stop to licking his feet and the wet and warm cock of King, paired with a loud moan from his friend. He felt him thrusting between his soles, straving along his toes with his tip and from time to time placing a few licks across his sole.

''I'm...I-'' [Mahmut]

Mahmut thrusted his cock deep into Meliodas throat, filling it with cum. Meliodas swallowed all of his precious cum and gave him a few last licks.

''You really went wild just now ha ha'' [Meliodas]

''Sh- Shut up...'' [Mahmut]

''I think me too argh..“ [King]

King gave out another huge moan and blew his cum onto Meliodas toes as the rubbed his cock along them. And as King fell back in exhaustion, the slimes quickly cleaned up his mess. Meliodas now the last to remain hard was pushed onto his back by Mahmut.

''Why did you do that''? [Meliodas]

''You'll see'' [Mahmut]

Meliodas wanted to speak again but was silenced by Mahmut's tongue licking his sole. He looked down and saw his red-blushy face, slightly hidden by his foot.

''[Blushing]Just shut up- i've never done that before'' [Mahmut]

''I don't think you need your pants Captain''. [King]

King summoned his spear and sliced Meliodas pants in half, just a millimeter away from slicing the actual captain. Meliodas was rock hard and as he had already closed his eyes in order to await King's tongue, King moved his foot to his Captain's member and started massaging.

''I guess all those slimes still love feet'' [King]

Meliodas wanted to ask why he'd say that, but he soon knew the answer. The slimes that were licking King's feet all of the time, were still licking them. And since Meliodas was ''in the way'' they didn't hesitate to lick him too.

''You are a- ah, a sneaky [Moan] prick you know''. [Meliodas]

''He he I know''. [King]

''That's just no-ah ah..''. [Meliodas]

Before he could even finish his sentence, Meliodas couldn't bear it anymore and covered King's foot with cum. The slimes on the other hand noticed that the gas started to fade and quickly disappeared like before. King was hoping that they would atleast clean his foot before they go. But instead, Mahmut would take care of things, licking King's foot clean. He sure took his time with that, so that 10 minutes were filled with King having his arch, sole and toes licked clean.

''Well thanks, Mahmut'' [King]

''Ha ha, I don't think u have to thank me''. [Mahmut]

''By the way, why are you here anyway?''. [Meliodas]

''I searched for my eagle''. [Mahmut]

''An eagle? I saw one on the way here, sitting on top of the entrance''. [Meliodas]

''You did?! And what do u mean with ''on the way''. [Mahmut]

''Yeah, I thought you were captured''. [King]

''Me? Not really''. [Meliodas]

Silence. King just stared at Meliodas.

''And what with the notes saying you and my eagle were captured''? [Mahmut]

''Dunno. I was asked if I could check the cave out by a young man''. [Meliodas]

''We were tricked...weren't we'' [King]

All three of them stared into nothingness...they couldn't believe that a crap of paper started all of this. They walked out of the dungeon and Mahmut saw his eagle watching him form atop the entrance.

''Even though I feel like a fool it was a nice experience, you two.'' [Mahmut]

''It sure was, nyehe'' [Meliodas]

''We can repeat it whenever we want, right''? [King]
The three of them hold silence, gave eachother a smirk and walked back into the dungeon...


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