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The thoughts some women have.
It was a Saturday night, and Jenny was finally cleaning the sink full of dishes.

She was scrubbing a bowl when her boyfriend, Alex, came up behind her.
He tapped her on the shoulder lightly, making her smile before turning to him.
"Yes?" She asked cheerfully.
"I have a quick question..." Alex said, seemingly hesitant to ask. It was a fairly new relationship of 3 months, and he was unsure what he should and shouldn't ask her for.
"Sure," she turned off the faucet, her smile fading "What's on your mind?"
"Well, my friends invited me out with them tonight, and you know I don't go out often. It's cool if I go, right?" He asked, his voice lower now. From his experience, women weren't too fond of him going, though he never understood why.
She looked down for a moment, continuing to lightly wash the bowl, then back at him. He stared back, waiting for a response.

Is he really going to go out and leave me to clean the house? It's his mess too, why should he get to go out with his friends and not me?
She smiled at him. "Yeah, you don't have to ask me! Of course you can! I'm not like those girls who get all mad or anything...That's just crazy!" She said, going back to washing.
"Great, thanks! I'm glad you're okay with it, most women would get mad." He said, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Oh, so he's just going to ignore the fact that he'll be leaving me here to pick up after him. I'm not his mother, but if I was I'd raise him better than to do that to his own girlfriend. And how classy of him, bringing up his other girlfriends. Doesn't he know it's rude to talk about your ex?

He was on his way towards the door when she turned and put a hand on the counter.
"So who's going to be there?" She asked.
He stopped and turned, noticing she looked a bit unhappy.
"The guys." He told her.
"Jerry? Keith?"
"Yeah, and another person but you two haven't met yet." He said.
So, your loud, womanizing friends and a girl.
"Okay, cool! Do you know when you'll be back? I was going to ask for help with the living room, but if you'll be out late..." She said, mustering a smile.
He thought for a moment.

"No more then a couple hours, I promise. " He assured her.
No big deal, he's just ignoring my question about the cleaning...
"Great! That'll give me enough time to clean up the rest of the house!" She said, seemingly happy.
If he doesn't offer to stay and help, he's either selfish or an idiot.
"Oh, really?" He asked, surprised.
"Yeah! Don't even worry about it!" She said with a smile.
"W-wow, thank you! You're the best!" He said, happy he'd finally found a woman so understanding.
"Nope, just doing my job." She said, smiling again.
"And...You do it well too!" He said, confused why cleaning was her job.
"Thanks. Now go have fun with your friends." She said, turning around and turning the faucet on. She listened to him grab his keys and leave out the door.
WOW. My JOB? He thinks it's my JOB to clean up after him? Who does he think he is? Okay, let him have his time with those people. Next time, he won't be so sure of himself.

After a couple hours of drinking, and a few minutes of bragging about his freedom, Alex came home. He was buzzed but knew his limit.
He came through the door, greeted by Jenny, with crossed arms and a frown.
"Hey! Did you-"
"I Can't believe you ACTUALLY went! I gave you SO many hints that I wanted help with the chores! You're so insensitive!" She began to tear up. His smile quickly dropped.

Ohh God...She's one of them.
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