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A woman unnoticed by society faces her destiny
Who is She

         She got up that morning with the sun beaming in her face. She could smell the aroma of fresh coffee brewing as she watched specks of dust dance in the golden sun rays. She laid in bed for a while before finally deciding to start her day. Walking to her closet she begins to look around; allowing her hand to casually brush against the fabric of each article. She sits, staring into her closet pondering what to wear, she knows the sun is warm today, the weather, gorgeous; but she also knows other things lie ahead for her today. Finally setting on a pair of jeans and her favorite comfy shirt, she dresses before walking into the kitchen to get her coffee. She absorbs the aroma and the feeling of the cool hardwood beneath her feet. She knew that today was going to be special, she knew today would be different. She knew this the same way she knew that her neighbor has that secret that only she knew. The same way she knew the package delivery guy was hiding his sexuality. She knew the kid downstairs would try to scare her as she went down the steps, but she played along with it anyways. She always knew that today was her destiny. She begins walking down the sidewalk, feeling each individual strand of hair being manipulated by the wind. She could smell the aroma the blossoming trees, and hear the kids down the street playing. When she crossed the intersection, and headed for downtown she took a mental note of the pigeon sitting one hundred feet above her. She doesn't know why it intrigued her only that it was suddenly beautiful. Smelling the hot dogs from a nearby street vendor she smiled, knowing what she knew, there would be no time for eating today. Walking across the park she got lost in her thoughts; how is everyone blind, how does no one see. How does no one know what her fate is to become? She knew the world was blind, deaf, and without all senses. She knew that her day mattered to no one; how could it? No one knew what she knew. No one expected what she expected, no one could hear the voices of this world. She could hear the rumble of distant thunder and she knew the time of her fate was drawing near. She continues walking down the sidewalk seeing, truly seeing as others do not. As the sky begins to darken she hears the echo of thunder off the high-rise buildings. As she steps out of the way of yet another rude bystander the rain begins to fall. Surely this will clear the sidewalk she thought, but the people care not. As the first bolt of lightning webbed across the sky; she knew that her time had come. She always knew that the only way for humanity to survive was to succumb to her destiny. As she stepped out into the middle of the street, the bus barreling towards her; she heard the crack in the atmosphere and felt her arm hair stand on in. Clearing her mind, all the sounds began to fade. The sound of the crackling, the sound of the run, and the sound of the bus horn as she is finally seen. A flash of light, the sizzle of electricity, and it was over, she was gone. Dazed and confused the bus driver exists the bus looking around, whispering over and over. "Who is she?" Suddenly, he knew his fate.

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