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Flash Fiction - Oddly familiar
Family and friends gathered at my parent's home to pray and pay their respects. After the formalities of tea and crumpets. The guests, one after another, went upstairs to my mother's bedroom to say their goodbyes. It was then that I noticed an elderly gentleman wearing a fine black suit, a kind face, and an eerie grin. He appeared familiar, as if from some forgotten dream.

He entered the bedroom and stood at the side of my mother's bed. Holding her hand as he leaned over to whisper something in her ear. And mother, eyes closed, whispered something back. He turned about now facing the bedroom door and walked past me not saying a word, nor did I for that matter. I watched him at a distance as he retrieved a black hat and walking stick. Donning the hat, he walked out the front door, never looking back.

When I asked about the gentleman in the fine black suit, mother knew not of whom I spoke. Shortly after, she passed away.
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