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by Des
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Just the first part of a story about a girl and a young wizard.

Chapter One: Calm before the storm

It was another regular day on the farm for Naomi Hayes. She got up at 7:00 am on the dot, brushed her hair that she had straighten two days before, put on just a touch of makeup in case any company was to stop by during the day, and got dressed. She put on a cute blue short-sleeve shirt, some comfortable work pants and a pair of hard bottomed black boots that doubled as her rain boots. At 7:50, Naomi finally descended down the stairs from her room and into the kitchen. There in front of the stove stood her father Jeremiah.

By looking at Jeremiah, you would have never had guessed he fathered Naomi. He was a short, hairy old man with light skin, wrinkles for decades and a cranky attitude that could put the meanest of Pitbulls to shame. In his defense, he wasn't always such a cantankerous dwarf. Why, in his youth, before he moved to the country, he was a tall, cleanly shaven handsome man with beautiful brown eyes that rivaled chocolate diamonds in appearance. The hard farm life that he wasn't accustomed to had aged Jeremiah into his current state, eroding his outer beauty and hardening his heart. He did, however keep his beautiful eyes and Naomi seemed to have inherited his eyes plus his once statuesque figure.

Naomi sat down at the Kitchen table while Jeremiah put the finishing touches on breakfast. One thing Jeremiah brought from the city to the country was his refined cooking skills and taste. While most people in town saw the basic pancake with syrup as the holy grail of breakfast food, Jeremiah knew it wasn't the end all be all. With a few spoonfuls of coco powder, some freshly made whipped cream and two handfuls of red berries that grew on the farm, Jeremiah created a stack of chocolate pancakes fit for the king of Ko himself. As soon as he set the pancakes (and the side of crispy bacon) to the table, Naomi begin to fill her plate, "save me some, Dammit!" said Jeremiah in a half joking way. Naomi slowed down, "sorry Pa" she said slightly joking herself. The two sat at the table taking about their plans for the rest of the day. "so I'm planning on going into town today, I might pick up some things, maybe visit Diana." said Naomi with her mouth half full. "Oh really" rebutted Jeremiah, "would you'd be visiting Lee Mackie too?".

Naomi blushed a bit at the mention of Lee. Lee was the most handsome man in town and came from a respected, and well off, family. Naomi had mixed feelings on Lee. While he was fine as hell, they haven't actually spoken to each other and Naomi was worried that they might not be compatible. Not to mention, she heard his mother had a beastly personality. Jeremiah didn't really care about any of that, he simply wanted Naomi to marry well. Naomi changed the subject from Lee and finished her breakfast. She put her plate in the sink and jogged out of the kitchen to the oak front door. Before stepping out, she looked at herself in the mirror near the door, took a breath and stepped out to star her day.

She began to slip into her daily routine like a glove. Feed the animals, pick the fruit and try not to die of boredom. As Naomi got into her duties, her mind stared to wander and thoughts about the future slide into her mind. "Do I really want to live in this town forever, work this land forever? What about seeing the rest of Ko? What about the rest of the world? Why limit my world to just Pa, Diana, church and....Lee?" she thought to herself. She flashed backed to her middle school years, the history lesions her teacher would give about brave explorers finding new land and charting the world, wise mages developing new schools of magic and cunning monsterologist risking their lives to document the monsters that roam in the wilds. That was the type of life she craved. Caught up in her own mind, Naomi didn't realize she had been on "autopilot" with her work and it was already 5:00 pm. She raced to put her tools up in the barn, still in her mind on whether or not to go into town.

She existed the barn to see non-other than Diana standing on the front porch. Even from a distance, Naomi could spot Diana's signature twin afro-puffs. Feeling mischievous, Naomi creeped up on Diana, knowing how jumpy she can get. In a flash, Naomi hopped on the porch from the side ,yelling as loud as she could "AHHHHH!!!". Diana jumped back, throwing her hands in front to shield herself from the "threat", she yelled "PLEASEDONTEATMEMONSTER, I PROBABLY TASTE LIKE SHI... wait a minute". She looked up to see Naomi, doubled over from holding in a powerful laugh. Diana's fear quickly turned to anger before melting away into joy. While she never truly cared for Naomi pranks she knew they were all in good taste and Naomi wouldn't make a fuss if she got pranked back. The two sat down on the swing bench and begin to chatter.

Sometime during their talk, Jeremiah stepped out of the house with his brown coat and matching hat on. "I'm going to the bar for a little bit, you two stay out of trouble, ya hear?" he said as he gave Naomi a hug goodbye and waved at Diana. "We hear!" the two young women said almost in unison. They picked up where they left off as Jeremiah hopped into his hoopty of a pickup truck and drove off into the setting sunlight. As they cared on, Diana talked about her younger sisters getting in her things while Naomi talked about having to chase away a wolf that tried to snatch up one of the pigs, truly opposites attract. Diana just so happened to look up and notice a purple light in the night sky, "oh look Omi, a shooting star!" she said to Naomi in wonder. "Isn't that a little too close to be a star and since when do SHOOTING STARS SCREAM!" yelled Naomi as she and Diana ducked to the ground. The screaming purple light zoomed straight over the house and crashed right through the barn roof. As the two women stood Diana ask meekly "sh-should w-we go check that out?", Naomi looked at Diana and nodded "yes".

Naomi grabbed a pitchfork that was propped up on the porch while Diana used her phone as a flashlight. They slowly approached the barn. Diana's stomach did jumping jacks and Naomi felt like she could drop at any moment. At the barn door, Naomi pushed it open with the tip of the pitchfork. Before Diana could lift up her phone to fully illuminate the room, the two saw a faint purple light seemingly floating in the center of the barn. She lifted up her phone and the light revealed that the purple glow was coming from an orb on the end of a staff with said staff being held by a young man struggling to stand up. The two saw that their "shooting star" was injured and raced to catch him before he collapsed. Naomi caught him in her arms, asking him "who are you?". Before he passed out and drifted into sleep, the young man coughed up an answer as clear as day, "Morgan Mar".

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