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This story is about a boy that keep on walking the same road.
A boy lives with his family in a house not very much like a house it is a school where he lives. He keeps on doing the same thing over and over again.He has too big dreams in his virtual world, let's see how he is going to achieve that.

Introduction of characters
Author: A boy studying in 2nd standard.
Family includes: A younger brother of around 5 years old
Mother: A Hard working woman
Father: A Man who always sacrifices his happiness for his kids smiles.
Owner: The Lady (Owner) of the school

On the June of 7th 2002 a family moved into a school for living purpose as they were living in a rented house for 3 years but the economic condition of them was not good it was below average. The Daily routine of the family is to wake up before the sun rises get ready before the students of the school steps in, doing everything in hurry messing with all the things and still there is smile on every person of the family it is because they get used to that kind of pain and hard work.

The Author is very shy kind of a guy , he don't talk much and always stays away from the girls and mess. but he is kind of a curious about the things around he spends whole day in the school that is his home as well. At this stage he is just doing the things his parents tells him to. He keeps on fantasizing by seeing the kid around playing with modern toys although he want them but he knows the family conditions so he becomes silent.These toys always attracts him but the kid is kind of innocent but understandable in nature.

In studies he takes everything casual learning for him it was just like playing with blocks. He secured first place till elementary school. Everything was just normal until a tragedy happened. The boy used to visit his neighbor's place he keeps on looking all the toys and luxuries he gets fascinated toward it. One day he took money from his neighbor's house and went to a store and spent on toy nobody caught him he kept on doing the same over and over again until someone caught him and exposed him in the community for his family respect was everything but after this incident they lost the respect.... the story will continue
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