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Steve wins the rodeo and wins a cowgirls heart on the dance floor.
"Ya sure looked good out there today Busbee." Slim commented

"Why thank ya Slim. Wow I thought you was gonna give me a run for my Money, Drawin' Ol' Guardrail in the Short Go hurt ya. " Steve replied.

"Yessir, Ol' Bee Dub sure does bring up some rank bulls." Slim sulked.

Bee Dub was a stock contractor. He had brought most of the "rough stock" out to Pecos from his ranch outside of Midland for this years event. July 4 1883, marked the world's first rodeo right here in this dusty cowtown, and today it's one of the PRCA's top 40 rodeo's in prize money.

"Buy a beer?" Steve offered.

"Hell ya might as well you the man with the fat wallet." Slim said jokingly.

Steve had won the Bull Riding Event at this rodeo. He was feeling pretty proud. It was the first win for him in quite some time. He intended to go celebrate at the Rodeo Dance,and then check into the Holiday Inn for the night before hitting the highway to the next event. The circuit was tight this time of the year. Lots of travel had to be done to get from place to place. Some of the cowboys even flew from town to town. Steve just drove his old Ford pickup or sometimes car pooled with one of the other riders. He hoped to make enough of the competitions and earn enough points to make it to the Finals in Las Vegas by winter. He had taken a hard fall at a rodeo in Tulsa early in the season and broke a leg. Now he was rushing to make up for lost time.

" This ol' hurt leg still knows how to dance." He told Slim as they walked into the barn at the fairgrounds where the dance was being held.

A local band was strumming out the chords to George Strait's Amarillo by Morning when the two cowboys walked in. Steve pointed at two ladies who looked to be by them selves. The women were watching several other couples swing around the dance floor.

Steve walked up to the women. "Howdy Ma'am" he tipped his hat to an attractive blonde wearing too much makeup and a pink straw hat.

"Well hello" she responded

"Would you like to dance?" Steve quickly asked.

The two made their way through the crowd and out onto the floor. The song ended before they had started dancing.

"Well Darn it" the blonde sighed.

The next song started up, it was a rendition of the Garth Brooks song, Friends in Low Places. The two began dancing a Texas two step.

"Hi I'm Michelle, " the blonde told Steve

"Are you a Bullrider?" Michelle asked. ""

"No ma'am" Steve Joked " I'm a body builder" He quickly flexed his muscles.

"Ohhh really?" she cooed.

Steve knew that he was still a winner.

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