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Technology comes to the neighborhood
“Hey Muggsy! Where you been poochy boy? Haven’t seen you around my scent territory in a while now my friend. Aren’t we pals anymore?

“Sure, Dils old buddy, we’re still tight, if that is really you? C’mon over here and let me sniff you, I gotta be sure. Whew! Yup, it’s you alright. You stink, Dils.”

“Why thank you. What do you want to do Muggsy? You want to go chase a car or something?"

“No you idiot! I do not want to chase any bleeping cars. What I want is for you to amble your stinky carcass off to bed so I can go see Tootsie over on fifth street.”

“Naw Dils. The last car I chased turned out to be a street sweeping machine. Nearly killed me. I don’t chase cars anymore. Too risky."

“That’s too bad. I just love chasing cars. Hey! Mind if I hump your leg Muggsy?"

"Get off me you pervert! Criminy! Dilworth would hump a light pole. Ain’t you tired Dils? You should get some sleep. It’s garbage pickup tonight. The cans should be full. You need to be well rested.”

"Heeyyyyyyyy. You seem awfully eager to be rid of me, Muggsy old boy. What you got cookin’ in that poochy pea brain of yours? It wouldn’t have anything to do with that cute little Spaniel, Tootsie, over on fifth street, would it?

“Naw. Not me Dils. I don’t like them fancy girls.”

That’s good Muggsy. Because if you were thinking about going over there and sniffing around, you should forget it right now. I tried it, and got the surprise of a lifetime. Tootsie’s owner has a new Tazer. Made me yelp like a puppy, and I crapped all over myself. I’m never going near that Spaniel again.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2129496