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A play about two pets that ran away from their owners.
Curtain opens

Narrator: Welcome to The Lost Pets Play. We hope you enjoy it. Thank you.

Act 1, Scene 1: Our Pets

Narrator: It happened one summer morning when everybody woke up. The kids, Stavroula and Nikolaos, had their milk and cookies when their pet elephants, Ep and Op, did a bad thing without them knowing. What happened to the pets? Let's see what happens...

Stavroula and Nikolaos come out

Stavroula: I love early morning breakfasts, don't you?

Nikolaos: Yeah. Hey, pets! Come here.

Pets come out

Ep: Sissy, what are you doing?

Stavroula: Well, I'm having my breakfast like I always do every morning.

Op: Nikolaos, you're holding your knife wrong.

Nikolaos: What?! That's not true. I know that you eat your vegetable roll with no silverware. That's not polite.

Ep and Op: Oh, you guys are so silly.

Everyone laughs and leaves the stage.

Act 1, Scene 2: The Lost Pets

Narrator: One day, Stavroula and Nikolaos took their pets to the park, but the pets were causing a ruckus that caused Stavroula and Nikolaos to panic. What happened?.....

Narrator leaves and the kids and pets enter

Nikolaos: Wow! The park is so nice today.

Op: OOOOH! The slide!

Stavroula: Guys, please be careful.

A half hour passes

Stavroula: Okay, pets. It time to.....where are the pets? Are thise silly little elephants causing trouble again?

Nikolaos: Oh boy! What are we going to do now?

Random person comes on stage

Random person: Hey, guys. I just saw two dogs run towards the Dinosaur museum downtown. Are those your pets?

Nikolaos: Uh oh. That's some serious business.

Random person: You're darn right that's serious business. I'll help you. By the way, I'm Ashley.

Stavroula: I'm Stavroula and this is my brother Nikolaos.

Random person (Ashley): Wonderful. Let's go find your pets.

Kids leave stage


Act 2, Scene 1: Finding the Pets

Narrator: The kids went to the Dinosaur museum downtown and looked everywhere for their pets. Is this going to be a happy ending or a sad ending? Let's find out....

Kids enter

Nikolaos: Oh, I can't find them anywhere.

Stavroula: Oh, I know where they could be. Their favorite type of dinosaur is the T-Rex because of its huge appearance. Maybe they went to the T-Rex exhibit. Let's go!

Ashley: Good idea.

Scenes switch

Ashley: Wait a second. Are those your pets?

Ashley points to T-Rex

Stavroula and Nikolaos: Yes!

Stavroula: Alright, Ep and Op. You guys have some explaining to do.

Ep and Op: We wanted to act like a T-Rex, so we were hiding in his jaws.

Nikolaos: Oh, you silly little rascals. You guys are always up to something.

Stavroula: Well, I think it's time we go home. Thank you, Ashley.

Ashley: No problem.

Everyone leaves the stage.

Act 2, Scene 2: The Possible Home Stretch

Narrator: That night, Stavroula and Nikolaos had some popcorn and hung out with Ep and Op. But to their surprise, they saw an interesting story on the news. Is this the home stretch for Ep and Op? What happened now...

News Reporter: Good evening, everyone. This is News Channel 800 with your evening news. Tonight's top story is about two dogs that broke into the T-Rex exhibit at the downtown dinosaur museum. They hid in the dinosaur's jaws so they can hide from their owners. Now you don't see that every day!

Stavroula: Would you look at that?! It seems like the story never ends.

Nikolaos: Gosh. You guys did something so bad that now you made yourselves famous and not in a good way.

Op: It's such a pleasure to be on national television

Ep: Oooooh! I see my face on that screen!

Nikolaos: Oh, what a day!

Narrator: So the kids and their pets watched a show and had fun for the rest of the night. Even though the pets are in huge trouble, the kids still love them for who they are: silly little pet dogs.

Everyone leaves the stage

Actors line up and bow to the audience

Curtain closes

The End

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