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At the School for the Gifted, a sinister truth lies, masked by the technology and prestige
Twelve year old Grace Evrett stared up at the tall iron gates, clutching her bags tightly.
The words, "The School for the Gifted" were carved into those harsh gates.
"Hello?" Grace asked, "I'm pretty sure I'm at the right place but I may have taken a wrong turn at Intelligent and Crazy."
"Name?" A metallic voice came from a little speaker, and it startled Grace a little.
"I, I'm Grace Evrett." She answered.
The gates opened up and she walked through. She turned to look back, but the gates closed suddenly.
"Guess I'll just keep walking," she told herself and she walked up to the tall and imposing school building.
The door has a fancy brass knocker in the shape of a wolf, and Grace had to admire the craftsmanship.
The grooves were done excellently and there was a light that caught just right in the eye of the wolf that gave it a proud, determined look.
Grace liked to examine things. It was fun. Interesting. She could look at things and just understand. Seeing, that was her window.
She reached out to knock when the door opened. She could see light on the other end of the passageway, and it was daylight. She kept walking when suddenly she heard a voice.
"Ouch!" Grace looked down to see a girl with dyed blue and green hair lying down. She looked about 15.
"Oh my!" Grace cried, "Are you alright?"
The girl stood up, "Sort of. Where are you?"
"Here!" Grace answered.
"I don't see you!" The girl exclaimed, "It's pitch black in here!"
"No it's not," Grace laughed, "There's light there!" She pointed.
"You're crazy," the girl insisted, "but I guess you're my best bet so I'll follow you out."
"Come!" Grace said, pulling the girl towards the light.
They walked out, and gasped in unison. The sky was bright blue, a stark contrast to the dull sky they'd seen not long ago. A wide campus lay sprawled across emerald grass and there were mountains and rivers in the distance.
"This is..." Grace stuttered, awestruck.
"...amazing." The other finished. Grace nodded in agreement.
"Oh, I'm Camryn, by the way," the girl explained, offering a hand to shake.
Grace took it, "Thank you."
"Ah, Evrett and Glenn, wonderful." A tall woman in a gray dress checked off names from a clipboard and then looked at them. "You should be heading to the amphitheater. We are on a tight schedule here and you don't want to be expelled for tardiness."
"Yes m'am." Grace answered, cheerfully.
She and Camryn turned to the large outdoor amphitheater and began the walk. As they got closer, they saw the strange combination of students.
Some had dyed hair like Camryn, some appeared goth or emo and others looked like the average child. Grace took her seat and Camryn did as well.
"Oh, hello." A girl with reddish brown hair sat to Grace's left, a cheerful smile on her face.
"Hello," Camryn said, looking at her.
"I'm Meg!" The girl said, "Nice to meet you!"
"Students!" The group turned to the front, where a different woman stood at a podium. "I am Headmistress Valencia Mayes, owner of the school for the gifted."
Suddenly she straightened and looked over, "Margaret Jones. Thank you for your time. Expelled."
The group gasped and turned to the brunette who shakily stood at walked out.
"Where did she go?" A voice called out.
"No questions at this time," the headmistress said, "or you may find out very quickly. On that note, let's continue. All of you have been selected here because you are Gifted. You are no longer special. You are an average Gifted. The Truly Gifted are people who have gone beyond the normal qualifications. They are the future of our world. Here, we seek to find them. All of you have a chance, but only if you hone your skills to pure perfection. Otherwise, you will be expelled. Those who are expelled will return home immediately. At the end of each week, we will have a competition. At least one person will be expelled from that competition almost every time. You all have a roommate who is your age, and you will have to share. When your roommate is expelled, you will get the full room. This is just how it works. I advise you, make friends, learn new strategies, and practice constantly. To achieve the status of Truly Gifted, you will have to work. Now, please head into the dorm building. You may have forgotten about your bags in the passageway but they have all been taken to your rooms. Now, farewell children and be warned- a tiny slip-up good mean goodbye."
The Headmistress exited the stage and in a flurry, the group of children walked to the dorm building. Grace checked her name and then began the walk upstairs.
Daisy Murry had been excited about the new school, until she had seen the girl get expelled. She hadn't expected that.
She didn't think the headmistress could or would get rid of someone on the first day, but maybe that was just life here.
Daisy entered her room and found another 8 year old girl sitting on the opposite bed.
"Hello!" Daisy said, cheerfully, "My name is Daisy! What's yours?"
The girl rolled her eyes but finally said, "Li. Just call me Li, okay?"
"Alright!" Daisy answered, slightly confused by the girl's actions.
Daisy noted that Li had very torn and faded clothes. She was sort of surprised, but after looking in the amphitheater, it was clear that people of all sorts had come to the School.
"So what's your gift?" Daisy asked, eager to make a friend in this girl.
"You'll see in classes," Li replied, shrugging her bony shoulders. "Ok..." Daisy said, a little upset at Li ignoring of her.
Daisy was wondering about her brother, Elliot, and how he was. They were twins, and had been best friends for as long as anyone could remember.
"What do you think of the challenges?" Li wondered aloud, causing Daisy to look over at her, "What?"
"The Headmistress said challenges. What will they be?"
Daisy shrugged, causing her blond hair to fall off her shoulders, "I don't know," she answered, "I'd assume they were designed to test the capabilities of our gifts but I don't really know...I feel bad for the girl who got kicked out. She didn't even have the chance to prove herself!"
"I guess she did." Li said, thoughtfully," She proved herself unworthy. She had to be gotten rid of."
"I guess..." Daisy said, but she didn't feel happy about it.
"Attention students! Please head down to the dining hall. Anyone who isn't there in 15 minutes will be expelled."
"What!" Daisy exclaimed, "Come on!" She grabbed Li's hand and rushed down the stairs and outside.
"Okay! The dining hall is...left?" Daisy looked around, trying to figure it out.
"I think I saw it by the amphitheater." Li said, "Let's go." The girls began to run as fast as there young legs could go and then Daisy spotted the Hall.
"There!" She yelled, pointing to it and Li nodded. They continued their run when they came across another girl with black hair who was tying her shoe.
"Just so you know," Daisy said, "The dining hall is over there and you're going to be late."
The girl jumped up, her dark brown eyes filled with worry. She joined their run and they arrived just in the nick of time.
"Hey," Li said as they all took a seat, "You shouldn't have done that. We were almost late and I don't want either of us to get kicked out because of being late."
"I was just being nice." Daisy said, "That's a good thing."
"We've got to fend for ourselves here." Li explained, "Helping people out isn't going to help us at all."
"If you say so..." Daisy replied, starting to eat.
"Hey Daisy!"
The twins hugged and Li looked on awkwardly.
"So you two are siblings?" She asked.
Elliot nodded, "Twins."
Li raised an eyebrow, "Really? I didn't notice." She looked at their hair which was an identical blond shade causing Daisy to laugh.
"This is Li, my roommate," She explained to her brother who nodded.
"Cool." He started eating as well, and the trio began to talk.
"Hello students!" Everyone looked up except for one boy who was thoroughly focused on his food.
"Cooper Walsh? Thank you for your time. Expelled!" This woman was different- as in she wasn't the headmistress. But she wasn't the woman in the gray dress at the beginning either.
"My name is Marcia Trembionas, but you can call me Coach Trim. I will be focusing on your athletic skills and helping you to become physically fit! Tomorrow we have an obstacle course for you all to enjoy! Naturally someone will be expelled at the end but that's half the fun! Living on the edge! Bye sugarplums!" She walked off to the teacher table.
"She's insane." Elliot and Daisy turned to try and figure out who said it but Li ignored it entirely. "2 down..." Another voice whispered... Maybe life here wasn't going to be as great as Daisy had thought.

So this is a side thing I've just been working on- kind of practice to work on writing from lots of points of views. It's not the best of my work- I admit it- but I do have an interesting twist (at least I hope you all think so) and I encourage you to keep reading! Thank you! Also, please provide comments on what you think I can improve on! All constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated! Please comment, add this story and follow! (Though I understand if you don't!) Bye!
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