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Chapter 1

'Holy Jesus.'
I dropped down my heavy double duffle bags and stared at my new home. The floor is made of mahogany. Looking at the smooth amber coloured wood reminds me of the day the Raix fell. My people fell.
I knew from my Corors, that the day was magnificent. My people were celebrating the reset of our planet, which was going to happen in 6 days.
I've seen second-headedly through a memory spike how great the actual day was. I remember the glass-paned skyscrapers looming over the flat lands of Raixien, piercing the blue skies up above. A single house jutting out in the centre of all these monstrous buildings.
The slanted hillside were filled with booths, bars and Raix. I remember hearing joyful laughter, seeing people flying around, enjoying the day.
But all the happiness, went away just as quickly as they came.
'It's great, isn't it? Glad I bought this thing before anyone else could.' My Robot guardian, my Coror, Daniel nudged me on the shoulder. He is so lifelike, I at times forget that he is a highly advanced robot who can fight really damn well. The Raix built him, and acts exactly as a Raix would. Or in my special case, the perfect 'parent'.
His serial number is actually D4N, but since I'm not saying that, I just took to calling him Dan. I think he took the name Daniel eventually a few years back.
'Being rich has its perks. Speaking of, who sold this house? And you said something about an underground bunker?' Daniel told me there was a bunker we can use to train my oncoming powers. I've heard of bunkers built by the military for bomb proofing and such, but I never imagined there'd be one right here, in Chicago.
'Yeah. Apparently, the previous owner believes in "The end is near", and spent fortunes building a bunker that is resistant to almost anything both from the outside and the inside. He went bankrupt and things happened. We got lucky and we bought it.'
When I was sent off, My Coror got loads of amount, to a near infinite amount, given by the Raino themselves.
I chuckle. I'm an alien, but I don't really believe all that 'The end is near' crap. I'm more focused on taking down the Losac.
13 Earth years ago, the Losac attacked us. We knew their existence but never really contacted them or anything, we just sort of did out own thing and just went on with our lives. That was until the day they came, warships blazing and troops massing into our capitals.
We didn't expect them to come for us. We knew that their planet was dying and their reset was broken, but we didn't do anything. They took us by surprise, really. They just warped into our orbit and started firing down fiery metal.
They took us down in 5 simple days. The Raix put up a good fight, but that wasn't enough.

On the final day, our leaders, the Raino, knew we were lost. They knew it was a war that cannot be won in days. They took me, transferred their powers to me, then split me into 6 pieces, each with different powers and personalities, but with the same looks.
They told my Coror to protect me, to teach me of my culture, my powers, and my mission. And then they sent me off. To Earth. To finally one day bring the fight back to the Losac, to finally reset my planet and restore life.
All 6 of me landed in different parts of Earth. I landed in North America, somewhere around Washington. We spent a few years running around, settling into different places, but in the end, something always happened and we left town. We came to Chicago because I accidently blew up an abandoned house in the middle of Minnesota. We left before the cops can ask questions.
I am supposed to find my other pieces once I get my Rengar, my powers, and take the fight back to the Losac. I never questioned how I am to do it, how I am supposed to fight an entire army on my own and take back Raixien, but now that I'm getting older, I'm starting to have doubts.
'I'll go pack up the things and move in the boxes first. Go pick your room and help me with them.'
Before I went upstairs, I took a tour of my new home. It's a fairly secluded house somewhere on the outskirts of Chicago, but it's a nice spot. The house is big, bigger than all my last ones, and the inside is just as impressive as the outside. Inside, white painted walls cover the house, and there are empty picture frames hanging all around.
The living room is the first thing I saw when I stepped in. A flat-screen TV dominates the left wall, and a giant 5-man couch dominates the opposite. A coffee table sits in between and there is a sheep wool rug on the floor.
The kitchen is pretty large compared to the old one we could manage to call a 'kitchen'. It is outfitted with state-of-the-art kitchen equipment and is stuffed with a fridge.
I turn and walk up the stairs. There are 7 adjacent rooms. The hallway goes circular, and both ends eventually meet up back at the stairs. I'll ask Daniel what's in the centre space later. I take the 1st door to the left, and turn open the doorknob. There's a single bed on the right corner, as well as a window with slide-up curtains on it. A desk with chair sits opposite of the bed, and I set my duffel bags on the desk. I noticed a wardrobe with really weird carvings on it, and it didn't really fit in with the rest of the furniture's.
I reached out to touch it, then thought better of it. I feel a weird intuitive not to. I pull myself away, and look at it one last time. I'll add this to my list of questions later.
I look out the window. My window is facing the empty road, and the view is pretty good, if I have to say so.
Satisfied with my room, I left the room and closed the door silently. I walk back down to see the front door open and see Daniel hauling boxes from a pickup truck. I walk over to the truck, lift up 2 boxes with both hands, and runs into the house.
Daniel sees me, and smiles. My enhanced speed and strength is really handy, and it was the first real proof that I can really fight back.
After an hour or so, we finish unloading all the boxes, and I plopped down on the couch in the living room, and Daniel sits down beside me.
'Why did we never get a house like this?
'Because that was because I'd never thought there would be a house with a bunker in Chicago.'
'Can I go see it?'
'Yeah, sure. $50 for a tour guide.'
I glare at him emotionless. He laughs and stands up.
'C'mon, let's go. I'll show you the bunker.'
I stand up, and we go up to the first floor. My question about the circular space in between the rooms is answered as Daniel walks up to the wall and puts his hand on it.
As soon as he does, the wall at the back opens up. I raised my eyebrows, and starts looking through the space.
'Tada. We'll take the elevator down.' Daniel starts walking into the open room, and step in the centre. I stand next to him, and the walls in the room are black. Cool.
As if sensing our movements, the floor begins to hiss and the door closes. The floor starts moving downwards like something straight out of those old spy movies. I look in awe as the floor descend into the ground.
We come to a halt about 5 seconds later, and I wonder how deep we are. I'd say about 2 meters down. We are in a small room, filled with little computers, monitors, and a large circular table in the middle of the room. I walk around the smooth metal floor and turn back to Daniel.
'When you said bunker, I thought it will be concrete, old-styled bunkers.' I turn to admire it again. 'This is way better.'
'Yep. The owner was definitely high on something.' He laughs. 'Good for us.'
He taps the floor twice, and the ceiling opened up again. The floor begin to rise and soon, we're back on the 2nd floor, and the floor looks seamless, like there was never anything to begin with. I admire the skill it took to build it. Then again, my people built something way more sophisticated and cooler than this, so it could definitely use some improvements.
'It's pretty late now.' I look at my watch. True, it's around 11 and I am pretty tired out from moving around all day. 'You should go get some sleep, Rivin. You still have school tomorrow. You know where it is, right?'
'Yeah.' He showed me earlier while he was driving. Oak West school, I think. I yawn, and I walk to my room, and open the door to my room.
'Good night, Daniel.' Daniel's a robot. He doesn't have to eat, sleep, drink and all those stuff that humans or Raix need to survive. I never see him recharge or anything, so I don't even know what keeps him up and running all the time.
'Night.' I close the door, and hop onto my bed. Even the bed is so much better than the last one I had. This fabric is soft, and I can almost instantly fall asleep in it.
I turn off the lights, and lay there silently, staring at the ceiling.
I think about the recent memory spike I had. Memory spikes are mostly videos of past events, put in place by someone of high power, in my case, the Raino.
In my spike, I saw the 6 Raino leaders, standing in a semi-circle in a dark room, only illuminated by purple lights hovering in the air. I couldn't see much of the room, so I focused on the Raino instead. They all look the same, all wearing the same grey cloak and hood, covering most of their faces except for their mouth and nose.

One of them spoke to me. I still remember what they said that day, word for word.
'You are the last Raix. You are the strongest of us all. You will retake Raixien. You will restore like to us all. You are gifted.' The middle one said. I didn't see their mouths moving, but somehow, the words came out perfectly fine.
'You are one of the six. You will find them, and unite with them. Do not lose hope, even in the darkest of times, for there is always a brighter day, waiting over the horizon.'
'Honour us, child. Hope will bring you through. You are Raix, and we do not give up. Never lose hope.'
That was the end of the recording. It happened during a day last month, while I was still in Minnesota, watching TV in the canteen at the school. I later told Daniel what I had seen, and he seemed pretty excited, for a robot. He asked me if I saw anymore, and when I said nothing, he looked slumped, like he was expecting more out of a private recording out of the Raino.
We never really talked about the video ever since. We had more things to worry about, like thinking about where we should go after I accidently destroyed an abandoned cabin in the woods. I was testing out my newfound strength and speed, and when I learned I could actually make dents in metal, I got maybe a little over excited and punched open the wall in the cabin, breaking apart the entire thing. That's why we left, so we could avoid questioning since we live near the cabin.
Clearing my mind, I closed my eyes and succumbed to the night, letting sleep take over me.

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