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A tale of a woman who roamed the world, with my heart borne on her wake.
When in Bohemian, she screams about
Her pastures green, but never to me
So never have I known, that the world listens too
As a comedian, I see she belongs
But never conforms, that's the beauty of
This nomad world, I'm glad she found it too
So run! She wants to run again
You vagabond, you're well-spent

Bohemian tendencies says, you can't stay long
These kinds of commons, you won't ever get along

Armenian, its such a release
Materialistic animosity
The speed of life has no value, like dollar signs
I loved an alien, who dabbled in art
Of all visage, enema of the heart
Wanderer, she's spent so much but there's that bliss in the air
So smile! Its all sorts of worthwhile
To see a world and not fret so much

Bohemian tendencies says, be spectacular
Before the nebula men steal your fur

In the Caribbean, you dream a kite
As your taxi, you can't walk all the time
Travel hills of puce-mauve sands, the world in trance
A true deviant, the thinking of
All dreaming thoughts, and loves begot
Tinkerer, what will we do when our brains run dry?
Oh, no! Don't think about the end
To love a life in due pretence

Bohemian tendencies says, think fair, live now
The world is watching with distaste of time in doubt

As a chameleon, should she go alone?
The world is cold, except for times in colour
Her world in dance, she'll do without me
When in Bohemian, the first I've seen
Of pastel stencils through her happi-
Ness-tled in her loft home of the wind
There she goes! Isn't she a lovely wing?
I hope she finds a world that sings

Bohemian tendencies says, to love and to hold
But to let go, for treasures can mold

There she goes.
There she goes.
There she goes.
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