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A firefly helps out
Small Fry

         Once upon a time there was a firefly. He was very small, smaller then most fireflies. But his light was exceptionally bright. In fact, his little butt was the talk of the town. Everybody called him “Small Fry. “Every day Small Fry dreamed of being just like everyone else. Normal to him seemed just a dream away. It was daytime when he slept and when he slept he dreamed of being like everyone else. When nighttime came he was trapped with the whispers and pointing because he was different.
         One day while he was trying to sleep he heard a soft gentle cry from behind a leaf in the same tree he was in. Small Fry flew over to investigate and saw a lady firefly, crying into her wing, trying not to be heard. Small Fry ask her if she was ok. She replied that last night she had taken her baby firefly out for her first solo fight. They had separated right where the mother firefly still sat. She was afraid to go anywhere for fear that her baby would find her way back to her there. Because of that, Small Fry landed beside her and stayed with her till nighttime came.
          After dark Small Fry, using his brightly lit behind he searched and searched. Checking in every now and then to see if the baby firefly had returned. As dawn started to creep into the sky Small Fry became discouraged. Small Fry landed on a blade of grass at the foot of the tree where the mother firefly waited. Not wanting to admit defeat he bowed is head in sorrow. In one last effort he looked around him.
         Until finally, he saw a faint blink, blink not far from where he sat. He quickly flew over and there she was. Dehydrated and weak. With all of his might he could not lift her. So he pulled her over to the closest plant. Small Fry positioned her close enough to a large leaf. Tilting her head just right, he tugged gently on the leaf to allow the dew to drop into her mouth slowly. Soon she was awake and refreshed. Small Fry told her that her mother was above them and that she had been waiting there all this time. He told her to follow him. She followed him straight to her mother. Her Mother embraced her as she turned to thank Small Fry who was already flying away. He never felt too small again. The mother spread the news to anyone who would listen about her hero...Small Fry!
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