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Hello, everyone!

My name is Lorst! Or at least, that is what everyone calls me! I'm a 16 year old from Hong Kong, and I happen to have taken up writing as a serious hobby, and I'm planning on writing a series of books that I might publish! This series is aimed at teenagers and young adults. Well, anyways, you're here for the introduction of my series. Enjoy!
Rivin's Legend

Hello everyone! I'm just a lowly student who wants to take up writing as a hobby, and this will be my 7 book series to finish, and if all goes well, maybe I'll even get it published, who knows? Well anyways, here's my idea.
On a faraway planet named Raixien, there were the humanlike alien race named the Raix. They have powers of all sorts, and every 15 Earth years, their planet has a special core that when tapped into with energy, can restart all life on Raixien, effectively restarting pollution or any disasters, making them one of the most surviving races in their star.
Then came another race, from a not so distant planet. They are the Losac. Their planet was dying, and their planet, which had the same ability to be reset every 15 years, broke down. Pollution and diseases and civil war broke out, and the Losac were dying. Under a single ruler, they gathered themselves and formed an army. The Losac went to the first habitable planet they saw, which was the Raixien.
Unwilling to share the planets, the Losac attacked the Raixien. The Raix had strength and powers, but they were quickly overwhelmed by the surprise attack from the Losac and their sheer number of clone warriors.
In a desperate attempt to prolong their race, the Raix gathered under one station, and all the Raino, which were the oldest and strongest of the Raix, poured all their powers into a young Raix, who was chosen by the Raino in case of an invasion like this, due to the youngster's powerful potential. They sent the kid away to Earth to hide, and to later bring the fight to the Losac, alongside the kid, were 2 AI that will serve as the teacher when the infant grows up.
The Raino also split the boy into 6 pieces, who will each possess different potential powers and different personalities. When they are separated, their energy will go undetected from the Losac, in case they come hunting for the last Raix. The Raino sent 6 different ships to different parts of Earth, to hide and later join together as one to fight the Losac, retake their planet, and reset the planets life, which will be available in 14 years.
The child is known as Rivin. His ship and his counterparts sped towards Earth as the last of the remaining Raix crumbled under the decimating force of the Losac.
Fast forward 12 years. 15 year old Rivin lives in Chicago and attends a local school. His abilities begin to develop, and soon he will have to find his counterparts, and unite with them, before the Losac feels his presence and comes for him. Will he find the others and retake his home planet, or will he fall as the last Raix in the universe?
Now this is largely the first book, him discovering the rising of his powers and him eventually struggling against the Losac, making allies and enemies on his way.
If you want to know how the reset system works, it's quite simple. Every 15 years, the planets can be reset. There is a spot on the planet, the mountain whose name shall not be revealed, which contains a natural cave deep down into the core. Strangely, if you go down the cave, you will not melt, nor would it be any more different than a normal cave. At the very end of it, there is a button. No one knows what the buttons are for, or why they are there, but it just is.
There are 6 Raino. They have the access to the mountain and only they, and nobody else can get it. There is a gateway on the top of the mountain, that only the six of them combined can open it. The Raino are the ancients, the oldest of the Raix, and the most powerful and wisest. People believe in their laws, and they in turn respect the citizens, forming a happy and grateful society. Basically, they're good leaders. Or are they?
Anyways, the Raino can press the button every 15 years. If you tried to press it any other time, nothing will happen. It can only be pressed every 15 years on that exact day. If you miss it, then you can never use it again, and the reasons are unknown. The Raino knows, but that's a story for another time. When the button is pressed, a globe will show up, and by selecting which parts you want to reset, and what you want to reset, and the planet will do.
When a certain place is renewed, a once polluted and damaged ruins will suddenly crumple, and trees will grow. The Raix will appear out of nowhere, born with knowledge of the current generation. If it is a populated city that needs resetting, say the environment, the Raino need only to select the properties for reset, and boom! Job done, everyone's happy.
But are the Raino as pure and good as they seem? Or are they hiding a terrible secret, one that might cause the Losac to attack?

But, the majority if the 7 books will take place on Earth, and occasionally on Raixien in memory flashbacks.
Eventually, I plan on having a massive invasion, with him and his merry band doing JOLLY COOPERATION (Yes, I'm a Dark Souls veteran) with the Earth United forces, taking on the Losac together. Planning on sticking in some special theories and making them aliens as well. I'm currently halfway through my first book, so comment down below if you think you have any suggestions or just unclear on the plotline!
By the way, I was heavily inspired by the Power of Five series by Anthony Horowitz, The Nate Temple franchise, a few Alien invasion style books and a few more simply about aliens fighting aliens on Earth. Tell me if you think my plot is similar to any books you have or had read, and maybe I'll go and pick it up, maybe get an idea or two. Thanks for reading this far!

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