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The story of a possessed doll

They had to be crazy to sneak into a museum at night. Not only could they get in big trouble, it could be dangerous. What had they been thinking?
Kendall took a deep breath. How had she let them talk her into this? It was the most insane thing she had ever done.
She watched as Jonah picked the lock on the window. Why weren't there any alarms going off? They lived in a small town, but the museum must have alarms. There was no way they would leave these things unguarded. There was no night watchman either. It was really strange.
“Got it.” Jonah smiled triumphantly. “Le's go.”
“I don't know about this.” Kendall chewed her lip.
“”What's the problem?” Eben asked.
Was he serious? Her twin brother could be so clueless sometimes. If the cops didn't catch them, their parents would kill them.
“What if we get caught?” She asked.
“Relax, it'll be fun.” Heather put an arm around her.
Kendall looked at her best friend. How could she be so calm? They were thirteen. This was breaking and entering.
Heather flipped her long blonde hair behind her shoulder. She was only acting tough because Jonah was here. He was Eben's best friend. Jonah was one of the most popular boys at school, and Heather had liked him since fifth grade.
“Come on, sis.” Eben smiled. “It won't be that bad. Don't you want to see all that cool stuff they have?”
“We could do that in the daytime.” She reminded them.
“Not with all those people around.” Jonah complained. “Are you coming or not?”
Kendall sighed. She should say no. She should go home. If she wasn't so curious about what was inside, she would do just that. The museum had just received something new. An item they were keeping secret until the big reveal. She had been waiting to see what it was.
“Okay.” She walked over to the window.
“Finally.” She heard Jonah say.
She didn't know why her brother liked him so much. He was always rude to everyone. How did he manage to keep friends? She couldn't stand to be around him most of the time.
Kendall followed her brother through the window. The place was dark and creepy. The few lights down the hallway barely lit anything up. How would they see to walk without tripping over something?
She looked around the room they were in. It was full of paintings. She had read that they were painted by people in the town. Kendall loved reading about the town's history. It was always fun.
The others were starting down the hallway. They were actually leaving her. Kendall took a deep breat, slowly following them.
“Are you coming?” Eben stared at her. “Try to keep up, okay?”
“I'll try.” She shook her head.
Eben was two minutes older than her. He seemed to think it was two years. He was always acting like her boss. She hated when he did that.
His hair hung in his eyes. Hair the same shade of brown as hers. It didn't helped that he was almost a foot taller than her either.
“Come on.” Heather grabbed her arm. “Don't let these two get to you.”
“We can't help it if she's scared.” Jonah smirked.
“I'm not scared.” Kendall stopped again. “I was looking at the paintings.”
“Those are boring.” Jonah snapped. “Let's find something more interesting to look at.”
“Like what?” Heather asked.
“Don't be dumb, Heather.” He looked at her with disgust. “We all want to see what they're hiding.”
Kendall looked at her friend. Heather was about to cry. Why did he have to treat her like that? Jonah needed someone to put him in his place.
The boys started around a corner. Eben wasn't even going to say anything to him. That really made Kendall angry. How could he stand there and let him be mean like that?
“Are you okay?” Kendall whispered. “Don't let him get to you.”
“I won't.” Heather forced a smile. “We better catch up with them.”
Kendall didn't want to catch up with them. She wanted to yell at them. They both were acting like idiots.
They made their way into a smaller room. There were boxes stacked along the walls. Was it a storage room? Kendall looked around. Was this where they kept things to unveil, or things to throw out?
It felt creepy with all the boxes and open containers. There were statues of some kind of creatures. Kendall thought they looked like elves mixed with dragons. What kind of exhibit could they possibly be for?
Eben was standing in front of a crate. What was in it? Someone had painted do not open in big red letters. Was this the new mystery item the museum had just received?
“Is that it?” She hugged herself. “We should leave it alone.”
“Where's the fun in that?” Jonah smiled. “We're opening it.”
“Jonah, wait.” Kendall took a deep breath. “It says not to.”
“Don't be such a coward.” Jonah grabbed a crowbar. “Let's see what the big deal is.”
Kendall chewed her lower lip. This was a very bad idea. Jonah pulled the crate open. She watched as a bunch of packing peanuts fell to the floor. Was that all that was in it? Maybe they knew someone would be stupid enough to break in like this.
She looked inside the crate. What in the world would the museum want with that? Had it been a gift to them?
Standing inside the crate was a doll. It had long white hair and a red dress. It looked very old. Had it belonged to someone in the town?
“A stupid doll?” Jonah shook his head. “We broke in for a doll?”
Kendall walked over to the crate. Maybe there was a paper that told about the doll. She started moving the packing peanuts around. It would be interesting to know about it. Her fingers touched something in the back of the crate. Taking a deep breath, she pulled out the necklace.
It was an old fashioned locket. It had the name Lily on it. Where had it come from? Kendall opened the locket. There was a picture of a young girl. She had long pale blonde hair and a red dress. In fact the hair was almost white. Had this been her doll?
“What's that?” Heather asked.
“A locket.” Kendall handed it to her. “It was in the crate.”
“So, it's a necklace. What's so important about that?” Jonah snapped.
“Maybe it's supposed to be on the doll?” Eben looked at the necklace.
Kendall kept looking for some kind of invoice slip. There had to be something here somewhere. She finally found it on the other side of the doll. Standing up, she started to read it. Was this true? Why would they want a doll like this?
“What?” Jonah crossed his arms over his chest.
Kendall hadn't realized he was looking at her. Had her face told him something was wrong? She handed him the paper.
“Well, what is it?” Eben looked at her.
“Lily.” She frowned. “The doll is named after that little girl. According to that paper, she was murdered.”
“Are you serious? It's just a story to scare people.” Eben shook his head.
“No, it's not.” Kendall took the paper back. “Read it. She was killed by her step father. It says that he got angry at her. He chased her to her room and broke her neck. Then he threw her out the window.”
“That's weird. Why name a doll after her?” Jonah asked.
“Hey.” Heather cried.
“What?” He snapped.
“It moved.” She put her hand to her mouth. “The doll moved.”
“Now you really are being dumb.” Jonah laughed.
Kendall didn't think so. Heather really looked scared. She was shaking and crying again. Her gaze moved back to the crate. What was going on? She must be losing her mind.
“It's gone.” Eben was standing next to her. “Where did that thing go?”
The doll wasn't in the room. Had someone taken it? No, that wasn't possible. There was no one hear but them. They should leave, now.
Kendall grabbed her brother's arm. He was scared too. What was happening? There was no way a doll moved on it's own.
A loud crash came from down the hall. Maybe there was a guard. Should they go look? They couldn't stay in this room forever, could they?
“We should see what that noise was.” Heather chewed on her lower lip.
“Go ahead.” Jonah laughed again. “Maybe it's your killer doll.”
“That's not funny.” She frowned.
“I'll go.” Eben started out of the room. “Wait here.”
Kendall watched her brother leave. They should stick together. They shouldn't be alone at all.
“Eben, wait.” Kendall followed him into the hall.
“What?” He raised his eyebrow. “Are you scared?”
“We should stay together.” She grabbed his hand.
“Fine.” He shook his head.
They walked down the long hallway. It was darker this way. Kendall didn't like this. There were lights flickering up ahead. It could just be an electrical problem. She hoped.
A shrill scream filled the air. Kendall knew that scream. Heather was in trouble. They ran back to where they had left their friends. Had something happened to them?
Looking around the room, Kendall took a deep breath. Jonah was still in the same spot. There was no sign of Heather. Was she hiding somewhere?
“Where's Heather?” Eben looked out in the hall.
“I don't know.” Jonah looked at the wall.
“What do you mean you don't know?” Kendall yelled. “We left her with you.”
“She was right there.” He raked a hand through his hair. “I looked away for a second and she was gone.”
“We have to find her.” Kendall went back into the hall.
She couldn't let anything happen to Heather. She needed her. They had to look out for each other.
Kendall stopped suddenly. What was that? Were her eyes playing tricks? It couldn't be real. It was impossible.
“Why did you stop?” Jonah asked.
“Do you see that?” She pointed to the end of the hall.
The doll was standing there, her head slightly to the side. Her face looked like it was cracked and breaking. The dress was now covered in dirt and twigs. But the most disturbing thing was her eyes. They were glowing bright red.
She slowly started walking toward them. Kendall couldn't move. How could a doll be walking? She closed her eyes. It was a bad dream, that's all.
“Come on, Kendall.” Eben grabbed her arm, pulling her back into the room.
Jonah slammed the door shut. Had the doll taken Heather? Was it going to kill them? She leaned against the wall, taking deep breaths. They had to get help.
She started moving stuff on the small desk. There had to be a phone here somewhere. Maybe they could trigger an alarm somehow. Anything to get the police here.
“What are you looking for?” Eben was beside her.
“A phone. We need to call the police.” Kendall slammed her fist on the desk.
“We can't.” Jonah crossed his arms over his chest. “We broke in, remember?”
“Heather needs help.” She reminded him. “So do we.”
How could he be so selfish? Their friend was in danger. They all were unless they got help.
The door flew open behind Jonah. Kendall watched as the doll grabbed his arm. He was pulled out of the room with so much force the door slammed shut.
She hugged her brother. What could they do? They were trapped in this room. There was nowhere to go.
“Eben, I'm scared.”Kendall looked at the door. “What are we going to do?”
“I don't know.” He sank to the floor, pulling her with him. “We stay together. Don't let go of me no matter what, okay?”
She nodded. He was probably thinking of a way out of this room. He was always planning ahead. Would he be able to come up with something?
Kendall buried her face in his chest. She had never been more scared in her life. If they had just gone home her friends would be safe right now. They had been so stupid.
She looked over at the door. Someone was knocking. What did that thing want?
“Who's there?” Eben screamed. “Leave us alone.”
Something fell on the other side of them. Kendall jumped backward, knocking into the crate. What was that? A piece of paper was laying beside the crate. Kendall picked it up.
How could this be true? It was a warning to the museum owners.
“Eben, look.” She handed it to him. “Do you think that's true?”
“How should I know?” He raked a hand through his hair.
If it was, they were done for. According to this paper Lily's ghost had taken over the doll. It claimed that everyone who had ever come in contact with the doll had either died or disappeared. If so, then it was already too late for heather and Jonah.
Eben was looking around the room. Had he thought of a way out? She watched pull a chair over to the far wall. What was he doing?
Kendall looked up at the wall. That was there escape route. They could get out through the ventilation system.
“We need to hurry before it comes back.” He got up into the tunnel. “Come on.”
Kendall grabbed his hand. Where did this thing even go? Was it the best idea to get trapped inside such a small space?
It was dark and narrow. They wouldn't be able to move side by side. She would have to follow him. That made her fear triple.
“Stay close.” Eben started to crawl forward. “There's light in certain spots from the vents. Just make sure you don't get too far behind.”
“Don't worry, I won't.” Kendall kept as close to him as she could. “How far do you think it is?”
“I don't know. As long as it gets us away from that thing, I don't care.” Eben looked back at her. “Do you hear something?”
She did hear it. Where was it? Her brother stopped at the next vent. Kendall sat next to him, looking through the small slits in the vent cover.
Her eyes went wide with fear. The doll was there. It was standing over someone. There was blood everywhere. Kendall saw the person's face. It was Jonah.
She gasped, the sound echoing in the small space. Kendall covered her mouth with her hand. Jonah was dead. The doll had torn him to pieces. She watched as it turned it's head toward them. It knew where they were.
“Let's go” Eben cried.
Kendall followed him. There was a loud crash behind them. The sound of footsteps filled the tiny space. It was getting louder and louder. The doll was following them. It was right behind them.
“It's coming.” She screamed.
“Keep going, we're almost there.” Eben kicked the vent open. “Hurry up.”
Kendall watched up scramble down. He helped her down, keeping hold of her hand. Her brother started running toward an exit sign. They were almost out.
What about the doll? Was it still in the ventilation system? It should have come out right behind them.
They ran down another hallway. How far was that exit? It had to be close by. Why else have the sign.
A dead end. There was nothing but wall. Where could they go now? She looked around her. Nothing but walls. There weren't even any rooms.
Eben started back the way they had came. Kendall didn't want to move. Was she back there? What if she was waiting for them around that corner?
“Kendall, come on.” Eben motioned for her to hurry.
“Eben, behind you.” She screamed.
He turned, facing the thing torturing them. She watched as it's fingernails grew longer and longer. Her brother jumped back as it swung at him. He fell to the floor, grabbing his side.
Kendall ran to him. They had to get out of here. She helped him up. How could they get around that doll?
“You have to run.” Eben told her. “I'll distract her.”
“No.” She was shaking her head. “I won't leave you.”
“Do it.” He launched himself at their attacker. “Go.”
Kendall ran down the hall. She had to help him. There had to be a way to stop this. She stopped, looking around. She grabbed the broom. Hopefully it worked.
She went back to her brother. The doll was on top of him. He was struggling to keep her nails from slicing his face. She swung the broom at it. The doll fell to the floor. Eben scrambled up, grabbing her hand.
They checked every door they passed. All of them were locked. Not good. She ran to the last door. It opened. They ran i8nside, locking it.
“That was close.” Eben sank to the floor.
Kendall went over to him. His shirt was covered in blood. How bad had he been cut? She lifted his shirt. There were four long gashes on his side.
“We have to get to a hospital.” She shook her head. “I don't know what to do. How do fix this, Eben?”
“We have to stop the bleeding.” He forced a smile. “Look for some kind of rag.”
Kendall started opening drawers and cabinets. There had to something here. Perfect. She pulled out an old shirt.
“Okay, now what?” She asked him.
Eben slowly got up. She watched him go over to the small sink. He leaned against the wall.
“Try to wet it.” He winced. “Then you have to put pressure on those cuts.”
“I don't want to hurt you.” She did as he told her.
“It'll be okay.” He grabbed onto the side of the sink as she pushed on his side. “Ow.”
“I'm sorry.” She started to cry again.
“You have to do it.” He chewed his lower lip.
Kendall hated hurting him. He was her protector. She couldn't lose him.
Everything was quiet, except Eben's ragged breath. Was he all right? He was as pale as a ghost. Sweat ran down his face and neck. Had he lost too much blood?
“Eben, try to sit down.” Kendall helped him to the floor. “You'll be all right.”
“Tell that to the pain in my side.” He put his hand on hers. “I'm okay.”
Kendall looked under the sink. They needed some bandages. If they could cover those wounds, he should be fine. At least, until they got to a hospital.”
“Why didn't you run?” He asked suddenly. “You could have gotten out.”
Kendall sat next to him. He was her big brother. He would've done the same for her.
She covered her face with her hands, letting the tears fall. Why was this happening to them? What had they done to deserve it? Jonah was gone. Heather had to be too. They were alone in this place with a killer doll.
“Hey, it's okay.” He put his arm around her. “We'll find a way out. There has to a window somewhere. We came in one.”
“Do you think we could get back there?” She wiped her tears away. “We could go out the way we came in.”
“I'm not sure if I remember the way.” He confessed.
They had been running in circles all night. This place was like a giant maze. If there was one window there had to be more.
A scream pierced the silence. She hugged Eben tighter. That was Heather screaming. What was that thing doing to her?
Kendall covered her ears. She couldn't stand hearing Heather in pain like this. They had to help her somehow.
She looked up at her brother. He didn't look so good. The old rag was completely covered in blood. That meant they hadn't stopped the bleeding. What could she do? She couldn't just let him bleed to death.
“Eben, come on.” She stood up. “We have to look for a window, remember?”
“I don't know if I can.” He took a deep breath. “You'll have to go.”
“Not without you. I'm not leaving you here, Eben.” She snapped. “I've already told you that.”
“Kendall, I can't move.” Eben paused for a minute. “The bleeding hasn't stopped. I'm not getting out of here.”
“Don't say that.” She hugged him. “I can't do this without you.”
Kendall went over to the door. Opening it a crack, she looked out. The hallway was empty. Now was their chance.
She grabbed her brother's arm, helping him up. They would get out of this nightmare together. She refused to let that thing have him.
They started down the long corridor. She knew all of these doors were locked. They had checked them already. She was pretty sure she knew where they had came in at. If she could get Eben out that window, he could get some help. Even if she had to play the distraction. There were several businesses around here that stayed open all night. A convenient store was just around the corner.
Kendall helped him lean against the wall. He needed to rest. It gave her time to look at their surroundings. They should be there soon. It wasn't much further.
“It's just up this hallway.” She smiled at him. “Can you make it?”
“I think so.” He put his arm around her.
They continued down the darkened hallway. Only a few more feet. There was still no sign of the doll. It wasn't just a doll. It was Lily. That was the only explanation. That paper had been right. The little girl was in the doll.
Kendall stopped just inside the door. There was the window they came through. Taking a deep breath, she stepped into the room. She felt Eben being pulled out of her grasp.
She spun around. No, they were almost there. She couldn't stop them now.
Eben was jerked backward violently. The door slammed in Kendall's face. Her brother started screaming. Lily was hurting him. She had to do something.
She ran out into the hallway. Eben was at the end of the hall. Why was he just standing there? Had he gotten away from her?
Kendall watched his legs being pulled from under him. He hit the hard floor face first. He looked at her, his face covered in blood. His nose looked broken and his head had a gash in it. He was lifted off the ground once again. Lily let out a wild laugh as she slammed him into the ground.
“No, stop it.” Kendall screamed. “Please, stop.”
She took a step back, tripping over something. She landed on hard on the concrete floor. What had she fallen over?
Her gaze landing on Heather. Her blonde hair was caked with blood. She was bleeding from a cut in her chest.
“Heather?” Kendall touched her cheek. “I'm sorry.”
“Kendall.” Eben cried.
She looked at her brother. Lily had him by his hair. He was hurt, bad. She felt the tears falling down her cheeks. How could she help him? She was too afraid. Why couldn't she be braver, like him?
He had always protected her. She should be able to return the favor. She wished she could kill that monster.
“Kendall, run.” Eben said. “I love you.”
“I love you too.” She started crying harder. “Please leave us alone.”
Kendall watched in horror as Lily sliced his throat. Eben fell to the floor. The blood ran down the hall toward her. He was gone. Her big brother was gone.
Lily just stared at her, smiling. She had to run. She had to make sure everyone knew what happened here. She had to find a way to stop this evil from taking anyone else's life. It had to end here.
Her eyes widened as the doll started walking toward her. Run, she told herself. Get up and run. Her body wouldn't move. It was like she was frozen in that spot. Was it the doll controlling her?
She tried lifting her hands. Nothing. How could this be happening? The doll was getting closer. She had to fight this. She took a deep breath. If she didn't move, she would be dead.
Lily's eyes started glowing brighter. She stretched her hand out toward Kendall. Her long nails were inches from Kendall's face. She stopped, smiling that creepy smile again.
“Wanna play with me, Kendall?” Lily asked.
Her voice sounded so innocent. There was nothing innocent about her. She was pure evil.
Kendall felt her fingers move. That meant she could fight back. She wasn't sure how to do that. She kicked at Lily's legs. The doll fell to the ground. Now, she had to get to the window.
Kendall scrambled to her feet. She kept sliding in the blood. Eben and Heather's blood. That thought made her feel sick. They hadn't deserved to die like that.
She was inches from the window when her head was jerked back forcefully. She felt herself being thrown to the ground. The doll stood above her.
“Kendall.” It grabbed her throat. “I want to be friends.”
She started thrashing her body from side to side. She couldn't give up now. Lily's grip tightened on her throat. She couldn't breathe. The doll had superhuman strength. She was a terrified teenage girl.
She let go. Kendall look up in time to see her left hand coming at her. The sharp fingernails bit into the skin on her cheek. She cried out in pain.
“Leave me alone.” Kendall grabbed her face. “I don't want to be your friend. You killed my friends. You took my brother from me. “
Lily disappeared into thin air. Where was she? Did that make her go away for good? Kendall looked at the window. She had to move now. Before she came back.
She slowly got up off the floor. Her face felt like it was on fire. She could smell the blood. How bad was it?
She took a couple of steps before the chills crept up her spine. She turned her head to the door. Lily was standing there. Kendall ran for the window. She was halfway out when Lily grabbed her again. She hit the ground face first.
Kendall laid there for a second, catching her breath. Her forehead had impacted with the hard floor. She could feel the big gash in it. The blood was falling in her eye.
“You will stay with me.” Lily laughed her evil laugh. “Forever.”
“No.” Kendall screamed as Lily grabbed her head.
This was it. She wasn't getting away either. No one had ever gotten away from Lily.
Kendall cried out in pain as her head was twisted painfully. She tried to speak. No sounds came out of her mouth. Lily wrenched her neck even further. Kendall screamed one last agonizing scream as her neck snapped.
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