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Little girl goes on an adventure similar to her grandpas story

{It is a clear, dark, night, on the outskirts of London, the stars are shining in the sky, the air is warm, and in the distance as we approch a childs bedroom window we see the glowing of her lamp, as she is being told a bedtime story by her granpa. Lilly, who is 8 years old, with brown shoulder length hair and emerald green eyes, loves bedtime storys, expecially by her granpa. "What happend next granpa?" Said Lilly, "well, The Unicorn flew through the sky, and back to it's magical kingdom" said granpa, "wow, do you really think there could be a place with a magical unicorn, granpa?" Asks Lilly, "well, Lilly, I think if you really believe, then anything can come true" replys granpa, and he kisses Lilly's forhead, "good night Lilly" Says granpa, "goodnight granpa" says Lilly. It's 11pm and Lilly is awaken by a strange noise, "what's that?" Lilly askes herself as she gets out of bed, as she walks toward the window, she realizes the strange noise sounds like singing, but when she looks out the window she sees nothing, suddenly she looks up in the sky and sees a shooting star, "wow" says Lilly in amazment, she notices that the shooting star lands in the park near her grandparents house, so she decides to go investigate, as she pulls on her night gown, she slowly creeps down the stairs, and out the frontdoor. As she gets closer to the park she notices a glowing beyond the trees, Lilly walks slowly up to the glowing light, and what she sees is so unbelieveable that she accidently stands on a twig and it snaps under her pink slippers, she looks down as she quickly moves her foot and when she looks up she's staring into the most beautiful crystal, blue eyes she had ever seen "Your a unicorn" Lilly gasps, "Are you the unicorn from my granpas stories?" Asks Lilly, the white creature with a mane and tale of a rainbow looks at her for a moment and then says " I am the unicorn from many stories, my name is Rainbow", Lilly smiles at the unicorn, "I'm Lilly", "would you like to go to a magical place Lilly?" Asks Rainbow, "really? Oh yes please" says Lilly in excitment "but how would we get there?" asks Lilly, "fly of course" giggles Rainbow, "fly? But you have no wings", and sunddenly these beautiful, sparkling wings appeared on Rainbow, "you are very beautiful" says Lilly, "thank you Lilly, so are you" smiles Rainbow, and Rainbow helps Lilly onto her back and thay fly threw the night sky, and then Rainbow tells Lilly to close her eyes and think of a magical place. When Lilly opens her eyes, she opens them to a sun shining, bright and warm, trees as green as her emerald eyes and a waterfall glistening in the sun like a million diamonds. Thay land on the green grass and Lilly hops down of Rainbows back, and her wings disappear again, "this place looks amazing" says Lilly "come, let me show you around" says Rainbow. As thay enter the forest Lilly sees that there are little frontdoors on the bottom of the tall trees, "who lives there" Lilly asks Rainbow, "why there the homes of the dwarfs" Rainbow replys, "dwarfs? Wow" says Lilly "yes, thay are always very busy though, maybe we will catch them on our way back" Rainbow says with a smile. As thay come to the middle of the forest Lilly sees tiny little lights flying around, "are thay fireflys?" Lilly asks Rainbow, Rainbow laughs "no, no thay are the fairys of the forest and I'm taking you to meet the fairy queen", "wow fairys, and a fairy queen, I bet she is very pretty" says Lilly. Thay come to the fairy village and walk towards the fairy queens castle. "I have come to see the queen, I have brought a friend" says Rainbow to the fairy guards "of course Rainbow, I'll just check if she's available" replys the guard on the left. Thay waited and then Lilly saw a very bright light coming towards her, but as it got closer the light got dimmer, and there floating before her was a beautiful, sparkling, fairy queen, her long silvery dress twinkled in the sunlight, her long hair golden like the sun, Lilly looks in amazment as the fairy queen approches her, Lilly Bows "hello your highness, my name is Lilly", the fairy queen smiles at her, and replies, "Hello young Lilly, I am Aywa, queen of fairyland, and a good friend of Rainbows", "I wish I was a fairy" Lilly says, "your wish shall be granted" replies Queen Aywa, and she waves her magic wand and suddenly.. A bright flash.. Lilly has little fairy wings and a little wand to match, "WOW" says Lilly in excitment "thank you ever so much, these fairy wings a beautiful" says Lilly, "you are very welcome, come Lilly, let me show you around fairyland". And with that Lilly started to shrink, "w-whats happening?" Asks Lilly "please do not be afraid, I am making you smaller so that you can fly with me" Queen Aywa smiles, and thay both flew through the air, "this is amazing, everything is so beautiful up here" says Lilly as she enjoys seeing all of the magical land. Thay land back at Queen Aywa's castle, Lilly grows again and her wings and wand vanish then she spots Rainbow having a snack, "what are you eating Rainbow?" Lilly asks, "Jelly Beans" Rainbow smiles at her, "Jelly Beans?" Giggles Lilly, "yes thay are my favourite" laughs Rainbow. Rainbow stands up and tells Lilly to hop on her back, Lilly does while thanking Queen Aywa for a lovely flying adventure. "Where are we going now, Rainbow?" Asks Lilly, "it's a secret, so hold on Lilly" Rainbow says, and thay fly up into the sky. Thay land by a beautiful waterfall, Lilly jumps down from Rainbows back and looks and there sitting on a rock combing her lovely, long, blue hair,and a sparkling green tale was.. "A mermaid" says Lilly surprised "not just ANY mermaid, but a mermaid princess" replies Rainbow. Thay approch the mermaid princess who looks at them, then giggles, "why hello Rainbow, this is a very pleasant surprise, who is your little friend", "this is Lilly", says Rainbow, Lilly smiles at the mermaid princess, "hello Lilly I'm Aquamarine, but you can call me Aqua" she smiles, "thats a very pretty name" smiles Lilly, "thank you Lilly, it means water, because that is my home" giggles Aqua, "my name means flower" replys Lilly giggling, "I wish I was a mermaid" says Lilly with a smile, "wish granted" replys Aqua, and suddenly.. A bright flash and then.. Lilly is in the water with a memaid tale, "come Lilly, let me show you my mer-kingdom" Aqua says, diving into the water. "It is very sparkly down here" says Lilly, "that's because of the sun" Smiles Aqua, "it makes everything look like it's coverd in diamonds" Lilly giggles. Thay get back to shore and Lillys tale dissapears, Rainbow is eating more of her Jelly Beans and Lilly giggles, "Thank you for an amazing water adventure, Princess Aqua" Lilly says "you are very much welcome Lilly" Aqua replies sitting back on her rock. "we shall now go and visit the dwarf people" Rainbows says, Lilly hops on her back and thay fly up into the sky once again. Thay land outside the forest, Rainbow goes up to the first little door and knocks, a little man answers, "good afternoon, Rainbow" says the little man "good afternoon, this is my friend Lilly" replies Rainbow, "good afternoon Lilly, my name is Gimley, it is very nice to meet you" replies the little dwarf as he removes his hat and bows, "good afternoon Gimley, nice to meet you too" says Lilly, smiling. The dwarfs have just finished working in the little caves, thay like digging, looking for all sorts of treasures, thay have good luck and find lots of shiney things. "Would you like to see one of the caves we are working in Lilly?" Asks Gimley, "Yes please" says Lilly politely. Thay come to the cave, and it's not as dark as Lilly thought it would be, there are little lights on the walls all the way though the cave, thay go halfway in and Lilly sees that she is standing in the middle of the most shiniest, sparkliest and prettiest cave she had ever seen, "WOW, this is beautiful" she says "this is what we dig up and then we make little things out of all the treasure we find, it's mostly things for Queen Aywa or Princess Aquamarine" replies Gimley. Thay get back to Gimleys house and he hands something to Lilly "this is a gold heart shaped locket I made, it is now a gift for you, it has a picture of all of us in, so you don't forget us" he says to Lilly and smiles, "oh thank you very much Gimley, it is very pretty" she replies. She hops on Rainbows back, "time for one last adventure Lilly" says Rainbow, and thay fly up into the sky. When thay land Lilly notices that thay are in a small field, in the distance she see's... Horses? No, Unicorns, standing in the field under some trees are 3 more unicorns, "Lilly, this is my family" says Rainbow as thay get closer to the unicorns, The mother is as white as snow and has a mane and tale that looks like vanilla ice-cream spots her daughter and says, "Rainbow, have you been wandering of again? And you found a little friend" she looks at Lilly and smiles "hello, my name is Bliss, I'm Rainbows mother", Lilly replies with a smile "Hello, I'm Lilly, Rainbow has taken me on lots of adventures today and it is very nice to meet you", "that is very nice of her, she just loves adventures, this is Rainbows father" she says and another white unicorn with a Black mane and tale comes towards them, "hello I'm Nightshade, it's a pleasure to meet you" says the tall unicorn, Lilly suddenly hears a little roar in the background, "that's Rex, he likes to pretend he's a dinosaur" laughs Rainbow, "Rex, come and meet Lilly" says Bliss and a small white unicorn with a light green mane and tale appears, "Hi, I'm Rex and I'm a dinosaur. ROAAAR!" he giggles, Lilly giggles to "nice to meet you Rex and you make a very good dinosaur" she smiles. Thay play in the field pretending to be dinosaurs and eating Jelly Beans untill.. Lilly yawns, Rainbow says it's time to take Lilly home now, Lilly says bye to the unicorn family and Rainbow helps her up onto her back and once again.. Thay fly up into the sky, Lilly looks down and sees, Queen Aywa, Princess Aqua and Gimley all waving goodbye as her and Rainbow fly past, she smiles and waves back, and lays down against Rainbows soft mane... She wakes up, she's back in her bedroom, "was it all a dream?" she asks herself, but as she looks where her granpa was sitting she sees, the little fairy wings and wand, the mermaid tale, the gold heartshaped locket and a tiny bag of Jelly Beans. She looks out the window and sees a shooting star, she lays down and then... She falls fast asleep.

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