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Computers have gained enormous interest since first discovered. My first introduction was in the year 2000, At my sister Cathies home, Thomas, my nephew had one of the first models in his bedroom, and I showed an interest in it because I was writing with an electric type writer
‘Where did you get the computer?’ I asked.
‘ My mate gave me it, but it’s locked anvourited I can’t get into it
but it's old and the shops won’t repair it, '
‘You can have it, and maybe you can do something with it? And I travelled home by taxi, clutching the computer, and convinced I could get it working.
I entered the house I went straight to the spare bedroom and set the computer up. looked at the tapes to start the computer, but it needed a password and also a special tape to boot start it.
I phoned my sister house phone.
Hello’ ‘said Thomas.
Hi Thomas have you a booster tape with this machine?’
‘No I have given you everything and I let out a disappointment moan,’ and went back to try again to make the computer work, but after a while I gave up.
A few hours passed and Jackie my daughter who is an accountant phoned and I told her about the computer.
‘ Mum, I have a computer you can have, I will bring it over’
;A little later the phone rang and I answered it, Jackie said.
‘Mum I’m on my way with a computer for you.’
I waited patiently for her to arrive and was excited about having a computer and wondered if I would be able to work with it.
Jackie arrived and we set the computer up
She drove me into town and we bought a dongle, a pay as you go internet, and I was on my way to becoming a writer.
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