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A woman asks her man his opinion on her new swimsuit and receives an unexpected answer.
Hey, baby!

Hey, babe! Did you find you a swimsuit for our trip to Hawaii?

Yep. I found a green two-piece from Target. I'm gonna go put it on real quick to see what you think. Be right back!

Baby, what's takin' so long? It's been five minutes!

Okay, I've got it on! You like?

Oh, um...wow.

That's a good 'wow', right?

Terri, baby. I love you, but- you know what? I'm just gonna go ahead and say it, but you ain't gonna like it. That is the ugliest thing I have ever seen thrown over your body. Ever.

Uh, excuse you? I happen to love this swimsuit.

Then, that's all that matters. You don't need your man's approval on every single thing you wear.

What's wrong with it, though? Does it make me look fat?


Oh, my God! It makes me look fat?

No, baby! That's not what I'm-

I can't believe that you would have the audacity to say that straight up to my face, RJ!

What? I didn't say-

That is the last thing you should ever say to a woman. Period!

Terri, I-

This was the only good swimsuit that I could find at the swimwear section! What the hell am I supposed to do, RJ?

Terri, lis-

And I paid good money for this damn thing! You know how much it cost me? Fifty dollars! And there ain't no way I am takin' it back 'cause-

Terri! Calm down, okay? Just hear me out. Not once have I mentioned to you that you looked fat. Though I don't care for the swimsuit, it shouldn't affect how you feel about it. Only your opinion matters. You said before that you loved it, didn't you? So, own it. You shouldn't wear it for me, or for others, but just for you. Did you buy it for anyone else? No. You bought it just for you. Did you pick it out for someone else? No. You picked it out just for yourself. You know what I'm sayin'?

You didn't answer my question! Do I look fat?
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