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by Shanks
Rated: E · Other · Action/Adventure · #2130116
This is to help those confused with my sample chapter and the story-line for the novel.
Devils and Spawns takes place in an alternate Earth where the countries are named differently such as Sardon and Pralla (not to mention the continents are different) and the time period is set in the World War 1 era. Though the time period is set in the World War 1 era, the technology and clothing are mixed. The weapons for the military are WWI along with the vehicles (but there are no planes or tanks in this story) and weapons for civilians and sky pirates are either WWI or Napoleonic (with the flintlocks, muskets, etc.). The clothing is also mixed between both eras. As for the airships, they are also mixed. They're old-class ships (like war galleons, 1st-rates, etc.) but their cannons are replaced with WWI cannons and they have propellers attached to the back on both sides and obviously they have large air balloons to keep them in the air.
Introducing the characters and what they do:

Main characters

Ronan Barkman
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