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What a Liberation to realize that the "voice in my head" is not who I am. Who am I then?

What beauty you have displayed before us today. Lord, I take so much for granted, please forgive me. Remind me, nudge me, poke me, get my attention so that I will be aware of all the blessing that I receive, encounter, witness, and experience. I ask to be reminded to pay attention and look for opportunities right in front of me that may need my assistance to deliver blessings to others through Jesus Christ.


I come humbly before You and ask that You would brighten the days of dreaded chemo. Kill the cells that are causing havoc. No one will truly understand the effects of what chemo can do to someone’s physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, and not to mention financial status until they journey down a path that leads to this diagnosis. John 10:10 says, “satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. But You, Jesus, came so that we could live the abundant life that God prepared for us. A life filled with joy, peace, love, mercy, grace, good health, gentleness, kindness, faithfulness, and of course self-discipline. Lord, Your Word says, “You bore All of our sins and sicknesses,” and “By Your stripes, we are healed.” I stand on the promises and CLAIM the power of healing for those who face this giant every day. May the Powerful name of JESUS stomp out, wipe out, disrupt, cause havoc, cause it to backfire, to vanish, and remarkably go into remission. I pray the doctors have an experience with You like never before. If they didn’t believe in you today, I pray in The Astronomical Power of Jesus Name, that they will tomorrow.


I’m not always as bold as I should be, especially when it comes to praying, knowing that is how we have been instructed to come to Your throne. Jesus, I not only ask for these people to be healed, but I also ask that if there is a cure that this will be the day of the announcement. If this is happening to people because of some wrongful, deceitful, wicked, unethical, plot against the world, by humans, take them down and destroy this industry if there is such a thing.

The Word says, “Everyone/everything will bow down, those in heaven, on earth, and under the earth to the power that is in the name of Jesus. Even cancer has to bow down to the power of Your Name. The Word says, “You will take the things that are painful and bring something good out of it.” These are promises written down in our Holy Bible to stand on, hold on to, to comfort us, strengthen us, give us hope, increase our faithfulness, trust that You have our backs, and transform our hearts. You will never abandon us for anything we have ever done or keep doing, and knowing You still love us regardless, is almost unbelievable. Help us to believe that truth when doubt creeps in.


I ask that You brighten the SPIRITS of those who endure and preserve through the gloomy days of chemo and the results it leaves behind. Father, give ALL who battle daily the strength that Jesus had when he began his journey to the cross. Equip ALL with determination to get through the healing that man provides. You are the Great Physician! We will practice patience until Your Healing arrives. I pray ALL those who know you and those who don’t yet, will look for You while waiting. Thank you for listening to our prayers. I know that You desire to give us the desires of our hearts, and there are many hearts with this desire. I ask for complete healing for John, DeAnn, Terrie, Patrick, Aaron Pies, JC Frye especially~ in the power of Jesus Christs Holy Name! (Add the names of those you love).


If you Agree ~ Say AMEN!

A word of wisdom. When writing down satan or cancer always use small letters. Never give the wicked honor by using capital letters.

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