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Do you wonder why God lets bad things happen? Is it God's fault when tragedy strikes?

I decided to ask God this question. Written as a script

Me: Why do bad things happen to good people?

God: My darling, I never promised anyone a rose garden. I did promise to be with you and never to abandon you.

Me: Yes, this is true.

God: What do you consider that is not good?

Me: Abused women, children, the elderly, animals...

God: Ok. Do you think this is my fault?

Me: No, but some people do.

God: Sweetheart, it's not. The day my covenant was broken in the, Garden of Eden, people have made choices that have led up to the things
that cause your heart to ache.

Me: I know that story. I never thought about Adam and Eve's disobedience causing people's heart to ache in this day and time.

God: Yes my dear. The story of my life.

Me: We let You down a lot, don't we?

God: Never! I love "all" my children. There is nothing a child can do to separate my love from them. "I am" a forgiving God. "I am" a loving
God. "I am" a patient God.

Me: Hmm…It's a shame your children didn't take after their Heavenly Father!

God: All things are possible when " I am" included.

Me: Included?

God: People assume I will intercede or interfere in situations without being asked, invited, summoned or called by name. My Word tells you,
I give freedom of choice, free will, the responsibility to be a decision maker to all. I did this so that people could choose to love Me. What good would it do for me to create robotic, heartless people? I do not will anyone to do anything. No one would need "my son nor I" if this were the case! "I am" is invited into a situation; sickness, loneliness, determination, dreams, hopelessness, desires, tragedy, you get the point.

Me: I do. Do you think most people know this?

God: When one truly knows that, I am and all that I am, they will know.

Me: This is amazing. It sounds so simple but, yet, people tend to suffer through the trials that each day brings. I bet most people don't know they cause their own misery. It's too easy to blame You.

God: I will test my children at times which in turn strengthens them. If they fail, I still love them. I love so much that I refuse not to give opportunities to excel. People say: Why did GOD let this happen? Blasphemy, I say! I gave the land to the people. You are responsible
for how the land, weather, and atmosphere react. Everyone has access to power. There is power in "yes and no." Use it!
Temptation is a trick that satan uses to steal, kill, and destroy. (John 10:10).

Me: I never thought of "yes or no" having power. I think I get what You are saying.

God: People ask the question; Why did God take my baby, my mother, my father, my grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister, friend, so on and
so on. Your love for a child of mine is a precious gift that I give freely, yet my people turn from me and withdraw their Love from me when the time comes to bring my child home. As long as the physical body has breath, two processes will undoubtedly take place What I am about
to reveal to you is the only exception to the word prediction. One is born and will surely die. I share this wisdom to ease the pain. To not accept this fact is when sorrow overwhelms my people. When this truth is accepted/understood, grieving will become a celebration as it should be. This fact has always been and will always be. "life is a cycle." People who can not accept this fact lose their smile, laughter, excitement, enthusiasm, dreams, anticipation, joy, desires, outlook and sometimes faith.

Me: Wow! Tell me more!

God: I'll tell you a secret. There will be a tomorrow.
Goodnight, my wondrous child.
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