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Life gives many opportunities to live, but how many of you gave the life a chance?

The moment I came to know that I’m going to die soon, I cried like a new born baby, but with tears and thoughts of the past life. In each one of those recollections, I didn’t discover a moment where I lived for myself…not even a minute moment I could point out. All these years I enacted the role of someone, losing my own identity.
I just pretended to be living all these years and I foolishly believed that, this is the life and I must move on. All the people around me for whom I died living all these years never pointed me for that. Not a single night has passed without giving a thought for the following day, I never lived in the present…at least I didn’t even take a chance to live. I always prayed for the better future, but never cared for the present.
Yes…this is my moment of truth. The happiness of being liberated filled my heart and soul.
Till this moment life has given me many opportunities to live, but I hardly grabbed any…but now I chose to give a shot for the life.
It is a full moon day and the roads are as busy as ever. Keith started his journey with a handy luggage from his home like a migratory bird, but with no plans for his return.
He doesn’t even remember when’s the last time he delighted watching the moon. With a smile on his face, he is peeping from the window of the cab, he hired, taking a gander at the world that he never really took note.
Keith is moving far from his relations and to be frank, none of them will bother to find his absence. His employer will be glad to find a replacement for him. The only living, who misses him the most is Rogers. He is the only one who stood with him in all those troubles and pains. Never left him alone, not a solitary day has gone to Keith without spending a day with Rogers. Rogers is an only bliss Keith has found in his lifetime, however, even he is in his last stage of life and the exact opposite thing Keith can never envision is to watch him biting the dust.
Keith is not sure about his destination as he is not stressed over his next minute and moreover, he is a liberated individual…free from his relations, free from the employment and above all he is free from his past. Only another free man can understand the value of this freedom.
The roads are as black as his future
And as far as his destination

He travelled all the way to Northwoods and wishes to spend his short life in the amidst of those long trees. Even he has no answer for the question, why he reached there? Maybe he can’t ask for a better company than the gift of a nature. He reached as deep as he could into that wild jungle with all his energy and courage, and eventually settles near a pond as a primitive tribe. At the end of the journey he is a satisfied individual, as he is not aware of the wind he is gonna face.

It didn’t take much time for him to realize what he is stepped into. He won’t forget the first night of his new life in those woods. It is simply horrible…not as easy and smooth as he dreamt of. He slept in a small cave with no lights, not even a spark from the cell phone. He can hear the howling of coyotes, he can feel the cold breeze in his nostrils and can sense the fear in his spine. This is the only night in his life he cried for his present situation.
Days are passing and his thoughts are being evolved. He realized that there is no point of being happy when there is no person to share it. But he doesn’t want to return to his normal life as it won’t make much difference. He can be comfortable laying on his bed and watching TV, but it won’t make him happy. He can’t get both at the same time.

He started building a tiny house to keep his mind occupied. He didn’t encounter much issues with food and water as he can get surplus over there.
Keith is strong enough to survive in these harsh conditions. He is in mid forty’s, lean and athletic. He is an engineer in profession terms and a chronic heart patient in medical terms. By the time he discovered his malady, it is in the last stage and no drug can heal this diminishing heart.

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