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by Emizz
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A tiny bit of a story I thought of today. Should I make some chapters of before and after?
My eyes slowly open. I'm breathing heavily, I look around at my body, I am NOT myself. I'm lying down on my stomach, at the top of a staircase. I slowly crawl over to a mirror, my hands shaking.
"Is this real life?"
I lift up my shirt to check
"Well, definately real..."
I slowly get up and walk down a hallway.
"I hope this leads to somewhere"
I find another staircase and see a phone on it.
"This better be mine"
I grab it and head up the stairs to a bedroom that looks like a girl's. I hop up on one of the two beds. I look down at the phone and enter my password. It surprisingly works!
"Wh-why does she have m-my password?"
I open the photos app it's filled with pictures of cats and people I dont know, until I get to photo 31...
It's of a guy... I, I know him. I don't know anyone else in these pictures but I know him!
I open a notebook next to her bed. It reads
"Journal/Sketchbook/other crap of Eileen Miozzi"
"I guess that's...me"
I flip through the pages, just random doodles until I flip to the eleventh page. It's a sketch of a scene, that I remember, from my real life, SHE DREW ME.
The memory flashes back to me,
We're sitting on a wall atop the hill behind Mitchell's ice cream, Tyler (the guy from the camera roll) starts making noises with me and calls it his mixtape... there's a lot more to it but that's what I remember in time. I come back from my flashback only to flip three pages until I find quotes from Tyler.
I don't know who this girl is, it might be a coincidence that she drew that picture, but I don't know...

Before I know it, it's 11 PM I decide to sleep.
As soon as I fall asleep, I wake up.
My hands are now paws and my ears are now on top of my head, I've become a cat. And little do I know I'm the cat owned by Tyler Murray
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