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by Lorst
Rated: 13+ · Novel · Action/Adventure · #2130313
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Chapter 5

'Now you know.'
I'm still gasping at the memory. Daniel looks at me. I just seen my parents die, defending me, buying me enough time for me to leave Raixien. They were brave.
'I do.'
'Did you see how your parents tore through the Losac on the way up?'
I nodded. I meant to ask him about the glowing eyes of my parents, but Daniel continued talking.
'You will be like that, even better. Once you get your others, you can be far better than that.'
'What did they do? I saw them glowing. Is that one of their Rengars?'
'How does it work?'
'I am not sure. I thought they were both normal Raix until I met them.'
'How so?'
'You know they part where they were fighting the Losac on the mountain? Did you feel the energy they were radiating?'
'Yeah. What was that feeling? It felt cold and hot at the same time.'
'Yes. I felt the same thing. It was a special feeling for me, since I was not built to feel. Yet I did. I have yet to find out more about your parents.'
I'm tired. I don't want another memory in the next hundred years or so.
I got up from my chair, and walked up to my room. Daniel didn't move as I left the dining room. He sits there, thinking about something.
I plop onto my bed and close the lights. Pretty soon, I slept.
But of course, my brain doesn't let me.
I wake up in the middle of nowhere. This isn't where I lived. I'm in the middle of a rocky, barren land. Another memory? I groaned. I had 3 memories in a day, which is far too much for a person to take. Memory spikes gives you headache, and right now, I just want to rest.
I think about my room, the house, and tried to pull myself out of this memory. When that was unsuccessful, I decided to just get this memory over with. I look around. I'm on some barren wasteland. Is this Raixien after the war?
I was proven wrong when the rocks on the floor start swirling and sticking together. They made a cracking noise when the larger pieces stuck together, until they formed a man. I know a Losac when I see one. But where is my host? Usually when I'm in a memory, there is a host. One where my presence revolves around. If he leaves the memory range, I get pushed back out.
The Losac looks straight at me. This one looks different from the others. His face is scarred with crystals, and his eyes glow brighter than the others. I suppose he is one of the older ones, or a higher rank to the others.
'You.' The Losac spoke to me in scrambled English. What the hell. Is he talking to me?
I look around me, and don't see anyone else. This is a vision. How is he talking to me?
'Bring me to him, or die.' I reply. Wait, now that I think of it, what did I just say? I don't understand what I just said.
The Losac growled at me, then grudgingly waved his hand. The once barren land suddenly started trembling, and the ground around me in a circle elevated. Dust starts flying everywhere, and a circle of crystal walls rise up, boxing us in.
I watched in amazement as the shapes start forming on the walls. The top part of the crystal walls back away, making a little stair like steps. It was a while until I realize what it's forming. It's a coliseum.
The Losac in front of me remains unmoving the entire time. I can make out more Losac sitting on the seats above, looking at us in amusement, in silence. It's creepy.
'Come on out, Losar. Stop hiding here.' I yelled out. What am I talking about? It's like I'm not even in control of my body anymore, that someone else is piloting it.
I can feel all the heat coming from the Losac, fuming at me. But I simply don't care. Even my normal feelings are overrun by my new host, which I'm sure what this is. It's a body memory. I'm living my host's life. Although, who am I living in? A Losac? A Raix? If so, why is he here with the Losac?
'Who dares to challenge me?' All the heat and anger faded away, as a loud booming voice rang through the dry air. It's the voice of a dominant leader, a strong one at it.
I turn to the source of the voice. What I see is not what I was expecting. A Losac stands there proud and steady, but he looks different. His human-like body is completely crystal clear, and every time he moves, his skin crackles and moves. He is wearing a full-body twisted Armor made of the same crystals, but darker. His face is the same, and no part of him is not a crystal. His eyes glow brighter than the others, and he blinks once when I showed no fear. Maybe he's used to people bowing or kneeling whenever he makes himself known.
'I do. I know what you did. You think I wouldn't notice? I feel it. You killed them. You killed them all.' I started shaking in anger. I want to rip the Losac into pieces. I want to kill him.
Losar apparently doesn't care. He waves his hand, and he breaks apart and falls to the floor. The pieces started hovering in mid-air, and they fly collectively up into the air, forming back into himself again, now hovering with crystals swirling around his feet. The nearby Losac started standing up. One by one, they pounded their chest with their fists, and one by one they flew as thousands of pieces on the ground next to me. They started forming back together again smoothly, all the cracks and breaches slowly sealing together.
'I may have been away from Raixien a long time. I may have hated the Raix. But they are my people, my family. And you killed them all.' I can barely contain my new anger. I need to satisfy my bloodlust. 'And now, you will pay for what you have done.'
I whipped out a pistol, and shot the closest Losac to me. He flew backwards, breaking apart in the air. The other Losac was quick, and all created crystal shields to block my shots. I dove out of the way quickly as 2 of them started throwing shards at my direction, and I aimed at the now vulnerable Losacs for a shot.
Before I could get a shot off, a shard hits my gun and disarms me. The shard penetrated the gun through the barrel, and I quickly unsheathe my blade and deflect an incoming shard. The shard shoots back towards the Losac who threw it, and immediately threw my sword at a Losac, who was slowly advancing onto me with his shield. The sword made a loud clang as it impacts with the shield, and the shield breaks. The sword flies back to me quickly like a boomerang, but before it flies back to me, I clap my hands. The stunned Losac implodes on itself, the explosion knocking all the remaining Losac on their feet.
What the hell did I just do? I note Losar floating above the arena, with little rocks hovering and swirling around his feet. Strangely enough, he isn't helping his little minions, instead hanging back like he's following some code of honour. I ignore him and focus on fighting the other Losac, who all rise back up in seconds.
I smile. I sense their fear. They just saw me implode their friend with a simple clap. I enjoy the fear. After all, it is my greatest friend.
With their mental defences down, I do a couple slashing motions with my sword, and the Losac back away a little. They might have heard of me, and thought I was going to be easy to take down. They were wrong.
They created their crystals shields once more, and formed a V-formation, slowly advancing onto me. I laughed, and I charged them. They were definitely not expecting me to charge. I run at them as fast as I can, crystals swirling around my feet every time my feet hits solid ground. I stop right in front of their formation and they quickly put away their shields to stab me.
I was faster. I kick the air in front of me, and all the crystals gathering around my feet go streaking at them. The crystals hit them all in the chest, and the middle 3 fell back and smashed into pieces. The last 2 Losac briskly turn to look at their fallen comrades, then back to me, still smiling at their fear and confusion.
'I'll give you 2 a chance to surrender. You know what happens if you don't.' I said boringly.
The 2 Losac said nothing, and charged at me with their swords. When they did that, I could see fear in their eyes, like they knew they weren't getting out alive, yet they still attacked. Oh well, fine by me.
The quicker Losac thrusted his sword at me swiftly, and I dodged to the left. I counter attacked with a quick horizontal slash, and the Losac ducked under me. He aimed another stab at me, but I knocked it away with my sword and slashed down at his knees. His leg came right off but he made no sound. If not, he seems happy that this is his way to go, instead of imploding on himself. He quickly dropped down to the floor, and I quickly decapitated him with my blade.
As he started shattering, I hear the other Losac arriving just too late to save his buddy. I block his strong attack, and our blades create tiny sparks of crystals. We crossed swords and I sidestepped with my sword, and pulled it close to my chest. The Losac went off balanced and stumbled forwards. Using this, I clapped my hands again, and the Losac imploded once more. I don't even wait for him to shatter before I turned back to Losar, who is now floating above us, watching the fight going.
'Come down now, or I'll come up.' I shout. I couldn't see well what he was doing up there, but I'm pretty sure he's smiling.
I growl. I pulled crystals to me, and I hover until I'm on the same level as him. From up here, I take a better look at this place. I'm amazed by what I see.
The entire place, up until the end, is a barren wasteland. Sand dominates the floor, and the sun above me is really burning me. It's like I'm in a desert, except not quite. The air still feels different, and there is nothing in sight. This is Losarien. I can just tell. Is this what happened after their reset button failed?
There is no wind up here. Nor clouds. This is really a desert planet. But where are all the Losac though?
'You want me. I am here.' He hovered around me, and I eyed him angrily as he flew.
'I know who you are, little Raix. I know what you have discovered.'
'Do you really? What do you know about our planet?'
Losar smiled. 'More than enough to destroy it. And it's inhabitants.'
I replied by raising my hands. The entire coliseum broke away under my command, and it started rising. The sand in the hole where the coliseum once was started filling in the hollow space it left behind, destroying any trace of a structure ever being there.
'You can try, but you will fail. This is your last chance to step away. You cannot defeat me, Raino.' Raino? I'm watching a Raino? But they were all there, on the day of my escape, sacrificing their power to me. No, Losar has to be lying.
I grunt, and ball into fists. I jerk my hands up, raising my hands up to my chest, bring the coliseum up with me, and hurl it at Losar. If I'm not a Raino, I certainly could be. Anyone with the strength to hurl such an object has to hold immense strength and will. Losar didn't move, nor did he blink. A second away from smashing Losar, the coliseum stopped mid-air. I pushed the coliseum again, but it didn't move at all. I sense another person holding it back, slowly pushing the coliseum back to me. Losar.
I struggle with him for a moment before he overwhelms me. I fly away, but still got hit by the rocks made from the coliseum exploding where I was 10 seconds ago. A large boulder sized rock smashed into my shoulders, and I cry out in pain. I lost my focus and dropped down to the floor. At the last second, I use my crystal Rengar to soften my fall, slowly hovering to the ground, but I was in too much pain. I couldn't focus enough for me to have a safe landing, and it still hurt a lot when I crashed onto the floor.
Dust formed around world. A sandstorm. I couldn't see anything as I slowly propped myself up in a sitting position, the sand slashing at my face. I look up with my eyes half closed, and I cover my ears to stop the sand from coming into them. I don't know where Losar is anymore. He's not hovering in the air anymore. I search for him as fast as I can, and I finally spot him in the near distance, safe in a surrounding circle of crystals.
I can see him smiling in confidence, and the rage blew out again. I struggled against the strong sandstorm, and slowly pushed my way towards him. Something hits me on the side of my face, and I dropped to the ground. I sit up and saw a big piece of crystal on the floor, which is starting to break apart and join the storm. This is no sandstorm. It's a crystal storm. This I can control.
I stand there amidst all the chaos, focusing on parting away myself from the crystals, making the same protection circle as Losar. But I was standing out right in the open, perfectly easy for Losar to strike then. Half of the crystal storm flew up into the sky, lending me some space to move around easier, before I realize what Losar is making.
The crystals fly as if it has a mind of its own, sticking together and forming into a wide, rectangular box, as big as the original coliseum. He's going to crush me.
I tried diving out of the way, but the crystal shards hitting grew me more and more frequent. I could barely move, let alone running or flying. The box starts falling down, and unless I do something, it will crush me.
Only one thing left to do.
I pushed away everything, and put my mind into one last request to the crystals. With all my might, I created a weak crystal shield surrounding me, so weak that the crystal dusts can still whip at my face. But the shield isn't for blocking anything.
I poured all my power into the shield. Every last ounce of it. I could feel the energy, my powers slipping into the shield. The transparent shield starts blurring, and the crystal dusts stop flying through the shield. I could still see through the shield, and I could see Losar frowning.
'You cannot hide in there for long, Raino!' He roared, which means I might be doing something right. He is correct; I cannot hide in my shield for long. Maybe a decade or two in this hibernating state, but when my energy is depleted, the shield will fall away, and I'll die.
I have to try anyways. The box crashed into my shield, and I could my focus wavering. The shield trembled under the massive impact, but it didn't give in. The shield stood strong, and the box is no more.
The crystal storm starts brewing down. Losar must realize that the only way to get me out is if I burn too much energy. He stands right in front of me, looking at me with a slight smile.
'I told you, Raino. I win, you fail.' He laughs. I don't give a damn what else he has to say. I'm getting tired. I need to conserve my energy for as long as possible. I managed to stand up weakly, and pointed at Losar through my transparent shield of crystal.
'When I get out of here, I'm going to kill you.'
'You can try.' Losar turns around and walks away. Losac warriors start forming next to him. They all have their weapons drawn, some with swords, and some with rifles.
'I'm going to kill all of you.' And just like that, I started passing away. I lied down on my back, and made the shield completely opaque from the outside. I can see them, but they can't see me. Good.
I closed my eyes, and I wonder whether I will ever open them again.
I opened my eyes. I'm back in my room. I remember clearly everything that happened. What was that? It's like I spent so much time with the Raix, I became him. And does that mean I am not the only Raix alive? Is there another one out there, on Losarien?
That was definitely a memory. Something that happened before. If I asked Daniel, he would say the exact same thing. No dream is that vivid. I'll have to ask Daniel about it, and the Raino Losar kept talking about.
But that'll wait until tomorrow. I look at my phone, checking the time. Still midnight. I close my eyes again, praying that I don't get another memory or vision.

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