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A creative writing with an immense amount of rhyme scheme. Philosophy.
As my mind begins to wonder, my thoughts begin to ponder. My mind can be a sad or happy place. Which may determine the expression upon my face. Although some thoughts may be negative I look to my positive side for incentive. Positivity is tranquility but neither can be reached without reality. You may ask what reality must become present? Self realization is the reality you must seek for one to give your true identity a peek. I may be young but my mind is knowledgeable, never doubt the adolescence as they may be tolerable. My name is Justice Fredrick join me as I explain my philosophy as it may turn out likely.
I am 15 years old and I see the world much different than many. I see the truth, as many play society’s game of chess. Trading pieces back forth, setting up traps for society’s obstacle course. Curves and twists full of judgement, acceptance, and conformity. You may be judged, you may be disliked, you may be frowned upon for your religious, philosophical, and human beliefs. But do not fret, do not worry as long as you stay true to yourself the sun will shine upon your skin. As for those who are the judgers may the moon be your wake up call. As you may claim you are your own creation, but you cannot live without the imitation or power of another to feel worthy. Only those who look in the mirror and see not the future but remember the past can soley live within their skin, within the present. I look in the mirror and I do not see the future nor the past because the present is a gift that will hopefully last. You only have one shot to live, why not slow it down and make your presence known? You may not posses a crown of solidarity but you are important most definitely. You are apart of the most intelligent, most substantial, most fit race upon this planet, the human race. We all participate and try to finish this race but those who try to trip others while running often finish the race most exhausted.
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