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Two girls, an angry spirit, The world depends on them.

Chapter 5

The ground was ice cold.
The sky cloudy.
It had been 6 months since the 'Accident'.
It was summer now.
Sasha and me were sent back to where we started.
At an Orphanage.
Those parents that had died were not our real parents.
But they were family...
Police had just closed the case on the bomb. Nobody else survived expect Sasha and me.
They never found the person who did it.
And they never would.
Harper's Middle School For Girls has shut down due to the fact that nobody survived.
Also, the other school for the boys shut down too.

After the 'Accident' we girls seemed to have deal with some changes.
Like when I touched a pencil and another silly kid from the Orphanage broke his leg trying to break it in half.
Or when a bully punched Sasha and the kid broke their hand. Sasha was okay. The councilors blamed her for that matter.
Both of us girls were outcasts. No one ever talked to us.
I never talked to anyone and that was a problem.
Sasha spoke for me during those dreary months.
I always got beaten for not speaking when told to.
I cried but never spoke.
Sasha was always in her room, but when told to, she went outside, but when she had any time she would head to her room.
Something had changed since the explosion.
Something big.

Alexia was alright. She was not hurt. Only a little cut on her chin remained.
Her father yelled at Alexia for going without his permission.
Alexia nodded.
All she thought about were her friends Lucille and Sasha.
She thought they were dead.
"For now on you will not go to school! You will be home schooled by Mrs. Brooklyn! You need to start learning more about yourself!" He yelled at Alexia, Alexia's head hung low in shame, "Yes fa-" "And never call me that damn word again! You understand!" Alexia nodded, fighting back tears.
He nodded, a smirk showing onto his face.
"Also I got you a gift, I was supposed to give it to you when you were little but, ya know, stuff happened. So here it is" He snapped his fingers, a servant came carrying a golden tray.
On top was a golden lion with a purple spike collar.
On it read the name Leo.
His eyes were full of hate and anger.
Alexia, confused, thanked her somewhat generous father, acting happy, took the animal and walked to her room. Now Alexia did not live in a golden room or what a princess lived in.
She lived in the musty basement, there were on two beds there, why there were two is not necessary to explain, they both were nice beds, with tables next to them, on those tables were lamps and an alram clock.
Alexia looked at the lion.
"Who are you?" Alexia asked.
The lion did not pay any attention.
I turned to my computer on top of a old box saying 'Small-worn out clothes'.
Why did he enslave this poor thing? I thought. My screensaver was loading. There was a picture I had took of snowy mountains as I was running. I smiled remembering that time and place.
Leo looked up suddenly at the screen and pawed it.
I was...

         Lucille sat at the long table, her hand intertwined with Sasha's hand.
Mrs. Prickle sat at the other end of the table.
         Mrs. Prickle was the nicest person you would ever meet. She was beautiful. She had thick red lips and pale white skin, her hair shiny blonde with pink dyed tips. Now that was not why the two girls were shaking in their seats, no it was not that, it's was because the police had finally found the will their parents had made for them if they ever.... died.
"Mrs. Eros" said Mrs. Prickle, clearing her throat.
" Mrs. Ais. You two will live with Mrs. Snowe and Mrs. Flair for now on as it says here"
Now Mrs. Prickle was never up to date on anything, so she never knew that Mrs. Snowe and Mrs. Flare were supposed to be dead.
I shook my head.
"B-but Mrs. Prickle..ummm they a-are d-de-"
"Please Sasha calm down, I know this is real soon but this is what your parents wanted for you. Now girls go upstairs and start to pack. When you come down, all I want left on your beds are just a pillow and blanket, understood?"
I nodded and Sasha too, still confused.
"Tomorrow you two will be leaving, now hurry along"
And that is where we left that conversation.
We both ran out of the office of Mrs. Prickle, wondering still as they past the golden wood walls of the Orphanage. What Just Happened?

Lucille and Sasha stood in front of the Orphanage feeling disbelief crawl through their veins.
All the children of the Orphanage were standing outside in the blazing heat from the sun. All wishing they could be them and come home that day to a feast and a family. Some cried. Some cursed under their breath, and some just stared at both girls.
But Lucille and Sasha just stood there waiting for the car to pull up and take them away.
Both of their hands were sweating.
Their luggage gripped tight around their fingers.
They knew that the car would never come, because they were dead, just dead.
Dead like all the rest.
Hours past, they all stood there.
Then, right when Mrs. Prickle was going to order everyone inside when a silver car sped into the driveway of the Orphanage. A cloud of smoke blown over Sasha and Lucille, Lucille fell.
Sasha gasped, she let go of her bag, and grabbed Lucille's hand just as she fell, Mrs. Prickle ran to her side holding her as she laid her on the ground.
The car stopped, and Mrs. Flare rushed out of the car and to Lucille's side.
"Dear, I-I mean Lucille, what happened? Did you get hurt?" Mrs. Flare said as she knelt down next to Lucille.
Lucille looked at her with a gasp written all over her eyes, she started to scream, she screamed long.
After a while Sasha covered Lucille's mouth, she glared at her, that told her that she had to calm down, Lucille got up and turned around, her legs trembling.
Both nodded at the other kids from the Orphanage. They all were shocked, but some just cried, they all waved as Lucille and Sasha crawled into the car.
The inside of the car was covered in gems. Lucille looked at Sasha as if she was looking for an answer to why they were crazy or why this car was this way, a seat with red velvet caught Lucille's eyes, Sasha's eyes caught a white velvet seat. They sat where they wanted to for inside the car it was a limousine with snacks at every corner.
Lucille smiled licking her lips, but Sasha frowned and shook her head,
Lucille frowned. She crossed her arms and sat back into her seat. "Hello girls." A voice said.
Boths girl looked across their seats to Mrs. Snowe.
Her head was strained to the side so she could see both girls.
Her brown dyed hair had white hairs popping out at every corner.
Her lips were a dark shade of gray almost black but not so. "I see that you two have many questions" Both girls gulped.
Mrs. Flare jumped into the car smiling, her eyes had changed color, one hazelnut brown and the other a flaming orange, Lucille noticed this, and looked at her as if she was turning into a crazy woman. As Mrs. Flare was seated, she looked at Lucille and Sasha with a smirk, "You really scared those two, job well done. Again" "Huo, shut up!" Mrs. Snowe shouted. Mrs. Flare snickered and laughed, while Lucille and Sasha sat there wondering either to join them or to run away.
Mrs. Snowe looked at them and said "Now we are going to make a quick stop somewhere and pick someone up, you two will get her for us you understand?."
Both girls nodded, still in shock at their new parents.


I looked at Leo.He was pawing his ears free of mites. It's now been six months, 12 hours, and 5 seconds since I've last seen Sasha and Lucille. Oh, how I miss them so much. Why did they have to leave, WHY? I looked at Leo again, this time he was sleeping. He was right. The man who I used to call 'Dad', he was right. I should have never went to school, never have met them, never have gone to the party, nothing. I should have listened to him. Why was I so dumb in the first place? Girls should always listen to their men that they know-even if it doesn't sound right at first. Oh, why was I so dumb at first? Then it hit me. I fell on the bed. These words repeated in my head: I was so dumb because I didn't know anything. I didn't know anything because I didn't have a routine. I didn't have a routine because I didn't know what it was. I didn't know what it was. I didn't know what it was because I didn't go to school.
Just then I heard a small knock at the door. "I got it!" I ran down the hallways and stairs to the door. I opened it blinded by the light a bit, I then saw a small little asian girl a and a white little girl. They both stared at me in awe.
"Umm...well...if you two girls are selling girl scout cookies don't expect me to buy. I'm on a diet and broke." I was lying.
They both stared at me in a way I could not explain.
"What?" I asked.
"We thought you were dead" Is that really them? Can this be? "Sasha and Lucille? Am I in heaven? Aren't you guys dead?"
         Lucille burst into tears, she grabbed my chest, I think she was hugging me, it was hard to tell.
         Air was crawling into my lungs little by little, but I knew Lucille would never let go, her tears melted into my shirt, I soon to was tearing up, Sasha just stood in amazement, her eyes wet but not crying and instead of hugging me she walked over and shook my hand.
         We stood there for only a few minutes when we heard a man yell from inside for me, I knew it was him. My "father" "Guys come on and get going!" I whispered to them.
Lucille looked up with eyes that meant she would not move, I looked at her, and then tried to push her off of me, "Come on! Get off!" I yelled now at Lucille,
"No, we have-" Lucille said, "Get off!" I yelled again, as another call came from the inside my house, I was about to yell again at Lucille when she said "Shut up Alexia!" I looked at Lucille in shock, "They sent us to get you!" "Wh-" I looked around as another scream came from somewhere, but not from inside the house, "Come on girls! Time is ticking!"
         Another scream called from the house, louder, Sasha, seeing there was no more time to waste grabbed my hand, she pulled me over the grassy fields of land my father owned. I knew what was happening, kinda anyway, I think? Alright.... I didn't know anything, didn't know why or how, even then as I was just being pulled around over fields of corn and tomatoes, then something popped into my mind. They're taking me somewhere.
         A boy then crossed my mind, "Jake..." My face blushed, and for a moment I forgot we were running, and saw him.
         Jake and me we're best friends, not just that, maybe more, but I doubt that. Jake was same height as me, maybe higher. He had black moppy hair, and deep brown eyes, his skin was tan and covered in scars that were planted on him upon every day form a whip. Tears brushed over me and then I remembered that Jake was tending to some apple picking today. He could come with me! I smiled and twisted my wrist free from Sasha's grasp.
         Sasha turned around a growl forming in her throat, "Come on!" but I ignored this and ran away, it took a while and my feet were starting to hurt, when I saw some apples, and a boy standing on one foot with a basket around his arm trying to grab an apple from the tree full of red shiny ones, I stopped, and looked at him, taken over by how handsome he looked, then with the speed of light ran right to him, dust washed over him, he looked at me his eyes wide with wonder, he always asked me how I got so good at running, but I never shared my little secret, "How ya doin' Speedo!?" he said, nudging me in the shoulder, I looked at him mesmerised by his eyes. After a while I finally said
"Sorry! Stuff got me in my brain again, hey want to come with me to school? There is a car waiting for me! But I have to go with a adult and Mr. Smell' O won't come and I was thinking maybe you because you look the right age, and stuff!" Jake looked at me with a confused expression, I then added "He also said it would be okay!" he didn't stop looking at me the way he did. After some time of waiting I grabbed his arm, and just whizzed away in the speed of light to find the car and see my friends again. Then I saw it that silver car, I run to it and the door to the car opens just as I slide into it.

Lucille stared at me in awe. It had been hours on the road, and nobody had anything to say, even Sasha, she just looked out the window, perplexed. Well, that was normal. During car trips she looked out windows and stayed silent. I looked in awe at the car that was covered in gems. It was so cool!
We had to knock out Jake because he was freaking out at first so we knocked him out and now he is sleeping on Lucille's shoulder, I'm kinda annoyed about that part, but I think I can survive.
Why am I even in here? I didn't do anything wrong. Am I being kidnapped? Stolen? Sasha spoke up, "How are you alive?" I don't know if she was talking to the ladies up front or me so I just said nothing. All of the sudden there was a thundering noise. This wasn't from thunder, it was like 70 mile per hour wind. A very pretty lady popped outside the window. She banged on the driver's window. The lady with the long, flowing brown hair opened it. "LET ME IN!!!" said the one outside. "As you said 50 years ago," said the white haired one, "This car is too small for you" "YOU WILL LET ME IN OR I WILL BLOW THIS CAR INTO A TORNADO!!" "Get in the back." She opened the door. The one outside jumped into the back seat. She hugged me and sat next to me. "How are you?" "I'm good?" "Good."
A few minutes passed, no words were passed, all of a sudden I sighed and so did Sasha, and Lucille, we all had the same question that stuck in our heads, What's happening?.
"So" we all said, "What are we doing here?" Silence. "Well, not here, really..... I mean... well, umm, in this awesome car, what are we doing? And aren't you guys dead?" Lucille said. The pretty women who sat next to me smiled, and before someone else could say anything, a burst of wind hit the car, flipping it a million times, Lucille screamed grabbing my hand hard and Jake's shoulder, I screamed, but when I looked at myself I glowed, a bright red covered my body.
Everything happened in a flash, the car flipping, the shattering of glass, the screams, I blacked out, that's all I know, and when I woke up, we were on the black of the street and the smoke that crawled into my throat felt hot and rusty, I choked and cough, my hand was still intertwined with Lucille's, but when I looked at both of us nothing happened to us, we were scratch free, even Sasha who was still in the car, looked normal, but her hair was a bit out of place.
Hot sun burned my skin, my face feeling as if I was in a volcano. The white haired woman was screaming at the pretty one, "WEIFENG! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS? YOU JERK!!" "Well, that is a 50 year old smelly car. It only had only ,like, 1 mile on it. So I fixed it." "FIXED IT!?! YOU FLIPPED IT!" "I flipped it so you can buy a new one. Duh. Please make it a bigger one! The other one was so crappy! You try sitting in the back with two gems. HORRID!" What's going on? I thought before black filled into my eyes again.

Chapter 6

It had been a few hours since the time the woman flipped the car. I still can't believe that nothing happened to us. Our clothes were in shreds but other then that, no harm at all.
They had given us our new clothes but they seemed a bit weird because the clothes had all the name on them Camp Weller's .
So here we were, sitting at a cafe, in the tan short sleeve shirts. Really short red skirts, white socks and black flat shoes.
We all sat around a rusty old table. The chairs were wooden and had nothing to lean your back against. All around us was hot sun and beautiful grassy hills and flowers that dripped with dew, even though it was 11:00 am and we were in a drought.
New surprises around every corner I guess today. I found out that Mrs. Flare's real name is Huo, Mrs. Snowe was Dongji, and our PE coach was Weifeng.
The tea that sat in front of me steamed. I smelled it and declared in my head that tea is not the liquid for me. However, Sasha had dumped a ton of honey in her lemon tea and drank the whole mug.
Huo had a smirk on her face. Dongji's was fiddling with her hair. Weifeng was laughing, but not normally.
Sasha finally broke the ice.
"Umm..Hi. My name is Sasha Ais..and this is.."
Sasha quickly made eye contact with Alexia.
"Alexia." Alexia said,"My name is Alexia Ulri. The one who's just staring at you is Lucille Errors." I waved.
Huo was in front of me; Weifeng was in front of Alexia; Dongji was in front of Sasha. They looked at us like they could see our future. Huo's smirk wiped off her face and her eyes watered. "It's YOU!" She hugged me. She was warm. Wind swept Alexia. Hands touched her shoulders while tears touched her hands. Weifeng said, "I've found you." Dongji's hands wrapped around Sasha's own two hands.
A touching moment.

I could feel eyes on me, but when I looked around nobody was there except customers with their usual chatter.

Few more hours paced, minutes were passed that we talked about what we liked what we loved about life and subjects like those. (Also crushes)
"So where is Jake? I thought we sent him to the bathroom" Alexia blushed. "It's not like we sent him to war" I chuckled, then something happened, I still have nightmares about it, the first time it happened I could not control the pain.
I saw into the future.
Pain crossed over my body, a glow burned my skin, tears ran over my face, numbers crossed over my vision, words only hit me in the ear once or twice, what I saw next was blue, blue light, green, than red, a dark red, I was floating in this red world, I could feel it and know it somehow, this world burned my eyes with white and it showed me Alexia's father, us, sitting at the cafe, then I was shot, in this world I was falling, my blood covering my whole naked body. Tears flowed and turned into rivers that destroyed this world and I found myself on the ground in the real world. Huo looked over me with tears, holding my hand, I choked over air that had not been breathed out yet, after choking Sasha looked over me also crying, but only a bit, she held out a hand and I grabbed it, as I stood up memories of that other world came flooding back and I saw Alexia's father through some bushes.
He had something in his hand.
I put a hand over my mouth horrified.
I grabbed Sasha's shoulders shaking her I yelled into her face "We need to get out of here! He is here! Her father! And he is trying to..." air crawled no more into my throat, I fell, when I awoke I heard shooting, screaming, my vision was bad, but I saw that Huo was running carrying me with her hands. "Where the hell is Jake?! We need to get out of here!" Dongji yelled, I heard Alexia running away while yelling back "I'll get him!"
"Uhh...." I could hear myself say before I passed out again. When I awoke again I was in a car, not a magical one, but a gray car, it was big, Sasha and Alexia were in the seats behind me, Jake sat next to Alexia holding her hand, she blushed, the two of them staring at each other, beaming, "I hope that guy was okay with us taking his car" said Dongji, as she looked out the window, "Hey, he was there and we needed it more then his ugly butt." said Weifeng, sitting next to me, "Shut up!" yelled Huo driving the car, she made a sharp turn yelling "Shut up! Can't drive with you guys yelling!" drove back into my seat I coughed, everyone turned to me, even Huo, she smiled, Alexia still hand holding
Glass started to shatter, bullets flew across my head not hitting me once, I jumped out of my seat scared, Huo grabbed the steering wheel and made another sharp turn into a tree, the impact sent me into a faint vision, I could feel blood flow down my head as I was driven forward into the wooden case that sat between the two front car seats. I woke up with a slap to the face, I was outside the car, Huo was the one who was outside with me, and she was the one slapping me. She was holding me by my shirt, grass that shimmered green in the sunlight surrounded us and trees lined the street in perfect formation. "Lucille, get on top of the car and make a forcefield now!" Huo said with force, push me next to the car, I looked at her surprised, "B-but nobody in the world can do that H-Huo..." "Shut up!"
Tears almost came to my eyes but I shook them away, What am I doing?? Huo is crazy!! I gulped, stood on my tiptoes and climbed onto the roof of the car. Now I'm afraid of heights, no matter how high. I stood up and held my hands out scared of what might happen. I heard a bullet free itself from its owner. Tears swarmed my eyes but when I opened them I was not dead, but alive.
Loud screaming, falling, falling.

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