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Two girls, an angry spirit, The world depends on them.

Chapter 3

Sasha woke up to a loud scream coming from her phone.
A yawn escaped her mouth.
Sasha took her phone looking at the time in surprise.
No! She thought jumping out of her warm covers.
She rushed to her closet, searching for something to wear.
A blue t-shirt caught her eyes, Sasha grabbed it, and looked down seeing some black jeans from last week.
She picked it up and smelled it, it smelled okay.
Sasha nodded and started to run to the bathroom. Inside the bathroom she crawled into her clothes and later burst into a run towards the kitchen. She grabbed a apple surprised to see that her parents were not awake They're probably preparing for the party she thought.
She rushed out of the house locking the door behind her.
"Oh no! I'm going to be late!"

As soon as Lucille, Alexia and Sasha sat down, Mrs. Flare began chemistry.
Ms. Flare basically taught both chemistry and Math. There would be a day where she taught Math and then another day where she taught chemistry.
Ms. Flare scanned the room for anyone that was late, she was tapping her clip board with a pencil. She had on a black shoulder padded jacket, under a red shirt, her leggings were black and tight, over them she had a dark business skirt.
She stopped in front of Claire's desk, "Tis, tis. Red slip." she signed something and ripping off a red slip she was about to put it on her desk when Claire stumbled into the room, she was panting, the late bell rung, and Ms. Flare smiled. Crumbling the red slip she threw it into the trash. "On time like always."
She stumbled into her seat.
" Okay class. Today we are having a pop quiz" The whole class moaned, and took out their notebooks, but Alexia let out a giggle of happiness. "First question..-she scanned the paper, then finding question one she spoke again-What does K stand for?" Alexia's hand shot up in the air. "Dear, this is a quiz where we do not answer like that" Mrs. Flare said. Alexia blushed from embarrassment. A murmur came across the room. Then silence. "Okay, question two on your chemistry quiz, what does In stand for?" Alexia hand shot up into the air again.
This time she did not wait. "Indium. With the atomic number as 49!" Mrs. Flare was stunned. It had been a long time since someone was interested in chemistry.
"Now, what does H2O stand for?" She asked tapping her clipboard like mad "2 parts hydrogen, 1 part oxygen. Aka 'Water'." Mrs. Flare smiled. "Now what chemical is your initials?" Mrs. Flare said, deciding to have fun with the girl. "AU which would be gold. I'm rich then!" Alexia answered
Everyone laughed.
"Lucille, what does HO stand for?" Mrs. Flare asked out of the blue. Lucille was her favorite student, but you'll see why later. Lucille started to worry, she did not know the answer, but at that moment the bell rang.
Mrs. Flare smiled.
She yelled a few more things but Lucille did not listen, Sasha scribbled them down on her planner. Lucille ran up behind Alexia and smiled "Are you excited about the party?" she almost screamed. Alexia smiled and nodding yes she shuffled her papers, You are picking me up right?" Alexia asked Lucille nodded. Alexia put her papers in her purple bag and getting up she took Sasha's hand-she was walking up to Alexia after writing down what Ms. Flare said, Alexia always ran them to their classes, since they were all the same there was no problem- and Lucille's and ran.
Their second period was lAB, or Learn. About. Bodies. Ms. River taught that lesson. As Sasha, Alexia and Lucille took their seats in the front, Ms. River, walked-Ms. River walked as if she was dancing on water, but you only noticed this if you looked and studied her movements very closely- from one end of the classroom to the other, her light blue dress floating in a gracefully breazze, even though there were no open windows. She looked over the rim of her glasses.
"Everyone, -her voice was as clear as a blue flow of water- today we know is the last day of the year. Not the school year but, the year. So I will try and make this period the most fun" she said this with a voice that just had the littlest hint of excitement. She started to hand out a piece of paper. The whole class groaned, another test.
Ms. River clapped her hands, "Alright children, time's a wastin" she fell back into her seat in the corner of the room, sipping her mint tea and grading last night's homework.
Alexia finished the test like the test just said to draw a dot. She smiled, and pulling her computer started to code on her favorite website. Sasha bit her lip, she could do this, she looked around the room at the other struggling children and then saw Alexia, of course she had finished before everyone else. Lucille smiled, she was good at bodies. Right?
The next periods were slow, in PE they were forced to run ten laps, and they had to finish the laps in nine minutes. Or else they would have to redo all the laps. In gardening Ms. Soil made the poor group replant all the Maple trees with RED Maple trees.
At last the bell rang to signify school was over. They said goodbyes and others talked about this and that then, finally all the girls started to run out of school campus to go home as fast as they could. Alexia ran the fastest.                                                            ?
Alexia got home in one minute. She couldn't wait to greet the New Year with a party!
She ran up the long staircase, tripping over every step. She burst into her bedroom. She got her best dress on, which was striped purple and white. She also put on her favorite heels, all purple. She ran down stairs.
Alexia then wrote a note, knowing her dad would start to worry.

Bye dad!
I'm going to the New Year's party! Be back tomorrow!

We were in front of Alexia's house. Her house was just like a castle! It had a long field out front.
Alexia got in the car in less than a second
Her necklace was glowing.
"How are you so fast?" Lucille asked. Lucille had asked this question many times so she wasn't really surprised when Alexia said "I just am." Alexia said as she bit her lip.
Alexia took out her computer wanting to do a fun math game- and put her necklace in her purse, knowing that it would glow.
Mr. Eros turned around in his seat, the white 2015 Ford transit made a stop as the red light beamed from the pole. "So what is this I hear about a glowing necklace? Lucille is always going on and on about that glowing necklace." Lucille's face shot red "Dad..." she groaned. "Honey, don't embrasse Lucille again with her new friend." Ms. Eros leaned aganist him, but as the red light turned green she hit the gas pedal and they made jolt forward. My Father smiled, "Hailey, I don't see how David is embrassing Lucille with such a simple question about a plastic glowing necklace." Alexia looked up from her computer seeing the mess she was making without even saying a word, I felt sorry for her. "Please don't start to fight, it's just a necklace my father got me at a stupid store somewhere." Alexia said. Alexia made it sound so easy to do anything, I really did enmired that about her. My Mom butted in changing the subject "So, Alexia where are your parents?" Alexia froze, I felt the urge of speaking but calmed it down. Alexia then spoke "Oh there out, ya know, t-there just having a date, they do it every year on New Years Eve." I could tell she was lying. "Oh." my Mom turned around in her seat and started to talk to Ms. and Mr. Eros about something. I didn't listen.
As we arrived at the party, there was a crowd around the park's hillside, which was dotted with grass and white flowers.
"Wow! This is like when my dad throws a ball at the palace." Alexia said taking out a perfume bottle and spraying herself.
"What?" I said, my ears were filled with music being blared out of speakers on the hill.
"Oh, nothing." Alexia said. She put her perfume bottle back into her purse, followed by her computer then she got out her make-up kit and took some very red lip gloss out, and spread it across her lips.
"You want some, Sasha?" Alexia asked. "I don't like makeup. " I replied, then added feeling rude "But thank you for asking"
"I'll take some!" Lucille said, not caring if Alexia asked her or not. "Sure, take as much as you want!" Alexia said, trying to be polite as Lucille grabbed the lip gloss.
As Mr. Eros parked the car, they all jumped out.
Sasha was wearing a silver dress with gray shoes and a white clip was placed in her hair. Lucille wore a red dress with long sleeves , her hair pulled back into a ponytail with a black hair band on.
They all raced each other to the top of the hill laughing as their parents had to stop to get out supplies.
"Attention!" some announcer announced. Dead silence filled the...hill? To the trio's surprise, Mrs. Snowe, the principal of Harper's, walked onto a stage. "Excuse me?" Mrs. Snowe said, tapping the microphone "Hello everyone. As we all know this party would not be here without the help of Harper's Middle School." A loud clap ascended from the crowd.
" Also, the principal of Sakai's Military school also helped us fund this gathering." Alexia froze at those words. Her father was the principal of that place! But as soon as Alexia's father stepped onto the stage and looked at Mrs. Snowe, everything turned white, red and purple. An explosion tore the hill and smoke choked everyone. Lucille then held both of our hands.
She yelled "Mom! Dad!"
That was the last thing I heard from anyone before I passed out....


Chapter 4

I woke up in a heap of sweat.
My clock showed that it was 1:00 am.

I was in my bed with the sheets tucked tight. I'm in my pajamas, but can't find my party dress. I guess it was just a nightmare.
Sasha woke up on the grass with mud and smoke all over her.
The whole hill was nothing but smoke and ashes, dead bodies lay everywhere.
She turned around to find Lucille asleep.
She woke up Lucille.
They were both still in their party dresses.
Lucille woke up with blood running down her head. "W-what h-happened?" Lucille said, touching her forehead.
She pulled her hand away and saw the blood and screamed.
Well, she tried, but her voice was hoarse.
Sasha had cuts all over her, all bleeding madly.
Alexia wasn't there.
"A-Alexia? Where are you" Sasha said , shaking.
Lucille and Sasha tried to stand up but fell down, they both passed out yet again .
When they awoke, it was dark. They looked around again, "W-where is everyone? where are our parents?..." Sasha said with a croak in her voice that showed she was dehydrated.
Lucille looked at her. Her eyes started watering. She pointed towards a clearing down the once green hill "L-look..." Lucille started crying. Sasha clumsily stood, scared of what awaited over that hill.
Sasha looked.
At the bottom of the hill a car lay on top of someone, no, on top of people.

Their parents....
Sasha stared in pain. Anger filled her body.
Physically and emotionally.
She collapsed and sobbed.
They cried together.

When they finally got hold of themselves, Lucille asked, "B-but still....Where's Alexia?"
"She's gone." Sasha said in pain "Why did this happen to her?!" Lucille cried in anger.
This hurt both of them.
Internal and external.

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