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by Izzy~
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Gay/Lesbian · #2130884
A Sub has a dark past. What will his future be?

Curled up on a hotel bed in Chicago, worn out from the hard game that night, all Pavel could think about was how cold he was. Growing up in Russia, he thought he'd be used to the chilly weather, but for some reason he couldn't explain, he was shaking so hard his teeth were clattering.

Glancing over to his left, he found his roommate and best friend, Hank, sitting up in his own bed, phone resting in his lap, staring at the TV screen, where the sounds of a hockey game could easily be heard.


'Sasha' was the nickname one of their teammates had created for Hank once the rookie forward had started playing on the same line as Pavel.

Hank tore his eyes away from the TV and looked at Pavel, the corner of his mouth twitching into a small smile.


Pavel shivered and rubbed his hands up his goosebump covered arms, trying so hard to keep his teeth from clattering.

“I lay with you? I freezing.”

Hank patted the bed and nodded.

“Of course, Pasha. Come over here.”

Pavel slipped out of his bed and crawled up onto Hank's before curling up into his side and rested his cold feet onto Hank's legs, drawing a yelp from Hank.

“Pasha! Your feet are freezing,” Hank whispered as he rolled off his bed onto the floor and trotted over to where his suitcase lay. He unzipped it and pulled out a pair of blue fuzzy socks, which were excellent in keeping feet warm. He came back over to the bed and tucked them into Pavel's quivering fingers.

Pavel pulled the socks over his feet and let out a sigh at how good they felt. Being cold was never fun!

“Thank you, Sasha. It make me happy you care for me.”

Hank chuckled lovingly and drew his best friend close to his chest, pressing a kiss into his hair.

“Of course, Pasha. I will always care about you......even when you put your freezing cold feet on me.”

The Russian made no reply to Hank's teasing remark. Instead, he simply nuzzled himself more into Hank's chest and rested his head over Hank's beating heart.

The two were more than best friends. They were almost like brothers. You could say they were like soulmates. Communication between the two of them was no problem, even if Hank's English was better than Pavel's.

Seeing how Pavel was starting to relax against him, Hank let out another soft chuckle and moved his hand up Pavel's back to rub at the nape of his neck. Over the six months that Hank had been with the team (and had been playing on the same line as Pavel), he'd come to learn that rubbing the Russian's neck was one of the best ways to make him relax. It had a calming effect on him.

'Of course', Hank thought, 'when my Master rubs my neck, it calms me down too. I wonder if Pasha is a Sub or if he just likes having his neck rubbed'.

Pavel let out a happy hum at the hand on his neck and pressed himself back into it. Hank was so amazing at this. He often wondered if Hank's Dom, Steve, had taught him how to massage a neck. He must have, unless Hank just had natural talent.

Just as he was about to drift off to sleep (yes, Hank rubbing his neck did make him sleepy), Pavel suddenly let out a yelp. On his neck near his shoulder blades, was a mark, a bite mark, left there by a Dom when he was 12 years old. He had never told anyone about this. It was his deepest, most well kept secret.

Quickly, he pulled away from Hank and rolled over onto his side so that Hank couldn't reach his neck and so that Hank couldn't see his tears.

“Pasha?” Hank's worried voice washed over Pavel like a soothing blanket. “What's wrong?”

Pavel's lips trembled under the weight of his tears and he sniffled hard to try not to cry in front of his best friend. How could he tell Hank his most well kept secret? How could he tell anyone after all these years?

“N-nothing, Sasha. I fine.”

Hank shook his head and reached over to pull Pavel back to him. He rested a hand on Pavel's wet cheek and slowly wiped away his tears with a thumb.

“Don't lie to me, Pasha. I'm your best friend, remember? You're supposed to trust me with things. If you don't want me to tell anyone, I won't. Just please trust me.”

Whimpering softly, Pavel wrestled with himself for a moment befoe nodding. Yes, he could tell Hank his secret. What did he have to lose?

“I Sub, Hank. I got bit by Dom when I 12 years old. I not allowed to have other Master. I only can have one.”

Hank wasn't really that surprised that Pavel was a Sub. He'd had his suspicions the whole time he'd known Pavel, but he'd wisely not said anything. What he was surprised at, however, was that Pavel had gotten biten by a Dom. He'd thought all the time he'd seen Pavel changing in the locker room, he or another teammate would have noticed a mark, but he hadn't.

“Can I see it,” he asked quietly.

Pavel snuffled and nodded, rolling onto his right side and tapping on the mark that was just above his shoulder blade.

“It there.”

Hank gently touched it with a finger, shocked at how big it was. Pavel was 12 when this happened and it was still there, still so clear? Wow, that bite must have been really deep.

“Where is your Dom now, Pashie?”

Pavel swallowed hard and looked down at the bed.

“Left me. I all alone.”

Hank's heart broke at the sad tone in his friend's voice. How could a Dom left their Sub alone without anyone to protect them? He didn't think that was fair. Steve wouldn't left him, not for the world, Hank for often been told. He just didn't understand it!

“Oh, Pashie, I'm so sorry.” Struggling to fight back his own tears, since it was impossible for him not to cry when Pavel was upset, Hank gently tugged the now-sobbing Russian into his arms and held him tightly, resting his chin on top of his head.

Then, even though he knew it was against the rules of his Dom to do so, but he needed to do it, because Pavel was upset, Hank ducked his head down and gently kissed Pavel's mark.

Not knowing it was wrong for a Sub to kiss another Sub's mark, Pavel leaned into it and smiled up at Hank.

“Thank you, Sasha. Love you much.”

Hank only smiled and kept kissing it until Pavel relaxed totally in his arms.

“Our little secret,” he whispered, moving from Pavel's neck to his forehead, pressing his lips gently against his skin.

Pavel was too tired to try and figure out what in the world Hank meant by that statement, so he simply curled up tighter in Hank's strong hold and pushed a hand into his chest.

“I sleepy, Sasha.” He yawned to prove his point.

Hank chuckled softly and pressed a kiss into Pavel's hair.

“Go to sleep, Pashie. I'll see you in the morning.”

the next morning, 8:30
“Hank! Open up the door!”

Hank startled awake by the sound of his Master, Steve, yelling through his hotel door. He rolled out of bed and raced to the door, unlocking it, and opening it to reveal Steve's kind yet stern face staring at him.

“I'm sorry, sir. I was asleep.”

Steve pulled him gently into his chest and kissed his forehead, his worry fading now that Hank was safe and sound in his arms.

“It's okay, sweetie. You know how much I worry about you. I just want you to be safe, darling.”

Just then, a loud whimper came from the bed where Hank had been laying not a minute before. Pavel had just woken up and was scared because Hank wasn't with him.

“S-Sasha? Where you at?”

Hank turned in Steve's arms to look at his best friend, who was sitting up in bed, glancing around the room, trying to find out where his Swedish friend had run off too.

“I'm with my Master, Pashie. In the doorway. See me? I'm here.”

Steve kissed Hank's forehead again and looked over his Sub's shoulder at the little Russian.

“Your best friend isn't going anywhere, kid,” he said, one corner of his mouth twitching into a smile.

Pavel blushed and looked down at the bed, fiddling with a a stray frayed string from the comforter.

“I not have good night. Hank help me through it.”

He reached up a hand to rub at the mark on his neck and softly whined.

“Sasha? You come kiss mark again?”

Hank froze up instantly in Steve's arms as his Master glanced down at him, the look on his face turning from sweet to stern, wondering why Hank would break his rule.


Hank bit his quivering lower lip and cocked up his head to stare into Steve's stern, but loving, eyes, his cheeks flaming like fireworks.

“Yes, sir?”

“Why did you break my rule? Hmm?”

Hank let out a soft whimper and tried to look down at the floor, too ashamed to look at his Dom, but a firm hand under his chin stopped him in his tracks.

“No, Hank. Don't look away. Tell me why you broke my rule.”

“I-I......Pasha was in distress, sir. I was only trying to comfort him.”

Steve's forehead furrowed as he thought about how to properly punish his Sub. He didn't want to punish him too harshly as seeing that he'd only been trying to help out his friend, but he couldn't let Hank get away with breaking one of his most important rules. Besides, Pavel might not know about his rule, so that could cause him distress as well, which was the last thing Steve wanted.

“Go sit in the corner for 5 minutes, Hank. That will be your punishment for today.”

As Hank obeyed, albeit with a sniffle, Steve walked over to the bed where Pavel, wide-eyed, had been watching and listening to the entire conversation.

“Stevie...I sorry. I not mean get Hank in trouble. If have to, punish me too.”

Pavel's words were spoken with a quivering tone to his voice as his own tears, to match the ones Hank had dripping from his own eyes in his corner, leaked down his cheeks.

“No, Pasha. I'm not going to punish you. You didn't get Hank in trouble. Besides, he's only getting a timeout. I'm not mad at him, just dissapointed, and he knows what he did was wrong. You are innocent in this situation. But, can you tell me why Hank kissed your mark? That might help me understand the situation better.”

Suddenly, overcome with emotion, from Hank's punishment and the bad night, Pavel burst into hot, loud sobs and buried his face into the bedsheets.

“I had Dom. He left me. The mark on night from when I 12. I not allowed have another Master. Only allowed have one.”

Pavel's deep sobs cut into Steve's heart like a knife. Just like Hank, he couldn't understand how a Dom could just up and leave their Sub hanging all alone. He could never, ever do that to his Sub!

“I'm so sorry, sweetie.”

Placing his hands under Pavel's arms, he lifted the tiny Sub into his lap and wrapped him in a tight embrace against his chest, lips pressed into his hair.

Pavel sniffled and nuzzled his wet face into Steve's chest, trying his best to calm down his sobs. This is what he needed: a Dom's comfort and affection. He'd missed this ever since his Dom had left him.

“Shh, sweetie. Calm down. It's okay,” Steve whispered into his ear, rubbing soothing circles into his back.

He took a second to look over his shoulder at Hank, who was sitting still in timeout, not squirming or kicking, like the good boy he was.

“Hank, come here. Your punishment is over. You're forgiven.”

As Pavel slowly calmed down his sobs into cries and clutched tightly to Steve's chest, Hank rose up from his chair and walked over to his Master, face streaked with tears.

“I'm sorry, Master. I won't do it again,” Hank vowed, leaning down to press a kiss to Steve's cheek.

Steve smiled and, still holding on tightly to the now-calm Pavel with one arm, reached up the other hand to pat Hank's cheek.

“I know you won't. My good boy. Now, come and sit next to me and we can figure out what do with Pavel.”

Pavel reached out to grab Hank's hand and stared up at Steve.

“I wish had Dom like you, Stevie. You really love Sasha, do you?”

Steve chuckled at Pavel's innocent yet heartfelt question and pressed a little kiss to his forehead.

“Of course I do, honey. He's my baby. I will always love him no matter what,” he replied, glancing over at Hank and winking at him, causing Hank to blush.

“Master”, Hank shot Steve a long side glance and took a deep breath before continuing, “I don't know if it's ever been done before, but do you think you could take Pasha in as your Sub along with me? I really love him, sir, and he does need a Dom.”

Steve thought for a minute.

“Only if Pasha wants me too. I could take in another Sub.”

Pavel's eyes instantly filled with tears. He could hardly believe his ears. Steve was offering him to take him in as his Sub?

“Honestly and truly, Stevie?”

Steve gently pushed up Pavel's quaking chin and smiled.

“Of course, little one. I love you, Hank loves you. And you need a Dom to protect you. I will happily be your Dom.”

Pavel squealed and threw his arms around Steve's neck, tears streaming down his cheeks.

“Thank you, sir!”

Steve cooed at him and drew both of his Subs close to his chest.

“We're a family now. All three of us. And I couldn't be more happier.”
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