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A poem of a dog and bath time
for the story "Soap In My Eyes"

Soap In My Eyes

I was going to give Iffy, my golden retriever, a bath.
The fight to get her there might make you laugh.
I picked her up, that alone was no easy feat.
She clawed at my skin with all four of her feet.

I got her just outside the bathroom door,
Her paws flew out grabbing the frame with all four.
All spread out and heavy as a hog,
there was my quite dirty, very frightened dog.

That was the moment all looked most grim.
She hung on the door frame like a surfer hanging ten.
I staggered under her trying to move her two feet.
To end this match of wills with no room for defeat.

Holding her "spread eagle" her tail too stiff to wag.
Nerves win over as she pees down my leg.
I know even if it takes more than an hour
She'll get her bath but, right after my shower!

In the shower, I hear a familiar noise.
It's Iffy playing with one of her toys.
Around the shower curtain, I peek
She lies on the floor next to the sink.

I turn off the shower dry and dress in the stall.
I'll trap her in the bathroom toy and all.
I eased out of the shower and closed her in.
I re-ran her bath water. And I said with a grin

Now, honey, it's time you get nice and clean.
If you want to lay on the couch, my little queen.
I threw her squeak toy into the tub.
She gladly jumped in and waited for a scrub.

I washed her apologizing for what I'd put her through
There is a secret to her bath time, who knew?
My husband came home. Overwhelmed I started to cry.
He asked, what's wrong? I said, Nothing just soap in my eyes.

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