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by Nini
Rated: E · Fiction · Inspirational · #2131010
A story about a young police officer, and how he managed to overcome his fears
Conflict story

By Nina

Everyday people interfere with different challenges; people meet different surprise, people will be facing all different obstacles that may cause more and more problems, more tension and more desire may cause people to go on the wrong track. But there was a police officer who want to change all of this. His name is Henry.
Henry graduated from the police training school in New York, his dream was to become a police officer and change the world into a better place, and to help the needed ones. There are cops who are injustice, they do things just for there own benefit, but Henry wishes to become the one who stop this. He stopped and admonished police who were doing the incorrect things.
One day, Henry was sent to solve a problem with another police officer named Jack. There is no need to say that Jack is handsome, but under the mask of handsome looking, Jack held an ugly heart. On that day Jack was really upset, because his father was sick and the doctor had no way of healing him. You could see his eye filled with chafe and indignation, his lips pursed together, and his wrinkled eyebrows
He humiliated the passing couple and punished them by a fabricated crime, he did all of this because he is angry at the doctor. Henry was confused and angry, he clenches up his fist, as if he is going to punch Jack into his face. But as he gets closer and closer to Jack, he releases his fist. His was defeated by his fear of losing his Job.
That night, Henry didn't sleep, he was confused. In his opinion, he believes that police officers were to help people. He is disappointed by his action in the day, but his biggest fear is to lose his job as a police. He has been through all of the painful training just so he could be a part, a member of the police officer. He wants to help the poor and needed ones, but the fear of losing his job is even stronger.
The next day, he and Jack were sent to help a nearby village that was under a murder case. Jack yelled at everyone he passed by, and didn't show any mercy to the poor ones, he just passed them, and walked away. Henry followed Jack, didn't say anything, but his expression betrayed him, he wants to help the poor people.
"what should I do? Should I leave the poor people and go? I'm I going to lose my job if I helped the poor ones, instead of doing what I am supposed to do?" Henry thought to himself as he followed Jack to the crime scene. You could see his face tightened, confused eyes, and struggle expression. He hurries to follow Jack, trying to make his decision, he watched as the detective start to clean and search the crime scene. He sees the poor ladies crying as they were told that their husbands are died, he records the desperate and sad faces of the humiliated couple. Without saying anything he walked back, leaving Jack alone at the back.
"Here," said Henry giving the poor with water and food, helping them as their look gets better. "Thank you, young man. Thank you for helping us," The poor people said, smiling earnestly, and hug Henry. Henry smiled, widened his eyes and opened his mouth with surprise.
Now he understands why did he choose to become a police officer, and what helped him thorough all of the tasks. It is not the idea of being a police officer, but the idea of helping others. This idea will never fade, no matter what job he is in.

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