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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2131053
Nathaniel and Darcy are the last survivors of a zombie apocalypse; will they survive? WIP
The Journal of Nathaniel; Entry One since we've been the only humans left!

Darcy and I are officially the last humans on earth.

A couple of days ago, I was with my friend, Clyde, when he became a zombie.

It was terrible to see him go, especially since he was such good friends with me and Darc.

I still can hear him yell, "Run Nathaniel! Run!" before becoming a zombie.

I am glad that I wasn't there to see him change.

When I told Darcy, she cried; she and Clyde knew each other ever since she was five.

Now she's sixteen, but still petite and can throw anything farther than any boy on a baseball team.

She was on a girl's baseball team before the apocalypse.

I would write more but Darcy's calling. Has something to show me.


Darcy Ann's Book of Writings and Journal; Entry One since… I don't wanna talk about it.

My dad and I are the last humans on earth.

Ever since… Clyde died, that is.

I can't get over it!

We've known each other ever I was four, five or six! I can't remember how old I was then.



Darcy looked up from her journal and noticed something shiny in the tall grass.

She closed her journal and crawled over to where it was; mainly because her father, Nathaniel, told her to keep a low profile and to not show herself to the zombies.

Like I could with my height. She thought to herself.

When Darcy reached the shiny object, she moved the grass.

She picked it up and wiped the dirt off.

It was a small cog.

It was golden colored, but not actual gold.

It was small enough that it almost filled up Darcy's hand. (She has small hands. In a normal sized hand, you could probably fit three or four in your entire hand.)

She wondered what it was made for.

"Dad! Come here, I wanna show you something!"

Her father put his journal down,—Must've been doing what I was doing, journaling. Darcy thought.—got up and plodded towards her.

"What now?" He asked in annoyance.

"Look what I found in the grass!" Darcy eagerly held out the cog.

Nathaniel took the cog and examined it.

"Huh, a golden-colored cog; why's it out here, I wonder?"

"I dunno. Hey, it'd be awesome if that could help your ol' clunker of a truck!" Darcy said with a smile, stretching from ear to ear.

"I've told you once and I'll tell you again. I'll get that truck working, and don't call it a clunker!" He yelled in her face.

It didn't faze Darcy, she was used to this.

Ever since her mom died, he's been emotionally broken and always angry.

When people asked what they could do to help, he turned them down.

She couldn't even remember the last time he smiled.

Her father handed Darcy back the cog and plodded back to his journal, which was lying near the back left tire of the truck, and turns out that they had a visitor.

"Watch out!" Darcy screamed.

Nathaniel saw the zombie just in time for him to jump out of the way, for the zombie had launched himself towards him.

The zombie fell on the ground, looked up and saw Darcy.

He started crawling towards her.

She started grabbing rocks and throwing them at the zombie, but they had no effect.

Finally her father ran up, yelling and whacked the zombie's head with his club.

The zombie stopped moving.

Darcy grabbed all the stones she could find and put them in her backpack.

She slapped her pockets to see if she had put the cog in her pants or jacket pockets, it wasn't there.

Darcy spun around and around, looking on the ground for the cog, then Nathaniel called out, "Looking for this?"

She looked in the direction of his voice and saw two or three Nathaniels, holding a cog out in the palm of their left hands.

She walked drunk-like towards Nathaniel, swiped for the cog three times, missing the first two swipes.

Darcy recovered from spinning and walked in a straight line this time, towards the truck.

She opened the driver's door, hopped in and shut the door.

Nathaniel ran up to the door and knocked on the window.

"Roll down the window!" His muffled voice commanded.

Darcy rolled it down, rested her elbow on the door and asked, "Yes? How may I help you, sir?" with a sly grin.

"Darcy. What are you doing?" Nathaniel asked with a furrowed brow.

"I'm checking to see if the cog will help the truck."

"Darcy, I've told you that I will get that truck working and those cogs won't work!" He yelled.

"How do you know they won't work? You haven't tried them out, have you?" Darcy asked with a face that said, "I have you beat, Dad."

Nathaniel groaned in disapproval, but moved away from the truck.

"I'll be writing in my journal." He said as he walked to the trunk of the truck.

He climbed in, grabbed his journal and pencil and started writing again.


The Journal of Nathaniel; Entry Two, same day.

Darcy called me over to show me a golden-colored cog that she had found.

She thinks she'll be able to help start the truck with these cogs.

She's pulling my leg.

How can you get a truck to start with cogs?

It's just a bunch of bull…


Before Nathaniel could finish his thought, Darcy yelled again.

Nathaniel groaned, slammed the book down, hopped out of the truck bed again, plodded towards the door and this time, pounded on the window with his fist.

Darcy repeated what she did the first time; she rolled the window down, rested her elbow on the door and replied with a "Yes?"

"Why did you call for me again?" I'm trying to write in my journal!" Nathaniel said, slamming his fist down on the truck door.

"We can use the cogs!" Darcy said, excitingly.

"How? They're nothing but cogs to a machine that doesn't exist anymore." Nathaniel snarled, then turned around and leaned against the truck door.

Darcy leaned over to his ear and whispered, "The machine that they were used for were trucks like ours."

Nathaniel turned around. "What did you say?"

"I know you heard me." Darcy said, propping her head in her hands.

"You mean those cogs were used for…"

"Trucks like ours." Darcy said with a grin.

Nathaniel looked at Darcy in astonishment.

"Move over. Let me in." Nathaniel ordered.

Darcy scooted over, so Nathaniel could hop in, and when he did, he saw that the cog actually fit in one of the places where wires were sticking out.

"Unbelievable." He said in awe. He had never thought that you could use cogs in trucks.

"So, what we need to do is keep an eye out for cogs like this one and maybe we can get this…" Nathaniel looked at Darcy with a face saying, "Don't you dare say it." "…beautiful truck of yours working." Nathaniel relaxed a little.

He hopped back out and shut the door.

"Now I'm going back to my journal and don't talk to me until I walk up to this window and say that you can, got it?" Darcy nodded her head vigorously.

Nathaniel sighed as he walked back towards the truck bed, but before he could hop back in, Darcy yelled, "Daddy?"

He ran back to Darcy and said in anger, "What?"

Darcy pointed to the right window, and Nathaniel looked.

There was a zombie standing ever so close to Darcy, and it was a big one too.

Nathaniel slowly opened the door and motioned for Darcy to come.

She crawled really fast towards him, Nathaniel held his hand out like he was saying stop.

He gestured for her to crawl slowly towards him and she complied.

She hopped out and ran over to where her journal was, but screamed.

Nathaniel looked and there was another zombie, right where Darcy's journal was.

The zombie examined the journal, but as soon as he saw Darcy, he started running as fast as a zombie can with a limp, towards Darcy.

Darcy ran towards her dad and hid behind him.

The zombie launched himself at Nathaniel, but was smacked in the head with Nathaniel's club.

Nathaniel ran to get rid of the other zombie, but he couldn't.

Soon a swarm of zombies started circling around them.

Nathaniel climbed up the truck and stood on top.

Darcy climbed up into the truck bed and tried to get on top, but since she was so short, she couldn't reach it.

Nathaniel reached down and yelled, "Grab my hand!"

Darcy reached and had to hold on with both hands as Nathaniel pulled her up.

"My backpack! It's in the truck!" Darcy shrieked.

The zombies were getting closer to the doors, so Darcy had to work fast.

The window to the door was still rolled down, so she climbed over the edge of the truck, hung there for a few seconds and flung herself in.

She grabbed her backpack and climbed back out, but as she did, a zombie grabbed her leg, which was quite surprising, considering the fact that she's so short and has almost stubs for legs.

"Ow!" She howled, Nathaniel saw what had happened and knocked the arm off of the zombie, and the arm released its grip.

Now one of the zombies had one arm.

"You got your backpack?" Nathaniel asked. Darcy nodded.

Darcy reached in her bag and pulled out a rock.

"Let's see if we can distract these zombies." She said, tossing the rock in the air a couple of times.

She made the stance like she was about to throw the rock.

"Hey zombies! Fetch!" She then threw the rock and all the zombies ran towards it.

"C'mon, Dad!" Darcy said, sliding down the truck's front.

"What about the truck?" Nathaniel grunted as he got down.

"Do you really think a zombie can drive a truck that doesn't work? Come on." Darcy said, grabbing her journal and placing it in her backpack.

Nathaniel did the same and grabbed his backpack, which was hidden behind one of the seats.

He threw it over his shoulder and looked at Darcy.

"Ready?" He asked. Darcy nodded and soon the twosome were jogging away from the crowd of zombies.


Darcy Ann's Book of Writings and Journal; Entry Four.

We've been away from my dad's truck for three whole days.

We slept on the ground until I suggested sleeping in trees so we could get some good rest.

The only problem is Dad keeps almost falling out of the tree, so he's decided to sleep on the ground.

When his snoring wakes me up, I keep watch, but when I get sleepy, I climb down the tree, shake him, then climb back up again and get some rest.

That's what happened last night.

The sun's getting real low, so I'll have to write some more tomorrow.


Darcy wrote her last few words and then got up.

She decided to do one of the things the two have been doing for the past three days: looking for cogs, writing in their journals and watching out for zombies.

She decided to look for cogs, besides it was their only ticket out of this zombie-ridden town.

So far the only cogs they've collected were two, the cog they found before they left and another one they found lying around.

After an hour of searching, she gave up and went back to writing.

She looked around for Nathaniel; not a sign of her father.

Must be out looking for food or cogs or firewood again. Darcy thought to herself and she sat down.

She picked up her journal to write, but no words came to mind.

She tried and tried, but she couldn't find any words to write down, so she put her book down and looked at the sky.

Since their watches broke and they couldn't get anymore anywhere else, the twosome had to look at the sky to find out the time.

Nathaniel always knew the exact time, but Darcy was still learning.

All she knew was that if the sun was in the middle of the sky, it was noon.

Okay, it's about two something. Or is it three? I don't know. Darcy shifted her position against the tree. Dad would know. He always knew. Oh how I wish he was here, or could tell me that he found enough cogs to fix the truck. I just want to get out of this zombie town.

Darcy sighed.

A song came to mind, a song that her mom used to sing to her when she was little.

She doesn't remember much about her mom, except that she would sing her to sleep every night and she had one of the most angelic voices you have ever heard.

You'd swear that she was an angel on earth.

She tried to remember the words, but there was a verse that stuck in her head.

"When you were bare, I was there. When you first crawled, I nearly bawled. And if you and I were ever separated, I would have waited. I would've waited for you to find me."

Darcy looked up at the sky, then tears started to form in her eyes.

She started crying, she cried about where she was living; she cried about how everyday they
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