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My new job in the college with Special Need Students.
"Going Back to School to folder unfinished stories.

It was the day of the interviews, and I convinced myself that I wasn't going to get the job. I was called first and I was up against many young and talented carers who were in the job previous. I was a voluntary person in the establishment Stone House, a disability day centre. The job was to support Special need students at the local college in my home town and to work as a care assistant in the day centre one day a week and during the holiday periods when the college was closed.

I entered the room and the two mangers were present along with two other teachers from the college,
' Hello Molly, ' said a tall lady with glasses and wore a tweed suit I'm Kay and this is Ann. She had a broad Scottish accent and I relaxed. Kay asked me a lot of questions concerning my experience of caring for special need students and I answered
' I have none but I have Red Cross training,' and immediately took the certificates to look them over.
During this Ann decided to come into the conversation with a few more questions and soon the interview was over.
I went back to work and I decided that no matter what the outcome, I was going back to work. A few hours passed and the interviews were over. When one of the candidates were called back into the office I thought that she had been given the job. I was called in next.
'Molly you have a job if you would like to accept and shook my hand, Welcome to our Special Needs Program.'.

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