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Another day, another dollar.
Daily Fiction Challenge entry 15/08/17. Words 262

Keep on Rollin'

With the truck finally loaded, the stage hand secured the rear door and gave it slap as Matt climbed wearily into the cab and opened the sleeping compartment. He couldn't face setting off at this hour, "I'll wait ‘til morning and slip down the highway before the rush hour," he decided. It hadn't been the best of nights.

Glaring sunlight and the sound of heavy traffic broke through into the cabin. "Not again" he groaned, as he realised he'd slept later than intended. He gunned the engine, deciding to freshen up at the next service station, figuring he could make it on time if he kept his foot to the floor and avoided the odd patrol tucked out of site on the route, he knew their favourite spots.

"Any sign of him?" demanded the owner of the Crazee Cabin, "I gotta room full out there gettin' impatient," shouted Bob to his back-stage manager above the chant of the crowd and the sound of the odd beer bottle exploding as it was thrown against the stage.

A rumble of a truck made its presence felt as it swung into the back yard and stopped abruptly. "Sorry I'm late, Bob, hold up on route '67, had to take the back roads." Matt apologised as he jump from the cab.

The lights on the stage came up and restless crowd quieted down. "This song's a new one for ya'll," “wrote it on the road this week after losing my heart to the prettiest gal this side of Texas. It’s called, "It's around here someplace."
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