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Proverb play

The rock and the hard place and the spot in between,
look on as the bridges burn.
The counted chicks and the bridges pre-crossed
see the early bird catching the worm.

The birds in the bush and the one in the hand,
were missed by the shot in the dark.
But slow and steady won the race
and went for a walk in the park.

The none so blind who would not see
how sweet revenge doth feel,
heard the piper who was never paid
call out “time wounds all heels.”

The wood lay untouched as the fat lady sang
for the beggars who chose the next tune
While the picture blabbed a thousand words
of good things ending soon

Then pride tripped over the basket of eggs
he took a most terrible fall
As the fool rushed in with a mossy stone
so the cooks could scramble them all

So, remember............
You can drive a horse to water but a pencil must be lead
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