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The Red Star Federation Military Training against Demo Orange Star Militia Robot.
In 2005 Red Star Military forces training and combat against the enemy forces called Orange star militia. A Young 24 years old Red Cobra character is a soldier who is fight in the training.

instead of the gun bullet we use the Mind Control weapon of battery. "All right lets to do training mission today. Our Objective is to eliminate the enemy militia in the Hill Sigma 223."

"Get ready to do mission and 3..2..1" (Speaking Russian) "go!!!"

The Red Star Federation Soldiers were moving and rush against Orange star Militia forces. The Red Cobra was fire mind control toward Orange Star Rebel Soldiers. Three Orange Rebel were perished by mind control. There are twenty of Orange star Militia at the Sigma 223.

(Translator) "Keep moving forward and reach the objective at the smoke".

"Finnish all the rebel forces" Red Cobra said six rebel forces were perished by mind control.
There is more Militia robot at the final objective! "Let's finish him" Red Cobra fight and secure the Hill Sigma 223. All five Militia robot were dead and Red Star Federation is totally victory for training.
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