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Cowboy poetry/lyric.
Upstate New York.

Her sister called from Manhattan, she'd be there to meet the plane.
Don't worry bout that Cowboy, she hear Cowboys feel no pain.
Looking down at the ticket, hung up the phone and checked the time.
Whispered something he might say like, “That's the way the river winds”

This Morning she was down in Montana.
Tonight she's somewhere over Upstate New York.

Big old seven forty-seven lifted off in the misty rain.
Looking out the window, she thought aloud, “Oh what a crying shame”.
He didn't even make it home to ask her not to go.
If he'd only loved her half as much as that danged old Rodeo.
Tonight she would be still in Montana.
Tonight she's somewhere over Upstate New York.

He stepped down from the pickup, mighty sore but glad to be home.
Pocket full of winnings and a busted collar bone.
Had that run-in with a Bull or he'd been home a week ago.
Read her note and cussed “I guess she wouldn't have cared even if she'd known”

So tonight the Cowboys down in Montana.
While she's somewhere over Upstate New York.

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