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Country style poem/lyric.
Just hanging around.

Just two kids sitting on a log,
playing house with an olé sheep dog.
You slipped down an' skinned your knee,
still, remember how you held onto me.
You didn't mind me there just hanging around.

Sitting on a creek bank, arm around you baby,
I really love you and I don't mean maybe.
I'll work all night till the break of day.
Run straight home to bring you all of my pay,
if you don't mind me there a just hanging around.

I see a wedding, church bells are ringing.
Showing all the kin folk your diamond ring 'n'
you and me Dancing the night away.
Preacher there just hear you say,
that you don't mind me there a just hanging around.

But if you don't want me hanging around,
I'll always be your friend, I'll never let you down.
If you don't want me there a just hanging around.

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