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Country song/lyric

New Years Eve Maggie's truck stop, Neon's flashing coffees hot.
Been snowing like the devil and it's thirty below.
Be a fool to be out on the highway when it's this damned cold.

Phone rings and it's Billy boy
says the highways closed and he's stuck somewhere down in Illinois.
Before he hangs up he says,
Maggie, you're looking like a cowboys dream, all these years and I'd swear you’re
still seventeen.

Maggie daydreams back through the years built this place with blood sweat 'n' tears.
This old truck stop seems like a home from home
but what a hell of a night to stuck in this place all alone.

A voice on the all night radio says, time for one more request this year
there's only minutes to go.
Before he hangs up he says …. Happy New Year Maggie,
And Maggie your looking like a cowboys dream all these years and we'd swear you're
still seventeen.

Maggie's truck stop it's almost Mid Night, guess she'll shut her down and turn out the light.
Still snowing like the devil and it's thirty below.
Then outside she hears a Peter Built growl and a big old air horn blow.

Door flies open it's Billy an the crew, giggling an laughing as they all shuffle on through.
Billy laughs as they all shout, Happy New Year Maggie.
We' ll take a cup of kindness Maggie.....for the sake of Auld-Lang-Syne.

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