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IRS Agent Monitoring Sermons in Church
Infernal Revenuers

"You want me to attend Evangelical Church Services, to monitor sermons?” He asked, “Isn’t that an unconstitutional violation of the Separation of Church and State?”

“Not if they’re preaching hate!”

“Now I know for a fact, that if that’s why you want me monitoring them, it’ll be a definitely unconstitutional violation of freedom of speech.”

“It’s not my order. It comes straight from the top.”

“Is that the ‘top’ of the Agency, or even higher up?”

“It’s better if you don’t know.”


The Pastor stood at the pulpit and spoke.

“We’ve all heard the troubling news reports, that I.R.S. Agents are now monitoring sermons, listening for anything they interpret as ‘Preaching hate’. I don’t know for sure, but it’s possible that there might be one of them sitting here among us members of this Congregation, in the pews of this Church.

“If there is, then I should inform him, along with all of you, that Jesus did say that the tax collectors and harlots would be among the first to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, because they were among the first to repent at hearing His teachings.

“One of those repentant tax collectors he spoke about, became the Apostle Matthew, who later went on the write the Gospel which bears his name, and after 2,000 years is still being read by those seeking guidance from the Lord.

“So all I can say about that is, ‘Welcome you Tax Collectors! Bring your harlots with you!’”
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