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by Loomin
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Just a little draft :)
The Origin
Legend has it that in the Battle of creation that the dragons fought beside the gods following the age of creation (AOC), securing victory. This part of history is maybe the most familiar in the age of spawning, and the foundation of many religions such as The will of dragons and The Messiahs. However, few know of the genesis I am about to tell you. Only the ancient elves followed by the Dwarven seven followed this genesis, which also resulted to the founding of the 70 legions of Latheen. Whichever part of story you choose to believe is lonely up to you.
Following the Scrolls of Time, it is written, that no more than a flake of land was left after the war. The three gods; Creation, Life and Time were the only remaining. Why they fought, who they fought or for how long they fought was unknown to them. Had it been thus long that they had lost all memory. Memory of their families, friends and land. Everything they knew was fighting, all they remembered was death. So it came to be that all they desired was to fade as the rest had done, die. However how can one die without death? Shrouded in darkness they waited, waited for their demise, but it never came.
The age of darkness; when the Gods waited, in loneliness and discomfort. The age when all hope was lost, and no will to survive was blooming. Thus the dawn came, and a light emerged from nothingness, bringing yet again the will to live. Now they were four. The gods had had far too long to think, and it was now time to take action. Bound by will and hope the created a seed. This seed was to be known as the seed of creation or simpler terms Mother.
Waiting patiently, they did, as their product grew, and slowly it evolved into a small flower. This was the second stage of evolution also called The beginning. At this point the flowers bloomed with life. It grew taller for each second, and the branches grew wider; and even wider. Until a point of which the surface was large enough for the gods to stand; even live and adventure in.

I- The Spawning
Where was I? My body didn’t respond. Was I standing? No, I could feel the ground flattening my front. I tried to open my eyes, but with no luck. My nerves were completely disabled. Probably just a dream, as always. I thought; unconvinced. My head was following the beating of my heart, aching continuously. Pain all over, pain was the only thing I was aware of. There was no sound, no scent, and certainly no life. It felt as if time itself had stopped, and for all I knew it probably had.
Then there was a sudden eruption of senses, I felt like a new-born baby, finally feeling something. The air was clean, cleaner than I could remember, but what did I remember? My mind was blank. The wind blew stronger; I could feel it souring through my entire body. My hair softly vibrating to the tune of the breeze. It was long, longer than it had been, but how had it been? Again, I couldn’t remember. My senses had come back though, I could feel grass on my face and the warm sun resting on my skin. I could hear the breeze ooze through the grass, smell the ground and frisk air; and even taste the atmosphere of the place, which to be honest didn’t taste bad. My body was still in paralysis though, and my eyes remained shut.
I lay there enjoying the soft breeze and warm sun for quite a while. I tried several times to open my eyes but with no luck. And frankly I was too tired to try hard enough. Slowly I regained my strength and I gently opened my eyes and sluggishly stood up. The pain I had experienced earlier was now completely gone and as my eyes gradually got used to the light, I could fully grasp the beauty of my surrounding. I couldn’t remember what surrounding I was used to or that I knew of, but the sight before me was stunningly gorgeous. The sky, ocean-blue and clearer than ever before, in fact so clear, if looked at carefully, one could see a glimpse of space. The sun which bathed smoothly between the milky clouds, shone its golden aura of life. But the ground outdid the sky, as the purest grassland reached for the horizons, vibrantly swimming with the breeze. It was a sight I would never forget. I was truly dead, I thought.
I tried to remember what had happened and how I had come here. However, no memory came to me. Enlightenment was not meant for me. Instead;
“Finally awake huh?” said a young male voice, it was soft and gentle as if the person had no worries in the world. The voice seemed to come from everywhere. I turned around looking for the owner but saw nothing. Was it just in my head?
“I have high expectations of you,” The voice continued. Again coming from every direction, and still no one to claim it. “That body of yours is quite the Compatible” This time his voice hissed like a snake. This person was not a friend. My body? I thought. Looking down at myself. There was nothing there. I was invisible. Now I was sure this was a dream.
“Don’t be scared, I mean you no harm” This time the voice came the ground. A the grass around me grew dark, as if there was a giant monument behind me that shadowed over it.
Dear Fellow Person
I personally want to congratulate you for your achievement. For you have survived the procedure. Also wish I to welcome you to your new home. This is not a dream; you are now in a new world, a new life, a new beginning.
As soon as I was done reading, the notice changed. Now there was an option stating; Select preferred Starting stage of development. The options were rather straight forward. However, I hesitated to choose between them. The question was quaint, what was I supposed to do? Choose my age? This would have been much easier had I had my memories. I was to choose from Teen, senior, elder, between elder and younger elder. Another option was Child, juvenile, young adult and several others, at least a dozen that I didn’t know of. I was afraid it was some sort of a trick question. By far the strangest feeling I have ever had. Although I could not remember who I was or what I looked like, one thing was bleeding obvious to me. Blurry as it was, the body I was in was not mine. On the other hand, in a way it reminded me of myself, the height seemed accurate to what may have been me, and my body was in familiar shape, muscles and features all looked familiar, yet in a way completely different. I was sure though, that I was teen, no doubt about it.
Was I supposed to press it? Yes, most likely. I was certain of my choice, and was about to blemish it. As I took my first steps towards the transparent notice, time seemed to slow a bit down. At first I assumed it was simply an odd feeling, which seemed to be common in this place, but as I drew closer and my finger almost reached the option “teen”, time definitely had slowed down. The closer I got the slower time sped. The tip of my finger was but a tiny inch away from the option, when time completely stopped. I then realised that not time had slowed, but me. The breeze was still actively juggling through the landscape and my eyes were free to move around, however, my body was paralysed. Fear rushed into me. I was shivering and sweat dripped from my face, still my body wouldn’t move. My heartbeat rapidly accelerating, adrenaline rushing through me, and still no sign of response. Dammit! Why couldn’t I move? My spine shivered, something was not right. Then out of nowhere a shadow loomed over me, it took but a second before it vanished, yet the partial second was enough for me to see a shading of a face. A face I did not recognise, but that was somewhere in my memory. Following, the notice board went viral selecting all kinds of option, the pace of it was far too fast for me to comprehend. I watched as supposedly my decisions were made, by someone else. As if I wasn’t in enough trouble, the final confirmation button was pressed and the voice in my head whispered.
“Spawning Commencing.” More fear was driven into my heart, the shivering worsened. I desperately tried to move, or shout, but the options were taken from me. Tears dripped from my eyes as I thought of the horrible outcomes that may result. Then as fast as lightning all darkened.
This time I wasn’t flat on a floor, instead I was sitting on a very odd chair. I was still blinded by darkness and in fear of the future. What would I become? How would I spawn? My faith was unknown to me, as it should be, however not as it should. I Would probably wake up, just another nightmare, I hoped. Desperate.
The darkness was mysteriously dark, far too dark. Subnormal. The air was light, and I could feel the immense enormity of the place. It reeked of savagery and pain, horror beyond imaginable. Oddly I felt at home, at peace. I sat there silently and listened to the whispering of the trees. Every sound echoed. The smell was of leaves and old tree bark, blended with muzzy rocks.
Then as the sound of lightning clashing with the ground, came a roar. A roar mighty enough to break any man’s courage. The object that I was supposedly sitting on, quaked and crumbled under me. In absolute darkness I stood up. Ready to face whatever that was to come my way. When had I become so brave? This was not like me; I would be engulfed in fear by now. And darkness was not something that gave me courage. Yet here I stood tall and proud, ready to engage in battle. Again came another roar, mightier than the first, shaking the entire building. I could hear objects fall from above. Still I stood unshaken.
Flames emerged from the wall. The room turned blue decorated in elegant blue flames. Giving a blue aura of warmth. I looked around. The room was large. The walls heavily decorated in statues of warriors of every class, each individual bearing their unique banner, proud in their golden armours. The room resembled a castle main hall. Behind me was a monumental throne, decorated with silver writings that were unfamiliar to me. Behind it was a massive glowing great sword. On it were markings of yet another form of unknown language. The sealing was covered in painting of history, ages of change and war. In the centre was more scripts of unknown language and from it dangled a spectacular maze of glowing crystals, harmonically hanging to each other. The floor was of dark wood, polished so it shone. The thinking that had crumbled beneath me turned out to be an antique vase. Oddly place in the center of the room, definitely out of place, much like myself, I thought to myself. It seemed boring and out of place at first glance but looked at closely, one could see it was drowning in magic.
The beauty of the place captured me, and I was foolish to forget about the potential danger I was in, For I had totally ignored the beast. I would have been beheaded hadn’t it been for my ultra-fast reflexes, as I barely dodged the decapitating swing from the giant sword that was headed my way. I quickly regained balance, feeling not quite as confident as I was earlier. Before me was a creature that resemble a man in a prospect. However not at all like one. It had all the requirements and features of a man. It wore an armour, massive and beneath it was a skin of shadowy-blue, and hinted of supernatural presence. Its face like a mutation of man and demon, and on each corner of its forehead grew large horns of pitch black colour. Its figure was muscular and could breach any barrier. Its hands just as muscular and highlighted with lizard skin. On each hand it held a massive sword. Something that would have been a dagger for him. The beast was at least trice my height and trice my weight. I knew I did not stand a chance against it. A swing from the sword and I would be sliced half.
But the sensation of danger activated my hidden desire to kill. A feeling I did not recognise. Each step the monster took shook the ground. Its Cold red eyes burned through my skin, and shivered my blood. Each breathe it took stopped time, and my heart pounded trying to escape my body. I no longer knew what I felt. Part of me was exited and welcomed the beast as a worthy opponent. Another part of me; the reasonable part. Commanded me to flee like the coward I was. I couldn’t decide, my mind wouldn’t agree with itself. I stood there unable to move the monster charged towards me. It readied its sword, pulling it backwards ready to swing. Still I couldn’t move. My heart sank, why couldn’t I move? I got frustrated, I couldn’t even control my own mind. It took another step closer starting to run, again my mind was on lockdown. Well this is it; I thought as I readied myself for the decapitation. But then, as I calmed down my mind reactivated and I was in control again.
My senses sharpened, adrenalin raced through my vain. I could see where the sword would hit and estimate the damage of the impact. There was no way to dodge the attack as the sword was already on its way. The only option was to block the attack and evade death, however, the fatality would be great. I didn’t have time to think it through and my hand moved by itself desperately trying to stop the blade. What I fool I was. I did not take to measures the sharpness of the blade, for it cut right through my arm, sending me flying, my back slammed on the floor. My heartbeat being the only thing I could hear. At first I didn’t realise how bad it was, as the pain was not great. So, I reluctantly looked upon my wound. Finding that I had no arm. My entire hand was gone and blood spilled everywhere. Rapidly the pain grew and I screamed. I had no arm, my arm was gone. Then the pain stopped. I closed my eyes and let a tear out. Then I realised, it was just a dream. I smiled and waited to wake up.
I had only passed out for a few seconds, and I was painfully aware of my situation, it was definitely not a dream. It was harsh reality. The monster took another step, vibrating the entire room. I looked upon it, and I saw a faints smile on its face, he was smirking at me. Looking down on me, as the pathetic kid I was. It bent down and picked up something. I couldn’t see as I still lay on the floor bleeding out. I stood up holding something in his arm. He looked at me straight in the eye. And threw it at my face. I, far too weak to protect myself let myself be bullied, as my arm hit my tired face. Blood slowly evacuated my amputated arm, pouring down my face.
“Yes, die…” I hissing voice whispered in my ear. “Give in to fear, give in to pain and give in to death”, every time the voice spoke I grew weaker, less conscious.
“Just give in”, the voice grew harsher and less patient. “Let the pain consume you!” Each time he spoke a portion of my strength faded away. I started losing consciousness, my sight became blurry.
“Who are you?” I thought to myself. “Oh me?” It whispered as if reading my thoughts. “I am what you want to be, I am you… I am your entity, your soul, your being! I am what shall become you, what may become you, and what will become you! I am your failure and your success. I am everything that you are, may and will become.” He paused. “Everything that you are, I will become. For I am everywhere and anywhere, fear me as you fear death, for now your life is mine…”
It was not given the benevolence to finish his sentence. The mighty roar that emerged from the beast drove its presence away. What was it? was it my imagination? Now that it no longer was in my head, I felt extremely free, the weight of the person was enormous.
My relief did not last long, my life force was drained and the beast wouldn’t let me go out peacefully. It took several steps towards me, until I was directly below him. Looking directly in its eyes I could see wrath beyond measures. Yet again I had a feeling he looked directly into my soul.
I was definitely going to die; no doubt was in my mind. I did not know what was happening, at this point is was just tired, tired of everything. I was mentally excursed. How did I end up here, if this was a dream, I wanted it over with. I just wanted to sleep. Was that too much to ask? Dream or not I didn’t want to die, the thought of it petrified me.
“Please.” I pleaded, tears dropping out of my eyes. “Please, forgive me, have mercy!” The beast showed no remorse, as it steadily raised its sword, still looking me directly into the eyes.

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