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Inside an Introvert's mind when in love
I cannot believe it. Am I really doing it? What am I going to say to her? What if she doesn’t like me? What if I upset her? Oh God! Why is it so hard? We’ve known each other for years. What’s wrong in finally meeting her? Nothing, right? But then why’s my heart beating so loud? Why couldn’t I just stay at home, be alone and enjoy my vacations.

I should go back. This was a bad idea. Shouldn’t have come here at all. But what will she think if I don’t show up. I’d just say I had some urgent work. Yeah that’d be right. But would it be? She does know my college is off. Oh God! Help me.

Doesn’t makes much sense, does it. I know. These were the thoughts I had when I was going to meet her for the very first time. We were friends for over three years, but never once in those three years did we ever met, not even once. We only recognised each other through our WhatsApp Dp’s only. Crazy! Right.

She knew all about me that was there to know. My good, my bad, even my worst. Every single thing about me, she knew about it.
You see, I don’t really trust people easily but she, I considered her to be one of the most important persons of my life. Not a single day went by when we didn’t talk and yet we never even met once.

“I’m one station away” I texted her. I was anxious, I wanted to turn back and go away. I was scared of the things that were completely imaginary and were far away from reality. In short the introvert part of me was taking over. Had it been anyone else but her, I’d probably had made an excuse just to avoid meeting them. But not this time. I had decided not to let my introvertism get the best of me, after all it was her and I’ve never been able to say no to her. Not once.
“This is Vaishali Metro Station.” The announcement reminded me that I’ve reached my destination. Finally, I’m going to meet her. Ain’t no turning back now.

After waiting a couple of minutes I saw her. As she walked towards me her long hairs swayed perfectly from side to side, there was a hint of recognition and amusement in her eyes, her face seemed so angelic despite the mischievous grin she had on her lips. While everyone usually dresses up on their first meeting to impress each other she was there looking as simple as she could despite the beauty she was. I swear, all the romantic poems I’d ever read came to life in that very moment. She was a poem that even words would fail to express. Even time seemed to have slowed down to gaze on her. I used to read a lot of poetry and in that very moment as I looked at her, awe-stricken, I relived the vision that Wordsworth, Keats or Byron would have had when they wrote about their lovers. You see, I’m fluent in three languages, each of them with their own vast vocabulary and yet I failed to come up with a single reply to anything she asked. All I could do was to nod and try my best not to get lost in her black eyes.

Is this real? It couldn’t be. Do God even make such perfect people anymore?

“Hey, you alright? You seem a little lost.” Her words brought me back to life abruptly. Only this time reality was better than the dream.
We spent couple of hours talking. Well, to be fair she was the one talking and I was mere listening, letting her voice fill up the void in me. We talked about everything, about her, about me, ‘bout how she thought I wouldn’t turn up, we talked our hearts out. It was the first time that I was having a conversation with someone without planning my escape or trying to rip my eyes out, just kidding. But it was in fact the first time that I enjoyed company of a person more than I enjoy solitude. All the time that she was talking I was listening to her ever so intently like my life depended on it. There was a happiness in me that I’d never felt before and I knew she was the mere reason of it.

That’s the story how three years, thousand phone calls and million messages later an introvert fell head over heels in love with an extrovert.

To be continued...
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