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Rated: E · Poetry · Death · #2132173
The reality of high power and leadership.
Bodies buried in the masses
Morals flagged but your mind it passes
Dictators evil yours surpasses
No discrimination both men and lasses
Picking on those wearing glasses
Killing thousands with evil gases.

Still, you smile free from this burden
Heavy it lays on those you've murdered
The creep who leads around corners lurkin'
He calls it smilin', I'll call it smirkin'
As hard to swallow as a pickled gherkin
We should hang you now just for talkin'.

But, we'll let the universe use it's Karma,
When you die there'll be no drama,
You say, 'Michelle!', we'll shout 'OBAMA!',

Celebrations in the street
Cages open freedom released
Wars of the world all but ceased
Free from all these arrogant beasts
Stomachs full from modest feasts
Souls will smile from West to East.

Shackles removed, peeled back from the skin,
Smiles will beam from deep within,
Almighty sighs free from sin.
Peace and humanity reign again.
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