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What is said and done remains as two completely different actions.
Masked men are standing in suits; leaders
Who should be guiding us forward?
Forward, to the world we rightly deserve, or
So they claim — without a single ounce of shame.

Pitching a plan to us via media streams, who
Will the people choose to be their face? Who
Will I choose to represent my world? Which
Empty shell will you vote for in the absence

Of a convincing human being?
Hypocrites are advising us; liars
That constantly talk at us; 'us' the sheep
Who are forever following the corrupt leaders.

Our soldiers are standing there — fighting
And to add further to the point — dying.
Down dead ends, they point for us to walk,
Like an innocent man walking the plank.

Expensive suits mocking; claiming expenses,
Rubbing their positions in our faces.
Cowards pointing fingers at each other,
No person in sight standing up for decency

And honor. How can we let these high nosed
Egos lead us when their whole agenda
Is built on power and greed. The rich getting
Richer, the poor getting poorer. Where is

Robin Hood, to save our sons and daughters?
Make the right choice for us — your people.
Take instead from those who need a hard lesson.
I wish it was as simple — as making life equal.
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