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Tribute to Bob Dylan's Nobel recognition. I'd imagine one of many that have been written.
My mind took a walk one night

whilst I listened to your words. No

longer satisfied with common

existence. Ideas unlocked after you

had freed the shackles screwed

directly into spherical bones. Numb,

self-imprisoned on the inside of

four walls and a low ceiling, listening

intently to one record played to

the masses via life or death mobile

devices. But, your message penned

true, like I had been Tangled up

in blue for One too many mornings.

An obsession had begun, re-born

into a Magpie; collecting each shiny

valuable message that you dedicated

your life to interpreting. You stood

tall at the forefront before my time,

now I am one of the lucky ones sat

in your company in these later years.

They don’t appreciate the order you

now play but, I understand your art.

Humbled, inspired, long-lost, long-

found. Your energy I lap up like a

thirsty canine being indirectly taught

by its owner. I stumbled down Highway

61 with the ghost of your past, using

your words as my map. Vast amounts

to annotate and try to understand — Nobel

recognition for an iconic literary mind.
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