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A ghazal for Game of Thrones's Red Wedding- WC 135. 10 lines
The way my coach yells, practice will be one heck of a ride.
Swish swish, goes the net, as the ball bounces to the other side.

Pink Ferragamo sliders on deck, I have to focus.
They don't know what is what, so luck is on my side.

"TAKE IT TO WIMBLEDON!" is the advice everyone loves to give.
Teamwork makes the dream work, and so I cover my side.

My life is a movie, I'm never off set- all I do is step it front and step it back.
I look up in the sky, and the sun is setting on my west side.

I think I'll need a nice long drink when I'm done with this stiff competition.
Game of Thrones is tiring, and so I lie in bed on my side.

Form: Ghazal  
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