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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Romance/Love · #2132277
Rowena's father arranges a date for her and Prince Franklin- WC 952
"You should be excited!" Cadence bounced, "your first date."

"With Prince Franklin," Rowena grimaced. "Why couldn't Father pair me with Arlo?"

"Be glad you actually know who he is! Father wants me to marry, blind."

Rowena gasped, "Whom to?!"

"Father wouldn't say."

Rowena shook her head. "I suppose I should be thankful, then, even if Prince Franklin does not seem to respect me."


"Hello, Rowena," Prince Franklin leaned against the stable door, his arms crossed, waiting for the girl.

"Hello, Prince Franklin," Rowena dropped a curtsy. "How are you today?" I need to at least make the effort, she thought, cringing internally.

"I am well," Franklin coughed into his hand, then took Rowena's arm. "Here, let me lead you to your horse. I presume a lass like you has not ridden before?"

Rowena frowned. Lass? That's not one you usually hear, she thought. "Actually, I have," she bowed her head towards the prince. "With Lady Cadence, during our supervised outdoor activity sessions."

"I see," the prince raised an eyebrow, as though he distrusted her. "Well, let me help you up anyway," he smirked.

"I do not need assistance, but thank you kindly." Rowena faked a smile.

"No, no, I insist." He crouched down and clasped his hands into a step for Rowena, who ignored it, and began pulling herself up with the equipment.
"Well, that was mighty rude of you!" He exclaimed, pulling her down and catching her front before pushing her up from behind.

"Prince Franklin! That was very unprincely and naughty of you," Rowena exclaimed, "a lady should not be touched like that!"

"Prove that I did it," Franklin leered. "You should have taken my help when I offered it."

Rowena sighed. Just wait until I tell Mother and Father. It's as if he's an alien species of princes!

"Oh I wouldn't tell your dear Mother and Father if I were you. I am the Prince of Martell, after all, and what I want, I get," Franklin jeered, "and no, I am not an 'alien species of prince'" he rolled his eyes. "I haven't got tentacles nor weird, buggy eyes, have I?"

But... those were my thoughts! How could he know? Rowena nearly gasped. "Prince Franklin, you must be mistaken. I never believed you were an alien species of prince, although with your continual behavior, I believe I shall tell Mother and Father. Besides, were we not to ride this afternoon?" She nodded, attempting to change the topic. "I do ride much better than you may believe."

"Such arrogance, and coming from a lady, indeed!" Franklin chided. "Were this not an arranged date, I would end it immediately for your impudence!"

"Alas, you must stay with me for the next few hours, is that so, Prince Franklin?" Rowena rolled her eyes.

"Indeed, I must. Never mind that, though. Let us ride. I would like to see your skill. Turn around. I must change into breeches for riding."

Like I would want to watch you change Rowena rolled her eyes. You aren't even that handsome to begin with!

"Do I not look simply dashing?" Prince Franklin lauded himself, turning around for Rowena's admiration.

Stuck-up pig! "Y-yes, handsome indeed," she stammered.

Franklin leaped upon his horse and kicked it into action.

The horse jolted and took off at a sprint, with Franklin holding on only to the mane.

Rowena stirred her horse into a trot before easing him into a gallop, using the reins to steer towards Franklin.

"You know, ladies ought not to gallop in such an unsightly manner," Franklin called out, criticizing Rowena as she flew past. "It is nearly as if you were raised by the White Walkers next to that Arlo boy you seem so infatuated by; you both are wild and unruly!"

Rowena turned around, facing Franklin. "Have you ever got anything nice to say?"

"What do you mean? I'm very nice. All I say is for others' benefit."

Rowena rolled her eyes, self-absorbed prince!

"I see, you think I'm a pig and a self-absorbed prince," Franklin stated.

He's reading my thoughts again! Rowena's eyes widened as she looked for an escape, only to meet Franklin's eyes.

Yes, I am. Franklin gazed into Rowena's stunned eyes.


Rowena approached her parents later that night and bobbed a curtsy to them. "Father, Mother, I have something to discuss with you."

"Can it wait, dear? I am embroidering this headpiece and in the middle of a very difficult pattern." Lady Catherine frowned at her stitches.

"It's important!" Rowena exclaimed, attempting to catch her parents' attention.

"Rowena, whatever it is, surely can wait until after supper," her father shook his head, annoyed.

The words tumbled out. "I believe Prince Franklin is an alien! He touched me where only my husband should, when we were riding, and then as I was thinking some thoughts about him, he was replying me verbally! And then he started talking to me in my head," Rowena gasped.

"Rowena, you are thirteen now! You know better than to make up lies! And about the Martell prince! Shame!" Her father shook his head. "You need to grow up," he proclaimed. "Leave!"

"But, Father!"

"We shall decide what to do with you, accordingly." He pointed at the door. "Until then, stay in your room until supper!"

Rowena's mother shook her head. "I believe Rowena," she whispered, "it all seems too absurd to be made up."

"But did you not see her at the ball? She kissed that delinquent boy who just returned from the White Walkers! He must have put it in her head."


"No, Rowena is to marry Prince Franklin, and that is final. I cannot- and will not- be tricked by that boy," Rowena's father decreed.

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